Definition of Content:

  1. The glue that keeps the sites sticky prevents visitors from going back and forth.

  2. The essence of the message or speech, such as understood or received by the target audience.

  3. Satisfied condition.

  4. In a state of bliss.

  5. Text of document or publication in any format. Content is information and communication: the relevance, legitimacy, relevance and usefulness of the information presented and the way it is presented.

  6. Please (someone)

  7. A member of the British House of Lords who votes for a particular movement.

Synonyms of Content

Assentatious, Ready, Bewitch, Accordant, Great satisfaction, Set at ease, Conceding, Ardent, Happiness, Contented, Gratified, Minded, Willed, Contentedness, Inclined, Intrigued, Approving, Favorably inclined, Innards, Satisfied, Insides, Resignation, Appease, In the mood, Felicity, Compliant, Tickled, Charm, Agreeing, Satisfied, Taken with, Consentient, Quieten, Agreed, Of good comfort, Composure, Reconcilement, Gratification, Peace, Favorable, Poundage, Uncomplaining, Accommodation, Topic, Essence, Prone, Cheer, Zest, Eupeptic, Amusement, Space, Willing, Pleased with, Voluptuousness, Composition, Willinghearted, Favorably impressed with, Kicks, Ratifying, Acquiescent, Stowage, Entire satisfaction, Contentedness, Enthusiastic, Happy, Room, Eager, Satisfy, Tranquillity, Tonnage, Contentment, Peace of mind, Purport, Disposed, Elements, Well-disposed, Tractable, Acceptance, Limit, Achieve inner harmony, Ungrudging, Easy, Cozy, Compliable, Cooperative, Theme, Sensual pleasure, Responsive, Captivate, Bodily pleasure, Without care, Serenity, Tickled pink, Tickled to death, Make happy, Burden, Sanctioning, Charmed, Intellectual pleasure, Accepting, Acquiescing, Quick, Divisions, Census, Euphoria, Guts, Relish, Fruition, Ingredients, Import, Parts, In clover, Measure, Delight, In the mind, Well-inclined, Gladsome, Quantity, Exhilarated, Alacritous, Concessive, Gladden, Pacify, Unrepining, Please, Substance, Euphoric, Ease, Pliant, Sweetness of life, Enjoyment, Favorably disposed, Gusto, Consenting, Cordage, Size, Unreluctant, Assenting, Mollify, Thrilled, Pleased, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Peacefulness, Load, Text, Fain, Coziness, Zealous, Placate, Appease, Sans souci, Part, Keen pleasure, Components, Amenable, Agreeable, Endpleasure, Joie de vivre, Volume, Fulfilled, At ease, Entertainment, Submissive, Reconciliation, Docile, List, Carnal delight, Hearty enjoyment, Capacity, Delighted, Sensuous pleasure, Resigned, Well-being, Fulfillment, Tickle, Self-gratification, Gratify, Fulfilment, Please, Composed, Creature comforts, Contented, Fun, Forepleasure, Ready and willing, Unrefusing, Permissive, Items, Pleased, Sexual pleasure, Enrapture, Put at ease, Comfort, Thrill, Satisfy, Still, Cheerful, Comfortable, Glad, Physical pleasure, Animal pleasure, Luxury, Endorsing, Nothing loath, Self-indulgence, Predisposed, Titillation, Game, Satisfaction, Sold on, Silence, Receptive, Unloath, Easygoing, Whole, Contentment, Thesis, Affirmative, Index, Forward, Quiet pleasure, Soothe, Reconciled, Constituents, Significance, Inventory, Contents, Prompt, Pleased as Punch, Soothe

How to use Content in a sentence?

  1. Nothing can satisfy you.
  2. Student sessions don't have much content, especially on recruitment and down, and it certainly doesn't impress the teacher.
  3. Sometimes I feel like traveling the world, but I feel like I only spend time with the people I love.
  4. The school board chose to ban the book because it deemed its contents inappropriate for students.
  5. He looked happier and less bitter.
  6. Most centuries were a time of contentment.

Meaning of Content & Content Definition