Definition of Tone:

  1. (In some languages, such as Chinese), certain patterns of height in literal words are used to create word differences.

  2. Trade: The dominant effect of the market is a positive or strong tone indicating an increase in price and a negative or weak tone indicates a decrease in price.

  3. A basic interval in Western classical music that corresponds to two symmetries and, for example, separates the first and second notes on a regular scale (such as C and D or E and F sharp) with a large second or complete accent.

  4. Finally change the color (color monochrome) with chemical solution.

  5. Compatible with (something) in terms of color.

  6. Mild muscle contractions with normal stiffness or relaxation. Normal level activity in nerve fibers.

  7. General character or attitude of a place, type of source, situation etc.

  8. Marketing: Emotional features, feelings or moods associated with the use of a particular product. One of the most important tasks of an advertiser is to deliver the desired message to the desired consumers of the product.

  9. It gives more strength or resistance to the body or its organs.

  10. Musical sound or sound in terms of height, quality and power.

  11. Color or color brightness, depth or special quality of color.

Synonyms of Tone

Heftiness, Staccato, Smear, Composition, Frequency, Audio frequency, Spirit, Harmonic, Bedizen, Color quality, Fable, Voluntary muscle, Fundamental, Maintien, Beefiness, Plan, Manner, Zeitgeist, Accent, Fresco, Tinct, Attack, Illuminate, Fullness, Report, Chromatic color, Stipple, Style, Musical quality, Quarter note, Lead, Quaver, Poise, Springiness, Device, Tonality, Bounciness, Tonelessness, Degree, Attitude, Freshen up, Wise, Catastrophe, Tinge, Prompt, Quality, Blend, Philharmonic pitch, Dip, Tendency, Quieten, Makeup, Genius, Brighten up, Sound quality, Partial, Involuntary muscle, Climate, Coloring, Style, Persuade, Tint, Grouping, Modulation, Atmosphere, Twist, Muscularity, Shellac, Technique, Thews, Arrangement, Calcimine, Doing, Algorithm, Enharmonic note, Behavioral norm, Enharmonic interval, Induce, Dharma, Stretch, Interval, Local color, Muscle, Apply paint, Temperament, Flexibility, Manner of working, Attitude, Weigh with, Frame, Brightness, Standard pitch, Thewiness, Predispose, Sustained note, Voice, Musical sound, Third, Theme, Sway, Monotone, Set, Mode, Dominant, Slant, Methods, Ingrain, Social science, Feel, Diathesis, Guise, Richness, Glaze, Complement, Carriage, Feeling, Doings, Influence, Thew, Flavour, Incident, Sixty-fourth note, Spring, Whitewash, Ethos, Sinews, Lightness, Ilk, Sinewiness, Moves, Bend, Buoyance, Background, Height, Team with, Hemidemisemiquaver, Affect, Thirty-second note, Timbre, Manners, Beef, Suchness, Shadow, Depth, Topic, Musicality, Comportment, Glacial movement, Stress, Sort, Chromism, Demeanor, Nature, Temper, Revitalize, Dab, Behavior pattern, Color scheme, Characteristic, Saturation, Brushwork, Presence, Tonus, Tincture, Liveliness, Timbre, Seventh, Shaped note, Gild, Shade, Sharp, Spirit, Stretchability, Treatment, Observable behavior, Inflection, The how, Coordinate with, Double whole note, Activity, Soften up, Constitution, Diatonic interval, Dampen, Denouement, Painterliness, Neutral color, Brush on paint, Minim, Quality, Begild, Responsiveness, Go with, Buoyancy, Imbue, Semibreve, Overtone, Drift, Temper, Way of saying, Crotchet, Bias, Current, Plot, Bedaub, Praxis, Process, Goings-on, Mellifluousness, Shape, Sweetness, Tone quality, Sonorousness, Resiliency, Feel, Stripe, Halftone, Complication, Phrasing, Dominant note, Scheme, Slop on paint, Balance, Register, Rising action, Diatessaron, Sixth, Humors, Musical note, Mood, Motions, Physique, Chromaticity, Heart, Prime, Moderate, Actions, Accidental, Habit, Grain, Constituents, Eighth note, Motif, Posture, Grain, Enharmonic diesis, Behavioral science, Recognition, Fashion, Less semitone, System, Course, Stretchiness, Shade, Folkway, Daub, Air, Tone