Best Wordpress Hosting Convesio

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: We’ve collected some of the most recommended WordPress hosting services on the market right now and compared their benefits and downsides to help you make the right pick.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Of course, while choosing a web host, you should take into account more than simply client reviews. One of the most critical considerations is dependability. If your website is often down or has problems, you will lose money and perhaps alienate clients, both of which are extremely terrible things. It is critical to choose a service provider that can ensure uptime and give constant performance.

Here are some of our best selections, organised by category:

1. Convesio - The best WordPress hosting service Convesio

Convesio will revolutionise managed WordPress hosting. Because of its innovative administration tools, ground-breaking features, and scalable architecture, this hosting company might be the creative answer to maintaining and expanding your internet businesses that you’ve been looking for.


  • Database Clusters - Convesio’s database cluster technology allows you to join several databases into a single master database. On the other hand, it is simple to scale up by forming a new cluster. This function is an amazing approach to improve your website’s MySQL database.

  • Lightning-Fast Loading Rates and Uptime — Convesio offers very fast loading speeds and has an exceptional uptime. As a result, your website will not have any technical concerns since there will be no downtime.

  • Scalability is readily handled by Convesio, even if you have a high volume of traffic. It employs an automated load balancer (ALB) that may automatically increase web server instances when needed and lower them when traffic is low.

BlueHost 2

Bluehost allows you to create a website in minutes. Millions of individuals use it to operate their online companies, start new initiatives, and create new things.


  • Bluehost offers entry-level shared web hosting services for a cheap beginning price. If you’re just starting started with a website, Bluehost is a secure and cost-effective option.

  • Furthermore, as previously stated, your registration includes a free domain name. This is a good feature that sets it apart from the competition when compared to other low-cost solutions.

  • Quick and Easy Setup — Bluehost’s straightforward and guided step-by-step setup allows you to have your site up and running in no time. If you have any problems, you may also contact them through chat.

  • VPS Hosting - VPS hosting is when your website is hosted on a shared server but has its own virtual space. VPS hosting has become a popular alternative for many organisations since it is less costly than dedicated hosting while providing higher security and performance than shared hosting.

3. PapaHost

There are many appealing qualities of HostPapa’s moderately cost hosting services, which offer a respectable number of options. When combined with first-rate self-help assistance, this may seem to be the best alternative for Canadian small enterprises, but its restrictions may deter others.


  • Eco-friendly Approach — Among its rivals, HostPapa stands out for its dedication to environmentally responsible operations. Their environmentally conscious approach is seen in their usage of 100% renewable green energy to power their data centres, web servers, and office gadgets.

  • Excellent Knowledge Base – Despite its simplicity, HostPapa’s official blog is jam-packed with insightful and valuable articles on a wide range of topics important to both existing and prospective customers. Based on the publication dates in 2020, the blog looks to be updated once a week.

  • Excellent Customer Support - HostPapa’s customer support staff is accessible practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may contact them through email, phone, or live chat, however the live customer support professionals are usually waiting for you to contact them.

4. Cloudways

  • Cloudways’ unique approach to cloud hosting distinguishes it in a competitive market. It enables you to choose among five platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and sign up for a free trial without requiring a credit card. Its lack of functionality such as domain registration and email is a letdown.


  • Site Cloning - Cloudways allows you to make a duplicate of any website and “paste” it as your WordPress site! It’s fast, easy, and very useful for when you decide to relocate websites.

  • E-commerce Tools — You may use the hosting service to access e-commerce features such as product photos and descriptions, listings, and payment processing. It allows your consumers to store their shopping carts and monitor your purchases. You can also manage your funds and keep track of your account activities.

  • Cloudways engineers secure your installation against attacks by delivering operating system and firmware updates on a regular basis. Cloudways also offers free SSL certificates, which are necessary if you want to sell anything.

  • Cloudways balances website demand by using a large number of clustered servers; it does not provide shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting services. Instead, it provides a variety of hourly cloud hosting services that only charge you for the time you use. If you cancel your plan after 10 days, you will only be charged for the first 10 days of hosting.

5. Groundwork

SiteGround is a well-known shared hosting provider that offers a variety of hosting plans. WordPress, cloud, and dedicated servers are examples of these.

SiteGround delivers almost flawless uptime (99.99 percent) and speed (457 ms). A customer support workforce that is knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous. Every plan comes with a CDN, SSL, and email accounts.

*** Specifications**

  • Unmetered Bandwidth - If you host your site with SiteGround, you’ll receive unlimited bandwidth without paying extra. This is a highly enticing solution, particularly for individuals who have a high volume of traffic and demand more bandwidth than most shared hosting companies supply.

  • CDN - All site choices feature a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which uses many geographically distributed data centres to assure speedy delivery of site content to users all over the globe.

