Managed Wordpress Hosting Convesio

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio is a sort of hosting service that delivers the most sophisticated technology for your WordPress site to make sure your website is both safe and speedy. Backups, security checks, WordPress updates, and a plethora of other tasks are all taken care of by these providers.

Managed Wordpress Hosting Convesio

Managed WordPress hosting?

Technical parts of operating WordPress are taken care of by a managed WordPress hosting provider. In addition to excellent speed and security, this sort of hosting provides WordPress website uptime, daily backups, updates, and a wide range of customization options. Your website will perform smoothly and efficiently with this sort of hosting.

What does Convesio mean?

In a saturated industry, Convesio stands out as the top WordPress hosting providers. It has a wide range of hosting options at reasonable pricing.

In comparison to other well-known hosting providers, it provides self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities that don’t exist elsewhere.

All of this is made possible thanks to the latest and greatest Convesio hardware and software. Quickly install a load balancer WordPress site, database clusters with Convesio’s assistance!

The Founder of Convesio,Tom Fanelli which was formed in 2018. Tom Fanelli, worked with Fortune 500 firms over the last two decades, has developed Convesio, a WordPress hosting service he calls the finest.

There were no server setup and administration capabilities on his custom-built website.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Benefits

As the name suggests, Convesio is a WordPress-related. With a simple UI, users may develop large-scale websites with self-healing and auto-scaling features. ’

It doesn’t need any load balancing, Docker containers, or database clusters. Some of Convesio’s features are:

Exceptional Availability

Since Convesio employs load-balancer containers to lessen traffic strain, its servers never go down. Since your site doesn’t go down for long periods of time, unlike other sites, yours is always online.

Clustered Databases

In a database cluster, a single database server manages a number of databases, all of which operate in the background indefinitely. Multiple people may manage and build databases using MySQL, an open source relational database management system. Website queries may be completed more quickly thanks to this.

Scaling via Automated Method

It is possible to modify the number of active servers (computing power) in a server farm using automated or auto-scaling. Your website’s resources would be greatly relieved if they could manage a sudden increase in traffic automatically. Convesio runs many containers that scale and descale resources automatically, saving you the expense of employing a system administrator.

Keeping an Eye on the App

In order to make sure that applications properly, application performance monitoring (APM) is used. APM is the collecting of log data to help developers monitor the availability of applications, defects, resource utilisation and variations that have a negative influence on the end-user encounter. Convesio offers you with the option to monitor your web sites at the WordPress application level. Changes will only be implemented if they have been accepted by the relevant parties.

Speedy Storage

In order to speed up your WordPress site by 2 to 5 times, you should use page caching. When a visitor makes a request, new content is created for the page. Convesio provides a server-level caching layer that may be utilised in different ways as indicated below:


One of the most time-consuming and risky operations is restoring a web-hosted database. In contrast, the self-recovery data function of Convesio shields you from such perils. In the event that your website goes down for whatever reason, it will restore your data from a backup.

Freedom of Movement

You don’t have to pay anything to switch your website over to Convesio from another host. Your needs may be met by Convesio’s team of professionals, and the whole procedure takes less than 48 hours to complete.


Convesio enables users to effortlessly back up, clone, and restore your site. Backups may be scheduled for as often as every three hours or as seldom as every 15 days. By keeping your online data in a remote place, this automated backup method increases their security.


Our cutting-edge security features help you keep an eye out for and detect threats to your system. You may also alter the code, settings, and environment variables ahead of time to prevent malware and other risks, thanks to the security measures that come with it.

Optimized for speed

Convesio delivers your site a high optimization performance because to technologies like clustered databases and page caching. Your site will load faster and use less data using HTTP/2.


Choosing Convesio as your web hosting provider may be your best choice if you’re seeking for complete transparency. As a result, there are no long-term commitments and you may easily transfer your website to another web server.

Guaranteed Refunds

There are few web hosting businesses as reliable and cost-effective as Convesio. There is no need to provide credit card information during the free trial period, which lasts for a month. If it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to worry about signing up for an expensive plan.

Customer Service Is Available Round-the-Clock

Convesio can help you at any moment with your website. Whenever you need them, they’re accessible around the clock, seven days a week. Technical specifics don’t matter since the team here is confident in their ability to lead with an unmatched solution.

