Definition of Promote:

  1. The act of advancing an employee from his or her current job position to a superior job position. A promotion often comes with a new job description, more responsibilities, and usually a higher salary.

Synonyms of Promote

Abet, Acculturate, Act for, Actuate, Advance, Advantage, Advertise, Advocate, Aggrandize, Aid, Ameliorate, Amend, Animate, Answer, Assist, Back, Ballyhoo, Bark, Be instrumental, Be right, Befit, Befitting, Benefit, Better, Bill, Boost, Bring forward, Build up, Bulletin, Call attention to, Champion, Circularize, Civilize, Commend, Communicate, Compel, Conduce to, Contribute to, Cry, Cry up, Develop, Do the trick, Edify, Educate, Elevate, Emend, Encourage, Endorse, Energize, Enhance, Enlighten, Ennoble, Enrich, Espouse, Establish, Exalt, Expedite, Facilitate, Fatten, Favor, Fill the bill, Fit, Force, Forward, Foster, Further, Galvanize, Give a write-up, Give publicity, Go between, Go straight, Graduate, Hasten, Help, Hype, Impart, Impel, Improve, Improve upon, Inspire, Inspirit, Kick upstairs, Knight, Lard, Lend wings to, Lift, Make an improvement, Make for, Mediate, Meliorate, Mend, Minister to, Motivate, Move, Move to action, Not come amiss, Nurture, Pass, Patronize, Placard, Plug, Post, Post bills, Post up, Prefer, Present, Press-agent, Profit, Propagandize, Propel, Publicize, Puff, Push, Push forward, Put forward, Quicken, Raise, Recommend, Refine upon, Reform, Sanction, Sell, Serve, Set forward, Set in motion, Side with, Socialize, Spark, Speak for, Speak highly of, Speak warmly of, Speak well of, Speed, Spiel, Sponsor, Stimulate, Straighten out, Strengthen, Subserve, Suit the occasion, Support, Tout, Transfigure, Transform, Up, Upgrade, Uplift, Work, Write up

How to use Promote in a sentence?

  1. I wish my manager would promote me to the supervisor position that is open, as I already do most of the same tasks already.
  2. The actors were exhausted, but the studio brass didnt care and insisted on a rigorous round of talk show appearances to promote the new film.
  3. Being able to promote your product in a positive light can be the best way to help your business grow.

Meaning of Promote & Promote Definition