  • All plans feature a free SiteGround email account with unlimited storage capacity, 10 GB of monthly data transfer, and a spam filter.

  • Daily Backup – This is a fantastic find. Every day, SiteGround provides website owners with a free and automatic backup. This capability is very useful in the case of a tragedy.

6. Verpex

Verpex is a new hosting firm that was established in April of this year. It has offices in London, Bulgaria, and Bali, as well as data centres in Canada, the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore, and Australia, to name a few.


  • WordPress Hosting - The only option that does not include free domain registration is Verpex’s dedicated WordPress hosting. This is indeed disheartening, but if you’re a seasoned webmaster, you may do the required research to locate a new provider that provides this option.

  • cPanel - The cPanel control panel is included with all plans. It includes a straightforward administrative interface and a plethora of built-in functions.

  • Softaculous, one of its core user-friendly products, supports hundreds of popular CMS systems and scripts, including WordPress.

  • Rapid loading times — All plans employ SSDs rather than HDDs. SSD storage handles website data more quickly and reliably. This has an effect on the speed, stability, and overall performance of your website.

7. Armada Host

This web hosting firm is very new to the industry. Its headquarters are in Delaware, the United States of America, as of late 2019. This fast developing firm offers WordPress and WooCommerce hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. HostArmada’s server network covers all of the main nations on the planet.


  • 99.9% Uptime - HostArmada employs KVM virtualization and Redundant Storage replication to achieve 99.9% uptime. This arrangement simplifies the replacement of components (such as CPUs, RAM, and SSD storage) while also lowering the probability of a system crash.

  • One-Click App Installer — Softaculous allows you to install hundreds of

  • well-known programmes with a single click. Furthermore, you may utilise

  • HostArmada’s free drag-and-drop website builder to start from scratch and choose from pre-made designs and themes. There is no prerequisite expertise in the subject of technology.

  • Excellent Storage Options – A cloud storage space of between 15 and 40 GB is also offered. Cloud SSD drives are significantly quicker than regular disc drives, which increases your website’s overall performance and speed.

8. Godaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain registration and web hosting firm. It has millions of consumers all around the globe. The organisation has a good reputation, and the customer service is exceptional.


  • Advanced Security - GoDaddy’s security measures include the most recent encryption, a unique architecture that protects sites from cyber threats, hundreds of servers in over 300 data centres across the globe to ensure quick connections, and others.

  • SEO Ready - GoDaddy offers a specialised SEO team that assists customers in getting their websites to the top of search engines. This degree of assistance will ensure your success in your pursuit of a genuinely amazing website.

  • Multi-Site Hosting — This feature gives you complete control over your websites, allowing you to build many sites under one domain name (you pick the names of your other domains) and administer multiple servers from a single Web interface.

9. A2 Web Hosting

You’ve probably never heard of A2 Hosting before, but you should. Why? Their dependability, quickness, customer service, and security features are all of the highest calibre, and they provide large refunds. Furthermore, they are worried about the environment.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth - They provide unlimited bandwidth with both their shared and cloud hosting options.

  • Quick load times — In order to make webpages load quickly, the firm uses

  • SSDs and technologies such as HTTP/2 and Gzip compression.

  • SSL Certificate - When you install this certificate on your website, it gives the greatest degree of encryption and reliability. It has the support of Mozilla, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and WordPress, among others.

10. Interserver

InterServer, situated in New Jersey, provides a refreshingly independent
hosting service based on current technology manufactured, installed, and operated in the company’s datacenter. InterServer’s robust shared plans provide unlimited storage, bandwidth, email, and SSL certificates, as well
as SSDs with enough of power and free migrations. The cost of a domain name is $7.99 per year.


  • Weekly Backups — If you need to go back to a prior version of your website, you may use InterServer’s weekly backups.

  • Full Migration - If you’re transferring from another web hosting provider because of poor service, you may start with InterServer for free. Simply choose the option on the control panel and follow the instructions.

  • Storage using Raid-10 – This sort of storage is slower and more costly than standard storage, but it also has certain benefits. It has double the capacity of normal hard disc drives and can be accessed very instantly by any applications that access hard drive space.

How Do I Select a WordPress Hosting Company?

Choosing a top-tier WordPress hosting company may be challenging and time-consuming, particularly with the variety of options available. To make things worse, comparing providers without doing research is difficult; when you look for information on web hosting services, you will encounter hundreds of reviews and ratings.

Here are some major features and metrics to consider when selecting a WordPress hosting service:

** Rapid Uptime**

As a general guideline, aim for a provider with an uptime of at least 99.9% or greater. The period of time your website is accessible to consumers is referred to as uptime, and it is critical for turning traffic into purchases or enquiries.

The speed of your website is critical to its conversion potential. According to studies, the load time of a website is one of the most crucial ranking variables for Google search results. Slower sites are more likely to have fewer conversions and higher bounce rates.

