Definition of Manufacturer:

  1. Entity that makes a good through a process involving raw materials, components, or assemblies, usually on a large scale with different operations divided among different workers. Commonly used interchangeably with producer.

  2. A person or company that makes goods for sale.

Synonyms of Manufacturer

Maker, Producer, Builder, Constructor, Processor, Creator, Fabricator, Ancestors, Apprentice, Architect, Artificer, Artist, Author, Begetter, Beginner, Builder, Conceiver, Constructor, Craftsman, Creator, Designer, Deviser, Discoverer, Effector, Engenderer, Engineer, Executor, Executrix, Fabricator, Father, Founder, Generator, Grower, Inaugurator, Industrialist, Initiator, Instigator, Institutor, Introducer, Inventor, Journeyman, Maker, Master, Master craftsman, Mother, Organizer, Originator, Past master, Planner, Precursor, Prime mover, Producer, Raiser, Realizer, Shaper, Sire, Smith, Wright

How to use Manufacturer in a sentence?

  1. I wanted to see who the manufacturer was for this new brand of shoe that I really wanted to buy and wear around town.
  2. The manufacturers supply the goods to the distribution center.
  3. When talking with your manufacturer about when the product will be ready do not be to pushy and offend him.
  4. I went straight to the manufacturer to remove the middle man from our business dealings. This was an incredibly profitable decision by me.

Meaning of Manufacturer & Manufacturer Definition

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