Definition of Service:

  1. For fulfillment of requirement or request. A valuable process, action or effort.

  2. Helping or working with someone.

  3. Formal delivery of documents such as order or subpaina.

  4. A system that meets the needs of the public, such as transportation, communications or public services, such as electricity and water.

  5. Rituals of religious worship prescribed for such ceremonies.

  6. Perform routine maintenance or repair work (vehicle or machinery).

  7. A variety of different foods and dishes are used to serve certain foods.

  8. Banking services: interest or loan repayments or planned profits.

  9. Legal: Sending notification, subpoena or legal order.

  10. Inspection and periodic maintenance of other vehicles or machines.

  11. (From male animals) with mate (female).

  12. Acting right or right to play (in tennis and other racquet sports).

Synonyms of Service

Cast, Lateral, Shy, Matters in hand, Put in repair, Action, Baccalaureate service, Rite de passage, Intermediation, Relevance, Job of work, Compline, Relief, Talents, Evening devotions, Percentage, Change of pace, Servicing, Couple, Rigging, Patch, Commit adultery, Second job, Combat, Toss, Tinker up, Overhaul, Tinker, Exercise, Mercy, Opening, Patch up, Good turn, Act of assistance, Empty formality, Antepast, Offices, Doctor, Suit service, Interest, Worth, Maintenance check, Public worship, Condition, Lay, Rite, Lie with, Instrumentality, Task, Curve, Attendance, Standing rigging, Prayers, Do up, Make love, Good offices, Piece of work, Inferiority, Diddle, Serving, Peonage, Put, Set to rights, Self-service, Put in commission, Frig, Order of worship, Ritual observance, Thing, Peg, Selective service, Mate, Act of grace, Make-work, Inaugural, Tierce, Make it with, Concern, Cover, Servicing, Come together, Mass, Entree, Willingness, Subordination, Screwball, Obediency, Recap, Job, Usage, Gig, Throw, Post, Worship, Things to do, Sacramental, Duty, Concernment, Spitter, Servitium, Revival, Heave, Prayer, Celebration, Screw, Going between, Utility, Cover charge, Checking, Dish, Entremets, Behalf, Charge, Fornicate, Fish to fry, Second helping, Turn, Fealty, Affair, Mount, Watch meeting, Subservience, Advantage, Shot-put, Formal, Utility, Suit and service, Pitch, European plan, Fix up, Occupation, Chare, Fitness, Value, Avail, Support, Ready, Fling, Benignity, Ordinance, Serve, Chore, Sinker, Ease, Initiation, Ordinary, Berth, Function, Act of kindness, Cobble, Formula, Engagement, Camp meeting, Spitball, Odd job, Observance, Sacrament, Branch, Air force, Exercises, Retread, Army, Billet, Helping, Dutifulness, Situation, Lookout, Incurve, Novena, Facility, Amenities, Labor of love, Use, Rite of passage, Running rigging, Form of worship, Sew up, Overhaul, Servility, Roping, Affairs, Advice, Obedience, Knuckleball, Watch night, Navy, Homework, Mend, Forward pass, Servitude, Downcurve, Resource, Tackling, Couvert, Morning devotions, Graduation, Point, Aid, Divine service, Check, Stint, Place, Satellite status, Hurl, Prime, National service, Observance, Matins, Ritual, Tendance, Formulary, Assistance, Revival meeting, Cohabit, Active service, Kindness, Appointment, Waiting, Mending, Maintenance, Expedient, Rituality, Dessert, Prime song, Kindness, Employment, Ministration, Mediation, Good deed, Repair, Fastball, Praise meeting, Ministry, Slider, Whipping, Applicability, Military, Bowl, Convocation, Usefulness, Overhaul, Ordinance, Tent meeting, Subordinacy, Liturgy, Chunk, Graduation exercises, Night song, American plan, Blessing, Busywork, Obligation, Acquiescence, Undersong, Position, Kind deed, Subordinate role, Serviceability, Favour, Benefaction, Favor, Sext, Tenure, Have sexual relations, Prescribed form, Rig, Solution, Machinery, Put in order, Meeting, Recondition, Armed forces, Solemnization, Assignment, Convenience, Labor, Benefit, Comfort, Work, Commerce, Dispensation, Solemnity, Appropriateness, Remedy, None, Benevolence, Plate, Project, Lauds, Care, Agency, Serfdom, Homage, Handling, Form, Protection, Performance, Arm, Loyalty, Ritual, Church, Moonlighting, Errand, Subjecthood, Upcurve, Ceremony, Juniority, Religious ceremony, Succor, Incumbency, Mission, Bedtime prayer, Ceremonial, Marines, Mechanism, Courtesy, Lob, Mode of worship, Undertaking, Station, Routine check, Lower status, Evensong, Mitzvah, Darn, Gear, Formality, Mystery, Put in shape, A la carte, Recourse, Compliance, Portion, Slavery, Amenity, Copulate, Ceremony, Rescue, Submission, Check, Behoof, Ball, Services, Sling, Be intimate, Lateral pass, Pass, Routine check, Fighting, Office, Servitorship, Have sex, Faith, Device, Enterprise, Duteousness, Fix, Help, Chuck, Business, Commission, Profit, Watch-night service, Vesper, Prayer meeting, Make out, Activity, Sleep with, Holy rite, Nones, Submissiveness, Change-up, Accommodation, Matter, Kind offices, Kindly act, Service, Vespers, Vigils, Allegiance, Institution, Grace, Inauguration, Conformity, Employ, Bag, Activities, Mummery, Commencement, Indulgence, Good turn, Rite, Account, Practice, Church service, Ropework, Flip, Outcurve, Maintenance check, Course, Vacancy, Helping hand, Utilization, Subserviency, Resort, Therapy, Tackle, Devotions

