Progressed Chart

Progressed Chart

What are modern graphics? what is the meaning of this? 3

Can anyone help me understand the meaning of the enlarged map? Do the planets on the progressive map resemble you or what? Or does it mean that you or someone else sees the features of the planets on your development map? Since I've been focusing so much on my training over the last few months, is it because my Virgo Venus is on my growth chart? And my vision is better, in my modern horoscope I have the moon in Aries and in Mercury and Mars in Mars, my moon rises in the eighth use. Can anyone tell me what an extended graph means? And do you feel like your birth chart or your tracking chart?

This is my extended sketch.

Gold Lee 26 ° 53 in Action 3.

Moon Mesh 23 ° 45 in process 8.

Mercury Scorpio 8 ° 14 in Action 3.

Venus Virgo 11 ° 0 in Action 1.

Mars Scorpio 2 ° 42 in Action 3.

Leo increases by 22 ° 10 in Action 1.

Don't waste your time if you don't like astrology :)

I like to look at the natal chart and then place the scattered planets around the natal chart to compare what you see with the expanded natal chart. The ancient astrologers did not have the horizon as they calculate the magic tables today. So he used a method that some people may not have found to this day, but I found a wide table to explain many things in this lifelong journey. Try to find affirmations on the internet. It shows the exact location of all conventional planets (one of which may be with the location of the asteroid).

The old people used one day for a year. We say you were born on August 1st. This will be the date on your birth chart. The next day (August 2) will be the second year of your life on this planet. So if you follow the day for a year, you can see the inner planets passing through the signs and observe the aspects that make them up.

The most important development is when your Christmas sun passes over the next character. This is usually a time of great misunderstanding for most people, as your Christmas sun is better at feeling and experiencing something new and unfamiliar, especially when you spend a long time in the Christmas sun. After staying, move on to your next sign. . I am Aquarius and grew up in Mainz when I was 14 years old. I have always been very confident and satisfied until I take this direction until this progress is made. I felt insecure, I was gaining weight fast and there was an unknown amount that I didn't feel. I discovered it years later when I started to see great progress and then I understood why I felt this pain and my self-esteem decreased. I also started experimenting with (many Pisceans) to avoid breaking my heart, because the world seemed so big and I felt it out of place. This is a significant developmental effect as the birth sun passes through its next sign during the first 30 years of life. (Because each symbol has only 30 degrees).

Then, at the age of 44 (thirty years later), I experienced my second great evolution, when my advanced sun turned into a mesh. I felt that my confidence had returned a lot. He was ready to fight and knew that progress would come ahead of time. But as the progressive sun got closer to Aries, I had to fight others and stop. I don't get affected when other people challenge me. My column grew to 30 years after a long journey through the mains. The doubt is gone. I became a fighter. This is a tremendous power to progress through the signs of old age. This is truly the best development you can see. The sun is moving. Advanced moons and inner planets also change signs, and new features are added to your inner planets.

Every sign that follows the position of birth is a reaction, and a sign. Born in Aquarius, gifted and close to nature, he became a Pisces at the age of 14, without any hint or skepticism about my growing up, which neutralized my Aquarius nature. Then, at 44, the mesh is next, which is a counter-■■■■■■ against everything standing. A warrior who has to fight for himself and do what I want, not what other people want me to do (who is very mesh, cares for others more than himself).

Since my progressive sun is in the mess, I know it will hit my birth vein at 24 degrees. I started trading and received an unexpected offer of money. But unfortunately, instead of using the money properly (I was at the end of my second marriage), I gave the money to my husband at that time and we used the money because I can blink twice.

So I suggest you look at your progressive G-Major first when you enter new characters. This will shape the aspects of your birth chart so that you can predict their effects and not be affected by the new energy. When I answer the question of premature birth, I pay attention to it, because the next sign is the sign of the sun, which was born at a very young age. pe help. Ok and i bless you

This page can help you.


What are modern graphics? what is the meaning of this?

Can anyone help me understand the meaning of the enlarged map? Do the planets on the progressive map resemble you? Or does it mean that you or someone else sees the features of the planets on your development map? Because I focus so much on work ...

Progressed Chart

Progressed Chart

The extended graph is what it says. This is your progress as an individual.

You will always have your natal chart. It's your fault Think of a horoscope as a change or change in your birth chart.

We say you have a natural moon in Maine, but we say it turns into Leo's moon. You are very sensitive about the month of Aries, but the month of Leo will increase your sensitivity and ego problems. You can be more dramatic with your emotions if you suppress them. At this point, Aries Moon's local may be more forgiving.

Your extended graphic is temporary. Remember that your birth chart is permanent.

Progressed Chart