Convesios WordPress Hosting advantages and Disadvantages

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Convesio, which is why the company employs a multi-national group of professionals.

Each hosting provider, on the other hand, has its own set of perks and drawbacks. This WordPress hosting service has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will examine now.


  • Using Convesio, you can rest easy knowing you and your clients’ websites are always up, with no downtime.

  • Because they have servers all over the globe, they can guarantee fast surfing and improve website performance on all devices. In addition, it improves the overall experience for the user.

  • Containerized apps may be deployed in production using Docker Cloud, a cloud-based infrastructure. Using Docker, Convesio deploys your programme in a container that consumes little resources and expands rapidly. Convesio

  • You may host two websites for free for the first month with Convesio. But you may not have access to all of the features at this point in time.


  • Convesio’s features and specs are more expensive than those of its rivals.

  • Only one WordPress website may be hosted on certain Convesio hosting plans, which reduces performance.

  • You may have major performance concerns if you choose the Foundation plan. Increased container density did not seem to have any effect, though.

  • It is possible for Cloudconvert to modify the file if you do not have all of your fonts installed.

The Docker System

If all of your clients’ websites are housed on the same server, you run the risk of a server failure. Dissatisfied consumers are likely to phone you in droves, and you may even lose them if you don’t respond quickly enough.

Convesio is the only WordPress hosting company that takes use of Docker containers or Docker platforms to tackle this issue. AWS and Google Cloud both host Convesio’s containers. This platform, Docker, may be utilised in many ways.

Running software in containers on the same OS as the host but with their own disc space is possible using Docker’s technology (i.e., virtual machine).

Software virtualization is used by container services to correctly setup everything. An up-to-date website may be created in only a few clicks.

An advantage is that balancing traffic is made simpler, as is the possibility of a website failure.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) with set quantities per site is less functional than a VPS (Virtual Private Server). You may host as many websites as you want on the same virtual hosting package.

To improve the visitor experience, each WordPress website on Convesio contains at least 9 containers that can be automatically scaled up or down in response to traffic levels. To match your needs, these containers provide rapid scalability and straightforward administration.

  • A load balancing system consists of three containers

  • 5 Percona Database Containers (Percona Database Containers)

  • 3 Nodes for File Replication

WordPress’s PHP Runtime Environment: 1+ Containers

How To Create a WordPress Managed Website On Convesio

  • Create a WordPress site for your first project.

  • Sign up for a free trial on Convesio’s website. It’s a quick and painless process that doesn’t need the use of a credit card.

  • After signing up, Convesio displays your dashboard. Click on “Create Your First Site” to get started.

  • When you’re done, choose “Advanced settings”

  • It is important to choose the most current version of PHP and the location of the database.

  • Activate “deploy” by clicking on it. As much as five minutes may be required.

  • As soon as you select “manage,” you’ll be presented with four options: “site dashboard,” “wp-admin,” “visiting,” and “deleting.”

  • Add SSL and caching to your domain.

  • Second, you’ll need IP address information to send your domain to Convesio so that you can obtain an overview of traffic, disc use, and page speed.

  • Convesio does not offer domain registration, so you’ll need to acquire one from a firm like Godaddy or Namecheap.

You can handle a lot of the technical parts with all of the options offered. Of course, if a feature or option is missing, you can always get in touch with the support staff; they’ll be more than delighted to help!

How To Set Up Auto-Scaling in Convesio

You may be on your way to setting up auto-scaling on Convesio in less than a minute. This is a good time to get started!

Decide on the Best Plan

With Convesio, you’ll be able to operate a configuration that depends on certain technologies thanks to the latest version, which contains functionality for a number of settings and databases. It’s critical to choose the proper plan for your site’s needs from among the many available options.

Auto-Scaling is enabled.

Auto-scaling may be activated with a simple click on the Convesio dashboard. As an alternative, you may also adjust the Auto Scaling Expandability Range (minimum and maximum containers) according on your requirements.

Containers in WordPress

There is a list of all active containers on the WordPress Scale Service dashboard. Active and terminated containers are shown on the overview page.

The Google PageSpeed Insights

On any device, you may test any article with a featured picture or 140 KB apiece. This exam has an exceptional average score of 99.

Performance Evaluation of CDN

Using the CDN Performance Test, you may determine how well your CDN is performing in various areas. There is a worldwide average as well as the best and worst performing places across time.

Take a look at your website’s speed.

