Definition of Standard:

  1. Universally or widely accepted, agreed upon, or established means of determining what something should be. Major classifications of this term include: (1) Material or substance whose properties are known with a level of accuracy that is sufficient to allow its use as a physical reference in calibrating or measuring the same properties of another material or substance. (2) Concept, norm, or principle established by agreement, authority, or custom, and used generally as an example or model to compare or measure the quality or performance of a practice or procedure. (3) Written definition, limit, or rule approved and monitored for compliance by an authoritative agency (or professional or recognized body) as a minimum acceptable benchmark. This is the usual meaning of the plural term (standards). See also specification.

Synonyms of Standard

Christian, Dannebrog, Jolly Roger, Old Glory, Procrustean law, Samson post, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes, Ten Commandments, Union Flag, Union Jack, Zeitgeist, Accepted, Accustomed, Acid test, Alike, Amount, And blue, Antetype, Antitype, Approved, Archetype, Assay, Assize, Authentic, Authoritative, Average, Axiology, Axiom, Baluster, Balustrade, Banal, Banderole, Banister, Banner, Banneret, Barometer, Base, Beau ideal, Behavioral norm, Belief, Benchmark, Besetting, Binding, Biotype, Black flag, Blank determination, Blue ensign, Brouillon, Bunting, Burgee, Business ethics, Caliber, Canon, Canonical, Caryatid, Cathedral, Central, Changeable, Check, Classic, Classic example, Coachwhip, Code, Code of ethics, Code of morals, Colonnade, Color, Colors, Column, Commandment, Common, Commonplace, Commutable, Commutative, Compass, Conformable, Consuetudinary, Convention, Conventional, Convertible, Correct, Criterion, Crucial test, Crucible, Current, Customary, Cut, Dado, Decalogue, Defined, Definitive, Degree, Determination, Dick, Dictated, Dictum, Didactic, Die, Docimasy, Dominant, Doorjamb, Doorpost, Emblem, Ensign, Epidemic, Epitome, Equal, Equalizing, Equivalent, Essay, Established, Ethic, Ethical system, Ethics, Ethos, Evangelical, Even, Everyday, Ex cathedra, Example, Exchanged, Exemplar, Exemplary, Extent, Faithful, Familiar, Feeling out, Firm, First draft, Flag, Footing, Footstalk, Form, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Fugleman, Fugler, Fundamental, Gatepost, Gauge, General principle, Generally accepted, Genotype, Give-and-take, Golden rule, Gonfalon, Gonfanon, Good example, Grade, Graduated scale, Guide, Guideline, Guiding principle, Guidon, Habitual, Hard and fast, Height, Hitching post, House flag, Household, Ideal, Imitatee, Imperative, Indiscernible, Indistinct, Indistinctive, Indistinguishable, Instructive, Interchangeable, Interchanged, Intermediary, Intermediate, Interval, Jack, Jamb, King post, Kiteflying, Law, Law of nature, Lead, Leap, Legal ethics, Level, Literal, Long pennant, Magisterial, Man of men, Mandatory, Mark, Maxim, Mean, Measure, Medial, Median, Medical ethics, Mediocre, Medium, Merchant flag, Middle-of-the-road, Milepost, Mirror, Mitzvah, Model, Moderate, Moral, Moral climate, Moral code, Moral principles, Morals, Mullion, Mutual, National flag, New morality, Newel-post, Nonpareil, Norm, Norma, Normal, Normative, Normative system, Notch, Nuance, Obtaining, Of the faith, Official, Ordeal, Order of nature, Ordinance, Ordinary, Oriflamme, Original, Orthodox, Orthodoxical, Pandemic, Par, Paradigm, Paradigmatic, Paragon, Parameter, Pas, Pattern, Pedestal, Pedicel, Peduncle, Peg, Pennant, Pennon, Pennoncel, Period, Permutable, Pier, Pilaster, Pile, Piling, Pillar, Pitch, Plane, Plateau, Plinth, Point, Pole, Popular, Post, Precedent, Precedential, Precept, Preceptive, Predominant, Predominating, Prescribed, Prescribed form, Prescript, Prescription, Prescriptive, Prevailing, Prevalent, Principium, Principle, Principles, Probation, Professional ethics, Proof, Proper, Proportion, Prototype, Quantity, Queen-post, Rampant, Range, Rating, Ratio, Reach, Reading, Readout, Received, Reciprocal, Reciprocating, Reciprocative, Recognized, Red, Red ensign, Regnant, Regular, Regulation, Regulative, Regulatory, Reigning, Remove, Representative, Required, Requirement, Retaliatory, Returnable, Rife, Right, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Round, Routine, Royal standard, Rubric, Rule, Rule of thumb, Ruling, Rung, Running, Sample, Scale, Scope, Scriptural, Set, Set form, Settled principle, Shade, Shadow, Shaft, Shining example, Signal flag, Signpost, Snubbing post, Social ethics, Socle, Sound, Sounding out, Space, Staff, Stair, Stalk, Stanchion, Stand, Standards, Standing order, Staple, Statutory, Stem, Step, Stereotyped, Stile, Stint, Stock, Streamer, Subbase, Support, Surbase, Swallowtail, Swapped, Switched, Tenet, Test, Test case, Textbook, Textual, Time-honored, Touchstone, Traded, Traditional, Traditionalistic, Transposed, Tread, Trial, Tricolor, True, True-blue, Trunk, Try, Type, Type species, Type specimen, Typical, Undifferentiated, Undiscriminated, Undistinguishable, Undistinguished, Uniform, Universal, Universal law, Upright, Urtext, Usual, Value, Value system, Verification, Vernacular, Vexillum, White, Widespread, Without distinction, Wonted, Working principle, Working rule, Yardstick

How to use Standard in a sentence?

  1. The US Dollar is the standard currency accepted in the United States and its affiliated territories such as Puerto Rico.
  2. To determine the accuracy of the results of the experiment, Bob compared his data to the accepted standard as determined by the scientific community.
  3. While doing home inspections for the county, I had to operate at the standard set forth by the state level of inspectors.

Meaning of Standard & Standard Definition