Managed Wordpress Hosting Convesio

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio is a hosting service that offers the most cutting-edge technology to ensure that your WordPress website is secure and quick. These companies handle backups, security audits, WordPress updates, and many other duties.

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

What Is Meant by Convesio ?

Below are some details about the Convesio mean.

List Details
1 WordPress hosting companies have a lot of competition, but Convesio stands out as the finest in the business. A wide range of hosting plans are available at reasonable pricing.
2 It offers self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities that aren’t available from other well-known hosting providers.
3 The most advanced Convesio hardware and software make this possible. Utilize Convesio to install a load balancer WordPress site and database clusters easily!
4 Convesio’s founder, Tom Fanelli, was established in 2018. Convesio is the best WordPress hosting service, according to Tom Fanelli, who has built it after working with Fortune 500 companies for the last 20 years.
5 His custom-built website lacked server setup and administrative features.

Host WordPress with Management

It is the responsibility of a managed WordPress hosting company to handle the technical aspects of running WordPress. This hosting offers speed and security, daily backups, upgrades, and a variety of customization choices for WordPress websites. With this hosting, your website will operate effectively and without any problems.

Benefits of the Best WordPress Hosting Services

Convesio may be the greatest web hosting choice if complete transparency is what you’re after. As its name suggests, Convesio is related to WordPress. Users may build large-scale websites with a simple user interface, self-healing, and auto-scaling features.

Load balancing, Docker containers, and database clusters are not required. Convesio has a few characteristics, including:

Outstanding Availability

Because of the utilization of load-balancing containers, Convesio’s servers are never offline. Because it doesn’t go down for long periods like other websites, yours is always up and running.

Databases with Clusters

In a database cluster, many databases are managed by a single server. Open-source relational database management system MySQL supports collaborative database building and maintenance. Consequently, online queries may be answered faster.

Scaling Using an Automated Process

A server farm’s computational capacity may be adjusted by automating or auto-scaling the number of active servers. It would be a big comfort if the resources of your website could automatically accommodate an increase in visitors. A system administrator is unnecessary since Convesio operates several containers that autonomously scale and descale resources.

A Close Watch on the App

An application’s performance may be monitored via application performance monitoring (APM). In order to help developers keep track of program availability, defects, resource utilization and variations that negatively influence the end-user experience, APM is the process of obtaining log data.

Convesio allows you to monitor your WordPress websites down to the application level. Changes will not take effect unless all parties have agreed upon them.

Quick Storage

Use page caching to speed up your WordPress site by 2 to 5 times. In response to a user request, new content for the page is compiled. Caching at the server level is provided by Convesio and may be utilized in various ways, as seen in the screenshots below.


Web-hosted database recovery is one of the most time-consuming and risky. If you’re concerned about losing your data, Convesio has you covered. If your website goes down, a copy of your data will be restored from a backup.

The Right to Move About

It’s completely free to move your website to Convesio from another host. In less than 48 hours, Convesio’s team of specialists can satisfy your needs.


Using Convesio, you can simply back up, clone, and restore your website. Backups may be scheduled as often as every three hours or once every fifteen days. This automated backup significantly increases your security by keeping your online data remote.


With our cutting-edge security capabilities, you can monitor and detect threats to your system. To prevent malware and other risks, you may update the code, settings, and environment variables in advance.

Geared for Speed

Because of technology like clustered databases and page Caching, convesio offers your site a high level of optimized speed. Using HTTP/2 will make your website load quicker and consume less data.


If total transparency is what you want, convesio can be your best option for web hosting. There are thus no long-term obligations, and moving your website to another web server is simple.

Assurance of Refunds

Few web hosting companies are as dependable and affordable as Convesio. Throughout the month-long free trial period, there is no need to give credit card details. If it does not work out, you won’t be locked into a costly plan.

Continually Available Customer Service

Convesio may always help your website. Every day of the week, they’ll be there for you. Because this team is confident in its ability to lead with an unparalleled solution, technical specifics are unnecessary.


Convesio is the greatest web host for complete openness. As the name suggests, Convesio is connected to WordPress. Large-scale websites may be created with a simple interface, self-healing, and auto-scaling.

WordPress Hosting Benefits and Drawbacks of Conversions

Since the company places a high value on customer satisfaction, Convesio employs a global workforce of professionals.

On the other hand, each hosting provider has its benefits and drawbacks. We’ll now look at the pros and cons of this WordPress hosting service in further detail.


