Wendy Williams Health

Wendy Williams recently revealed that she is living with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid. She has been open about her health struggles, including her battle with addiction and her divorce. Williams has been taking care of her health and has even been advised by her doctor to take a three-week break from her talk show in order to rest. She has been following a strict diet and exercise plan, and has kept up with her medication.

How Is Wendy Williams Doing

  • Wendy Williams is doing well. She recently returned to filming her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, after taking a break for health reasons. She is also involved in a new business venture, called Wendy Williams Boutique.

  • Wendy has been open and honest about her struggles with health and addiction issues. She is now focusing on her health and well being and is looking forward to continuing her show.

  • As of April 2021, Wendy Williams is doing well. She has been continuing to host her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, and is currently in the process of filming new episodes. Additionally, she has been focusing on her health and wellness, and has been sharing her journey on social media.

Wendy Williams Net Worth

  • With a net worth of $20 million, Wendy Williams is an American television anchor, businesswoman, media personality, and author. She is best known for hosting “The Wendy Williams Show,” a nationally syndicated television talk programme, since 2008.

  • Wendy’s salary for The Wendy Williams Show is $10 million per year. In some years she films 180 episodes. That breaks down to a salary per episode of $55,000.

Radio Career

She worked at WVIS in the Virgin Islands for her first professional radio position. She then got a job at WRKS in New York City as a temporary DJ. Williams was hired to anchor afternoon shows at the Washington, DC-based station WOL a year later. Soon Wendy was presenting the most significant drive-time shift and was one of the station’s most well-liked full-time DJs. Wendy transitioned to NYC’s Hot 97 urban station after a format shift, where she stayed from 1994 to 1998. After being let go in 1998, she was employed by Philadelphia’s WUSL radio station. Wendy really found her footing at this station. She met Kevin Hunter, who would later become her husband and agent, in Philadelphia.

Wendy Williams Hospitalized

According to reports, Wendy Williams was hospitalized on Wednesday, March 27th after she reportedly became ill while filming an episode of her show. It is unclear what her illness is or what kind of treatment she is receiving. The show will be airing a rerun of an older episode in place of the taped episode.
  • The health of talk show host Wendy Williams has seemingly been a major issue for the past several months. Now it has been reported that the star is hospitalized. According to Page Six, Williams was admitted to a hospital in New York City on Monday night. The report states that Williams is being treated for “complications regarding her Graves’ Disease.” Williams’ representative has yet to comment on the situation.

  • The host of The Wendy Williams Show was hospitalized yesterday (Thursday, July 11) after suffering from symptoms of dizziness and dehydration. According to TMZ, the 54-year-old host was taken to a hospital in New York City after she began feeling lightheaded and weak during the taping of her talk show. Sources close to the situation told TMZ that Williams was immediately taken to the hospital, where she was treated and released. Williams is reportedly doing well and is expected to return to the set of her talk show on Monday.

Wendy Williams Health Issues Reddit

  • Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question as it violates Reddit’s rule against asking for medical advice. Please consult with a medical professional if you have any questions about Wendy Williams’ health.

  • Wendy Williams’ health issues have been widely discussed on Reddit. People have been commenting about her health for a few years now, with some speculating that she may have been struggling with Graves Disease or another autoimmune disorder. Many have speculated that her issues could have been caused by her lifestyle choices, such as her diet and lack of exercise. Others have commented on her mental health, as well as her struggles with addiction. Ultimately, it seems that no one is quite sure what the root cause of her health issues are, but they all wish her a speedy recovery.

  • There have been reports on Reddit of Wendy Williams’s health issues, including her battle with Graves’ disease, addiction, and other health issues. Many Redditors have expressed their concern for the talk show host and have shared their own stories and advice. Some Redditors have also shared their own experiences with Graves’ disease, addiction, and other health issues, providing support and understanding.


Wendy Williams is a popular talk show host, actress, and media mogul. She is known for her outspoken personality and often frank commentary. In recent years, Williams has faced health issues including Graves’ disease, lymphedema, and struggles with addiction. Despite these challenges, Williams has remained resilient and continues to be a force in the entertainment industry.

Wendy Williams Appearance

  • Wendy Williams is often seen in bright and bold clothing, usually in a variety of colors and patterns. She often wears over-the-top ensembles, such as bright jumpsuits and dresses. She also often wears long earrings, statement necklaces, and colorful shoes. She often completes her look with a bright wig, sunglasses, and a full face of makeup.