How to use Service in a sentence?

  1. Regular bus connection.
  2. The boys helped clean up the old woman's backyard from the storm, which hit her and threw a lot of trash on her property.
  3. Funeral
  4. Millions of people volunteer.
  5. Check your vehicle regularly.
  6. This man thanked me for my service in the army. I'm glad people like me are fighting for a good cause!
  7. Applicants return the car and are notified of the appointment.
  8. He takes his car to a repair shop.
  9. Maybe a dog could get many prostitutes in a day.
  10. When he went to the bank to apply for his first car loan, he was very happy with the excellent services he received.

Meaning of Service & Service Definition

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What is The Definition of Service?

  1. Meaning of Service: Responsibility for the issuance of legal documents or appearing in court by the applicant in accordance with the formal requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Unless otherwise stated, for services complaints, sub-claims or sub-claims it is necessary to notify someone of a lawsuit or legal action against you.

Meanings of Service

  1. Perform routine maintenance or repair work on (vehicle or machine).

  2. With a (male) mate (female)

  3. A system that caters to the needs of the people such as transport, communications or public services such as electricity and water.

  4. For a ceremony like this, there is a fixed form of religious worship.

  5. Routine inspection and maintenance of vehicles or other machinery as usual.

  6. Different foods and utensils are used to serve certain foods.

  7. (In tennis and other racquet sports) Act of starting a game or right.

  8. Formal service documents such as letters or subpoints.

Sentences of Service

  1. A dog can potentially serve several batches a day

  2. Millions of people are involved in volunteering

  3. Regular bus service

  4. He fixes his car

  5. The petitioner removed his car and was informed according to his responsibilities.


Definition of Service:

  • Service refers to Issuance of warranty or liability to appear by an officially authorized person in accordance with the formal requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Unless otherwise stated, services are required for complaints, subpoena or subpoena so that someone can be informed of a lawsuit or other legal action against them.

Meanings of Service

  1. A set of matching cutlery used for certain foods.

  2. Homosexuality with (male) (female).

Synonyms of Service

go over, maintain, give a maintenance check to, keep in good condition, ministrations, system, check over