Below are the benefits listed in this situation.

  • Your customers and websites will always be online when you use Convesio.

  • Because they have servers all over the globe, they can deliver fast surfing and improve website performance on all devices. In addition, it boosts the user’s overall satisfaction.

  • Cloud-based architecture Docker Cloud delivers containerized applications into production. Your program is housed in a Docker container by Convesio. This requires little resources and scales rapidly.

  • Convesio will host two websites for free for the first month. Some features, however, may not be available to you right now.


The list of drawbacks continues below.

List Disadvantages
1 Conversions’ features and specifications are more expensive than its rivals.
2 One WordPress site may be hosted on certain Convesio hosting plans, which reduces performance.
3 If you choose the foundation plan, your performance can be seriously questioned.
4 However, increased container density did not seem to have any impact.
5 If you haven’t installed all of your fonts, Cloudconvert may change the file.

The Docker Framework

You risk a server crash if you host all of your client’s websites on the same server. If you don’t respond swiftly to many calls from dissatisfied consumers, you might lose them for good.

The only WordPress hosting provider using Docker platforms or containers to address this problem is Convesio. Both cloud of google and AWS host containers from Convesio. Docker is a platform that may be used in a variety of ways.

It’s possible to run apps in containers on the same OS as the host but with their own disc space, thanks to Docker’s virtual machine technology. To ensure everything is set up correctly, container services use software virtualization. A contemporary website might be created in a few mouse clicks.

A benefit is that the likelihood of a website failure is reduced, as well as the ease of balancing traffic. A virtual private server with predetermined quantities per site (Virtual Private Server) is less functional than a VPS.

Each WordPress website on convesio has at least nine containers, which may scale down or up automatically depending on traffic levels to enhance the user experience. These containers provide quick scaling and simple management to meet your demands.

  1. Three containers make up a load balancing system.

  2. Five containers for Percona Database.

  3. For File Replication, 3 Nodes

  4. PHP Runtime Environment for WordPress: 1+ Containers

Here Are the Instructions for Installing WordPress on Convesio

There are a few steps to creating a WordPress-managed website on convesio.

Number Steps
1 Make your first project a WordPress website.
2 For a risk-free demo, go to the Convesio website and sign up. You don’t need a credit card to complete the transaction.
3 Convesio shows your dashboard when you join up. To begin, click “Create Your 1st Site.”
4 When finished, choose “Advanced settings.
5 The database location and the most recent PHP version must be chosen carefully.
6 Click on “Deploy” to make it active. It could take up to five minutes.
7 When you choose “Manage,” a menu with four choices will appear: “site dashboard,” “Wp-admin,” “Visiting,” and “Deleting.”
8 Add caching and SSL to your domain.
9 You’ll also need to provide Convesio with your domain’s IP address information to monitor traffic, disk space, and page performance.
10 The best site to get a domain is either Godaddy or NameCheap because Convesio does not provide domain registration services.
11 With all the available options, you may handle many technical aspects. Of course, if you’re missing a feature or choice, you can always contact the support staff, who will be pleased to help.

How to Configure Convesio for Auto-Scaling?

Convesio’s auto-scaling feature may be set up in less than a minute. The sooner you start, the better.

Choose the Best Strategy

The most current version of Convesio allows you to manage a set-up that depends on certain technologies and contains features for multiple settings and databases. Choosing the best strategy out of the various alternatives accessible for your site is crucial.


One needs to click the auto-scaling button on the dashboard of Convesio to turn it on. Alternately, you may change the minimum and maximum Containers of the Auto Scaling Expandability Range to suit your needs.

WordPress Containers

There is a list of all operating containers on the WordPress Scale Service dashboard. There is an overview page that shows active and terminated containers.

Insights into Google Pagespeed

Any item with a featured picture or 140 KB in size may be tested on any device. This exam has a very high average score of 99.

Performance Assessment for CDN

Several aspects of your CDN’s performance may be evaluated using the CDN Performance Test. There is a global average and top and worst performing regions across time.

Examine the Speed of Your Website

Convesio tests a website’s responsiveness under high traffic using Docker containers. In one test, one container was utilized, whereas in the other, ten containers were. When doing a load test, the response time should be at least 100 milliseconds, no matter how many requests are made (RPS).

There Are Convesio Servers All Around the World

These web servers assist us in giving consumers a quick online experience that is as near to them in their region’s timezone as feasible.

Speeds for web hosting have already been taken care of, but it’s still essential to choose web providers with quick servers all over the globe.