A website’s performance under heavy traffic is tested by Convesio using Docker containers. A single container was used in one test, whereas 10 containers were used in the other. Regardless of the amount of queries, a good load test response time is at least 100 milliseconds (RPS).

Pricing Information for Convesio

When it comes to pricing, Convesio has one of the most aggressive strategies in the business.

  • With 512MB of allotted storage space and one virtual CPU processing power, you may establish a website for free.

  • The entry-level plan, which costs $15 per month, can accommodate up to 10,000 monthly visits.

  • Most costly option, which costs $25, can accommodate more than 25,000 monthly visitors.

  • Convesio has established a $50 monthly package for individuals who want additional resources.

  • Your website can run smoothly thanks to the 2GB of storage space and four virtual CPUs with 16 PHP workers included in this hosting plan.

4 Types of Plans in Convesio

Four distinct price tiers are available, each of which includes Convesio’s key support package as standard.

  • The Foundation Plan is the best option for smaller websites.

  • Use the Growth plan if your website receives a lot of traffic.

  • The Performance plan may be used for eCommerce businesses.

  • This strategy is appropriate for use by an agency.

Reviews from Customers

Its performance has been widely lauded by consumers, and many industry experts believe it to be the best-managed WordPress hosting service available.

They compare numerous features and plans in various price ranges to pick the ideal one for their need. Because of the 30-day free trial, people are interested in beginning a company as a novice.

When clients have questions or concerns, the Convesio team works together to find a solution. People are transferring our platform because of its high speed, stability, and scalability.

Convesio has a large number of containers that automatically scale and descale resources. Scheduled backups might occur every three hours or only every 15 days, depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask many questions about Managed Wordpress Hosting Convesio. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Is managed WordPress the same as hosting?

As the name implies, you’re sharing resources with other websites on the same server when you use shared hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is a bundle of extra services and performance modifications that sits on top of normal hosting.

2. Is managed WordPress hosting worth the additional price?

For such benefits, managed hosting is well worth the investment. On a non-managed website, you can perform most of these things yourself or use plugins to automate them, but it will take a lot of time, and the process of installing plugins might leave features unchecked, conflicts unresolved, and other issues unaddressed.

3. Is it worth it to use GoDaddy’s WordPress management service?

In a word, GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans provide decent speed and a rather enticing feature list, particularly for online retailers. Our recommendation is limited to those who simply need to host a single website. Otherwise, you’re better off seeking elsewhere.

4. Does managed WordPress have cPanel?

A managed WordPress account does not have cPanel since the web host takes care of the basics of hosting the website. Installing WordPress, handling server-level caching, producing website backups, and managing WordPress core upgrades are all included with managed WordPress hosting.

5. Is Bluehost a managed host?

SSL certificate vendors like Let’s Encrypt work with several managed WordPress hosting companies, including Bluehost. Installing a free SSL certificate on your website is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

6. Is SiteGround managed or shared hosting?

SiteGround’s shared hosting plans are good, however they fall short of HostGators’ in terms of features and functionality. In terms of shared web services, Editors’ Choice meets SiteGround’s specifications and provides Windows-based servers to customers (SiteGround only offers Linux-based shared servers).

7. Which is better WordPress hosting or shared hosting?

Shared hosting is immensely popular with smaller websites and blogs, since it’s a relatively economical choice. Instead, managed WordPress hosting is a good option for individuals who want a well-optimized and secure website but don’t mind spending a little extra.

8. What is developer managed WordPress?

For WordPress, managed means we handle certain basic administrative duties, such as installing WordPress, automatic daily backups, WordPress core upgrades, and server-level caching. Features that Managed WordPress has to provide include the following: The newest version of WordPress is automatically installed.

9. What is WordPress for?

This implies that anybody may download, alter, customise, use, and even sell the WordPress code as long as they distribute it under the GPL licence. The programme itself is free but you can wind yourself paying for: Hosting. High-end assistance. Updates of premium plugins/themes.

10. What is the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting GoDaddy?

The key difference between WordPress hosting and ordinary web hosting is the server setup. WordPress hosting plans often provide resources that are optimised for the platform. Your site server may promote PHP 7 or higher PHP RAM, for example.


The company’s servers are never down because of the load-balancing technology they use. It is feasible to scale a server farm’s computational capacity by adjusting the number of active servers.

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