Permanent loan

Permanent loan,

Definition of Permanent loan:

  1. Long-term (maturity period 15 to 30 years) mortgage loan or bond issue. In real estate projects, permanent financing is obtained after completion of construction, usually to repay the short-term (non-permanent) construction loan. Also called permanent financing or permanent mortgage.

  2. Despite its name, permanent loans are generally not permanent, although they may last for a long time.

  3. A permanent loan is a type of loan with an unusually long term. The term can have different meanings, however, depending on the context in which it is used. .

  4. (In on permanent loan) a situation in which an object is in the possession of one party (often a museum, gallery, etc.) and remains in the ownership of another, but without expectation of its return.

  5. A long-term financial loan without a fixed date for repayment; a sum of money lent for an indefinite period.

How to use Permanent loan in a sentence?

  1. Permanent loans have different meanings depending on their context.
  2. The term is commonly used in the fine art and real estate markets.
  3. With the exception of certain government bonds, permanent loans are not in fact permanent.

Meaning of Permanent loan & Permanent loan Definition