Although you do not influence the location of the web host server or the speed of the web host’s bandwidth, Convesio hosting companies are leaders in providing lightning-fast web connections wherever you are.

However, most web hosts lack any specific thought for speed or ideal setup since they are designed to handle popular website programs like Magento, Drupal, etc. Worst case scenario: Malware and bloatware have even been reported to be included by web hosts.


Convesio features a large number of containers that scale and descale resources automatically. Depending on your demands, scheduled backups can happen every three hours or perhaps once every 15 days.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Many inquiries are often made regarding Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio. Here are a few of them discussed.

1 - Is Hosting the Same as Managed Wordpress?

When you utilize shared hosting, as the name suggests, you share resources with other websites on the same server. Managed WordPress hosting is a collection of added features and performance enhancements on top of standard hosting.

2 - Does Managing Wordpress Hosting Justify the Added Cost?

Managed hosting is a great investment for these advantages. You can do most of these tasks manually or use plugins to automate them on a non-managed website. Still, it will take a lot of time, and installing plugins may leave features unchecked, conflicts unresolved, and other issues unattended.

3 - Is Using Godaddy’s Wordpress Administration Service Worthwhile?

In a nutshell, GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans provide respectable performance and a sizable feature set, especially for online businesses. We recommend only those who only need to host one website. If not, it would be preferable for you to look elsewhere.

4 - Does Wordpress Management Use Cpanel?

A managed WordPress account lacks cPanel since the web host manages the essentials of the website. Managed WordPress hosting includes everything from installing WordPress to handling server-level caching, creating website backups, and controlling WordPress core updates.

5 - Can I Manage My Bluehost Account?

Several managed WordPress hosting providers, including Bluehost, collaborate with SSL certificate providers like Let’s Encrypt. Installing a free SSL certificate on your website takes a few clicks.

6 - Is Hosting with Siteground Shared or Managed?

The shared hosting packages from SiteGround are fantastic. However, they lack the features and functionality of HostGator. Regarding shared web services, Editors’ Choice complies with SiteGround’s requirements and offers clients Windows-based servers. All of SiteGround’s shared servers are Linux-based.

7 - Which Is Better, Wordpress Hosting or Shared Hosting?

Smaller websites and blogs love shared hosting since it’s a very affordable option. Instead, those who want a well-optimized and secure website but don’t mind paying a little additional money might consider using managed WordPress hosting.

8 - What Is Wordpress Maintained by Developers?

For WordPress, managed implies that we take care of routine administrative tasks like installing WordPress, doing daily automated backups, upgrading the WordPress core, and performing server-level caching. The following are features that Managed WordPress must offer: WordPress is automatically updated and installed.

9 - Why Is Wordpress Used?

It indicates that as long as the WordPress code is distributed under the GPL license, anybody may download, modify, edit, use, and even sell it. Although the application is free, you may have to pay for hosting. High-end support. Update plugins and themes that cost money.

10 - What Distinguishes Godaddy’s Web Hosting from Wordpress Hosting?

The biggest difference between WordPress and ordinary web hosting is the way the server is configured. Hosting packages for WordPress often include resources that are tailored for the system. For instance, your web server could advocate using PHP RAM version 7 or above.

11 - Why Do I Need Web Hosting, and What Is It?

Your website may exist and be saved on web hosting servers so it can be accessed on the wider web. A website hosting plan is a need if you want your website to be accessible to the public or live online.

12 - Does Reddit Host Its Servers?

You could since AWS hosts Netflix and Reddit. Although you would operate it more horizontally and cached than you would if you had your infrastructure, it could still be done for far less money than this estimate.

13 - Can I Host My Website?

It’s a gratifying and exciting experience to host your website. You can put a few HTML files in a folder and upload them to the internet on an outdated Windows or Linux computer. When hosting a website, you must have a solid understanding of what you’re doing.

14 - Is Wordpress a Web Host?

WordPress hosting is essentially a kind of web hosting designed specifically to support WordPress websites. You’ll get many tools and services designed especially for WordPress blogs when you use a WordPress server.

15 - Is Hosting Simply?

Many job-related elements must be considered in addition to the predefined methods, even if the tasks seem simple. So you’ve finally landed your first hosting gig.


WordPress administration Convesio is a hosting service that guarantees the speed and security of your WordPress website. The company’s servers are kept operational using load-balancing. The processing power of a server farm may rise as the number of active servers increases.

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