SSL for free

Online security is becoming more important. In reality, 36.5 percent of internet users are wary about completing online transactions, and just 41% of firms have an SSL certificate placed on their website (s). With all of the advanced methods to hack into a website and steal information, using an SSL certificate to safeguard your site is critical.

Domain Registration Is Free

If you want to register your domain, this is a must-have function. Your supplier will need to set up your domain and send it to your website.

If you want your site to appeal to a worldwide audience, you must have a domain. In reality, this is one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a host, as well as a highly successful method of selecting a
WordPress hosting service provider. Bluehost is often lauded for its
excellent domain service, as we noted before in this post.

Excellent Customer Service

Free help is really useful, but don’t confuse a free support channel with 24/7/365 live chat. Some businesses provide free phone or email support but not 24/7 live chat; this is inconvenient because if you have an issue in the middle of the night or on the weekend, you will have nowhere to turn for assistance. A decent rule of thumb is to seek for suppliers that provide 24/7 live chat with a quality response time of less than 60 seconds.

Are There Different Kinds of Hosting Companies?

WordPress hosting companies generally provide three different kinds of hosting services. Each plan has its own set of features and price.

Hosting that is shared

The provider is the only host in shared hosting, which means you will not have your own server or website. Your material is instead shared with other users on the same server. You are not permitted to install your own software on this sort of service, nor may you use it for commercial reasons.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS is an abbreviation for virtual private server. It is comparable to shared hosting, but with a few additional benefits and more freedom. The flexibility to install your own software is the most prominent advantage of VPS hosting. You have complete root SSH access to your dedicated server as a user, allowing you to install any software you wish.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most costly choice since it provides the greatest freedom and control. As a dedicated hosting customer, you have complete control over your server, enabling you to install any sort of software and create any form of website.

Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting is often misunderstood, and for this reason alone, many prospective customers believe it is not a viable alternative. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is one of the greatest methods to get the most out of your website hosting service.

Virtualization is used in cloud hosting to enable users to access server resources across a network. It offers another layer of abstraction between the user and the real hardware, allowing them to access large quantities of resources across several servers.

Cloudways stands out in a crowded industry because of its distinctive approach to cloud hosting. You may “paste” a copy of another website onto your WordPress site using site cloning.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask many questions about Best Wordpress Hosting Convesio. A few of them are discussed below:

1. What is the cost of developing a WordPress website?

The basic answer is that there is no set price for building a WordPress website since there are several elements that influence the pricing. For example, your monthly bandwidth, which might range between 1GB and 500GB; your chosen payment method; or even the amount of plugins you want to install.

2. Do I have to host both my domain and my website with the same company?

This is a contentious subject, but it is not always the case. Some service providers allow you to register your domain with them and then host your website with another provider.

3. How can I set up WordPress on my web hosting account?

WordPress installation is a basic procedure that can be completed in a few easy steps. You’ll be able to install WordPress on both shared and VPS hosting providers if you follow these procedures.

4. Is it simple to transfer hosting providers?

Yes, switching providers is straightforward. This method, however, may
only be utilised when switching between providers that enable you to migrate your site or WordPress installation from one to another. Most shared hosting companies do not allow you to switch from one hosting provider to another while keeping your website or WordPress installation.

5. Do WordPress hosting providers do automated site backups?

Many hosting companies provide automated site backups, which are sometimes referred to as “backup plugins.” These characteristics, however, may be both beneficial and superfluous. They are pointless if your site does not need backup. If you solely use your website for personal purposes, you generally don’t need a backup.

6. Is WordPress suitable for newcomers?

Yes! It’s highly user-friendly, and anybody can easily make a website in a short period of time. If you want to learn how to design a WordPress website, the steps are straightforward: Select a hosting company and join up for their services.

7. What is the best WordPress hosting provider?

This will be determined by your specific requirements, however we suggest Convesio, Bluehost, HostPapa, and Cloudways. All three providers mentioned above provide a broad range of services and shared hosting options.

8. Hostinger or SiteGround: which is superior?

Hostinger presently outperforms SiteGround. It provides superior performance, lower pricing, and equivalent levels of security and support.

9. Is Bluehost quicker than SiteGround?

When comparing SiteGround vs Bluehost performance, it’s evident that SiteGround is more concerned about speed. While both services were similarly dependable, with 99.99 percent uptime, SiteGround was quicker in loading webpages and could manage more traffic on a consistent basis.

10. How effective is Hostinger?

Hostinger proven to be a dependable web hosting provider throughout our
two-week assessment. During the 14-day observation period, our test site did not go down once. Hostinger claims 99.9 percent server uptime, so you should be able to rely on them to keep your website up.

All of the WordPress hosting companies in our roundup provide outstanding services and are appropriate for a variety of purposes. On this list, you’ll discover a decent alternative regardless of your budget or specialisation.

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