down, Pitch, Pose, Lacquer, Mode of procedure, Culture pattern, Disposition, Stamp, Angle, Fourth, Fundamental tone, Perspective, Pigment, Step, The way of, Undertone, Tone colour, Note, Mode of operation, Methodology, Humour, Decorator color, Crasis, Cue, Move, Coloration, Deportment, Characterization, Enharmonic, Tincture, Brawn, Acts, Secondary plot, Color balance, Development, The drill, Extensibility, Frame of mind, Way, Fifth, Dull, Voice quality, Kind, Responding note, Mellifluence, Main current, Huskiness, Sense, Monotony, Munsell chroma, Argument, Hue, Mode of expression, Tercet, Swing, Brawniness, Suprasegmental, Incline, Turn, Wear down, Classical pitch, Consecutive intervals, Voce, Cast, Resonance, Semitone, Tone of voice, Dulcetness, Fast-dye, Triplet, Double-dye, Flat, Anagnorisis, Coat, Modus operandi, Note, Shading, Natural color, Ring, Lines, Be the same as, Stream, Streak, Achromatism, Body-build, Pattern, Gimmick, Dispose, Brand, Voice quality, Low pitch, Blend with, Gestures, Bounce, Wash, Tactics, Architectonics, Aspect, Modulate, Behavior, Practice, Patent note, Elasticity, Breve, Parallel octaves, Characteristics, Resilience, Complexion, Tone up, Motion, Story, Property, Port, Ways, Intonation pattern, The main course, Philosophical pitch, Colour, Colour, Falling action, Rebound, Vein, Intonation, Limber up, Paint, Parget, Value, Address, Melodiousness, Unison interval, Milieu, Mood, Way of life, Aura, Tint, The general tendency, Natural, Design, Lay on color, Demisemiquaver, Peripeteia, Dye, Tune, Color, Gloss, Somatotype, Voice, Character, Tone color, Mind, Melody, Musculature, Color harmony, Mainstream, Resonance, Direction, Trend, State of mind, Besmear, Line of action, Mien, Tack, Tonicity, French pitch, Mythos, Thematic development, Values, Half step, Warm color, Emblazon, Tenor, Order, Cool color, Force, Run, Modus vivendi, Colorimetric quality, Pallor, Pitch accent, Conduct, New philharmonic pitch, Subject, Air, Deep-dye, Whole note, Key, Approach, Draftsmanship, Mute, Chroma, Sound, Half note, Continuity, Tinge, Sixteenth note, Contrivance, Sinew, Architecture, Reinvigorate, Sonority, Procedure, Fiber, Semiquaver, Japan, Proceeding, Speech tune, Varnish, Cast, Soften, Second, Means, Engild, Tunefulness, Give, Voice qualifier, Tone with, Morale, Routine, Melodic interval, Soft-pedal, Movements, Method, Manner of speaking, Episode, Be similar to, Modify, Custom, Mold, Spirits, Tune up, Undercolor, Reduce, Face, Tonality, Purity, Skin color, Action, Cover, Subdue, Form, Whole step, Enamel, Effect, Stain, Harmonize with, High pitch, Adaptability, Movement, Diatonic semitone, Spiccato, Character, Chromatism, Undercoat, Type, Octave, Switch, Humor, Subplot, Emphasis, Suit, Affectation, Structure, Hue, Bearing, Work, Snap, Diapason, Line, Time spirit, Partial tone, Distemper, Sound

How to use Tone in a sentence?

  1. Stained glass in bright red and blue.
  2. Ethnic Liberian languages ​​usually consist of two or three different tones based on semantic or grammatical differences.
  3. The piano sounds monotonous or less warm.
  4. We recommend that you print sepia tone first.
  5. Section B of Flat Clarinet has a note written above the requested note.
  6. When the teacher's voice becomes so loud that other students outside the classroom can hear, the teacher's voice becomes louder.
  7. Despite the positive and optimistic tone of the memo about the company's financing, the numbers make it clear that the company is losing money and on the verge of failure.
  8. My friends and I reduced it to our unique method.
  9. Exercise strengthens your muscles.
  10. Muscle tone decreased.
  11. A rich orange tone of wood with yellow roses is good.
  12. In a surprisingly dynamic tone, MV sales people persuaded Rack to buy their product and maybe even sign up to sell it. Richard was not fooled by the man's offer and simply rejected his tone.

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