  • Wendy Williams is known for her signature style which includes her signature hairstyle, consisting of a long, blonde, curly wig, and her penchant for fashionable, bright-colored clothing. She often wears bright-colored dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits, along with statement jewelry, heels, and sunglasses.

  • Wendy Williams typically appears on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, in a variety of colorful and sophisticated outfits that usually feature bright colors, bold prints and modern silhouettes. Her signature look often includes a brightly colored dress, statement jewelry, and a pair of sky-high heels.

TMZ Wendy Williams

  • Wendy Williams is an American television host, businesswoman, entertainer and media personality. She is best known for her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, which debuted in 2008. Williams has also appeared in numerous films, TV shows and music videos. She is a New York Times bestselling author and is the creator of the nationally syndicated radio program The Wendy Williams Experience.

  • Wendy Williams is an American media personality, actress, author, and businesswoman. She is best known for her syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, which has been airing since 2008. Williams has also served as a judge on the show, America’s Got Talent, and as a radio personality on WKTU and WBLS. She has written several books, including her memoir, Wendy’s Got the Heat, and her New York Times bestseller, Ask Wendy.

  • According to reports, Wendy Williams is currently in a New Jersey halfway house after serving time in prison. Williams pleaded guilty to a charge of tax evasion in 2019 and was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison. She was released from prison in April 2021 and is now serving the remainder of her sentence in a halfway house.

Wendy Williams Health 2023

  • At this time, it is difficult to predict what Wendy Williams’ health will be like in 2023. Williams has been open about her struggles with Graves’ disease, a thyroid disorder, which she has been living with for several years.

  • She has also discussed her battles with addiction and depression, both of which have had a significant impact on her overall health and well-being. As such, her health in 2023 will depend largely on how she is able to manage her condition and how well she takes care of herself in the meantime.

  • At this time, it is too soon to predict Wendy Williams’ health status in 2023. However, Wendy Williams has recently opened up about her struggles with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder, which she has been battling since 2018. As she continues to manage her condition, she is likely to prioritize her health and focus on prevention and wellness in the coming years.


Wendy Williams is an American media mogul, businesswoman, and television host. She has been a successful host of the nationally syndicated talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” since 2008. Williams has had a number of health issues in recent years, including Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism, and shoulder issues. Despite her struggles, Williams has remained positive and focused on her health and wellbeing.


1. What is Wendy suffering from?

Recently, Wendy has struggled with weariness brought on by Graves’ disease symptoms. She will be taking some time off in consultation with her physician and as a preventative step while she receives treatment, a representative for The Wendy Williams Show told Us in a statement.

2. Why is Wendy Williams’ health in question?

Williams’ replacement for the most of the last season was Shepherd, who is currently the anchor of her own talk show, Sherri, as Williams battled health concerns. The 58-year-old has Graves’ disease, which results in an overproduction of thyroid hormones and other health issues like vertigo and lymphedema.

3. Why is Wendy in a wheelchair?

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show states that Wendy is confined to a wheelchair and exhibiting early signs of dementia since she is unable to walk and has lost all blood circulation in her legs and feet.

4. Is Wendy Williams suffering from memory loss?

Wendy Williams, a troubled former talk show host, has memory issues and friends worry that she is living “on the edge of reality.”

5. How did Wendy hit her head?

Wendy has repeatedly assured herself that she will do everything it takes to keep children safe. What good did it do if they just left her? She enters the vehicle while in a catatonic state, then slams the window with her skull.

6. Why was Wendy feeling down?

As Wendy discovers that she is pregnant once more, a flashback from 2007 shows Wendy and Marty driving. They are in a car accident while talking about the news, which results in a miscarriage and sends Wendy into a protracted period of melancholy.

7. Is Wendy pregnant in Ozark?

The life-or-death stakes of everything are revealed in the concluding scenes, starting with Wendy being pregnant at the time of the accident that started the episode and returning to the topic of fate.


Wendy Williams’ health is a very personal matter, and only she can decide what is best for her. However, it is important that she takes steps to ensure her physical and mental well-being. This includes getting regular checkups, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. It is also important to seek professional help if needed, and to practice self-care.


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