Definition of Determinant:

  1. Factors or elements that limit or determine a decision or situation.

  2. Factors that have a decisive effect on the outcome of nature or something.

  3. It works in determining or deciding something.

  4. The amount obtained from the product of the elements of the square matrix according to the given principle.

Synonyms of Determinant

Ceiling, Threshold, Starting point, Limit, Element, Feature, Start, Matter, Mendelism, Extreme, Galtonian theory, Allelomorph, Boundary, Terminal, Mark, Low-water mark, March, Recessive character, Matrocliny, Circumscription, Birth, Line of demarcation, Ground, Interface, Borderline, Starting line, Limitation, Genesiology, Facet, High-water mark, Occasion, Grounds, Mete, Etiology, Detail, Boundary condition, Weismannism, Chromosome, Antecedent, Call, Genetics, Inheritance, Item, Breakoff point, Antecedents, Bounding, Heritability, Bordering, Diathesis, Reason, Limen, Finish, Eugenics, Determinant, Mendelianism, Limbic, Littoral, Pharmacogenetics, Causation, Limiting, Floor, Delimitation, Cause, DNA, Determinative, Endowment, Stimulus, Line, Verworn theory, De Vries theory, Hereditability, Rimming, Point, Basis, Terminal date, Liminal, Border line, Heredity, Compass, Determiner, Frontier, Replication, Marginal, Chromatin, Weight, Time allotment, Allele, End, Division line, Cutoff point, Upper limit, Cutoff, Concern, Factor, Base, Deadline, Bourn, Influence, Genetic code, Wiesner theory, Patrocliny, Authority, RNA, Coastal, Bound, Term, Character, Extremity, Determining, Altmann theory, Terminus, Aspect, Skirting, Limiting factor, Cause and effect, Chromatid, Hedge, Principle, Factor, Element, Confine, Lower limit, Weismann theory, Gene, Target date, Heritage, Boundary line, Issue, Break boundary, Fringing, Inheritability, Inborn capacity

How to use Determinant in a sentence?

  1. When deciding between the two options, the maximum possible return can determine whether a particular risk can be controlled.
  2. When closing overseas units, management has considered a number of factors, but the key decision maker is clearly financial.
  3. This is the "decisive factor" in the decision not to charge.
  4. The only commitment to success is commitment.
  5. Once you know the concept of determining the square matrix, you can calculate the lucky 3x3 and 4x4 metric determinants.
  6. I took my math test so well that I would decide my fate as a high school graduate, but I forgot what the deciding factors were.

Meaning of Determinant & Determinant Definition