Definition of Determinant:

  1. Factor or element that limits or defines a decision or condition.

  2. A factor which decisively affects the nature or outcome of something.

  3. Serving to determine or decide something.

  4. A quantity obtained by the addition of products of the elements of a square matrix according to a given rule.

Synonyms of Determinant

Factor, Issue, Point, Concern, Item, Matter, Element, Detail, Aspect, Facet, Feature, Determinant, Altmann theory, DNA, De Vries theory, Galtonian theory, Mendelianism, Mendelism, RNA, Verworn theory, Weismann theory, Weismannism, Wiesner theory, Allele, Allelomorph, Antecedent, Antecedents, Authority, Base, Basis, Birth, Border line, Bordering, Borderline, Bound, Boundary, Boundary condition, Boundary line, Bounding, Bourn, Break boundary, Breakoff point, Call, Causation, Cause, Cause and effect, Ceiling, Character, Chromatid, Chromatin, Chromosome, Circumscription, Coastal, Compass, Confine, Cutoff, Cutoff point, Deadline, Delimitation, Determinative, Determiner, Determining, Diathesis, Division line, Element, End, Endowment, Etiology, Eugenics, Extreme, Extremity, Factor, Finish, Floor, Fringing, Frontier, Gene, Genesiology, Genetic code, Genetics, Ground, Grounds, Hedge, Hereditability, Heredity, Heritability, Heritage, High-water mark, Inborn capacity, Influence, Inheritability, Inheritance, Interface, Limbic, Limen, Liminal, Limit, Limitation, Limiting, Limiting factor, Line, Line of demarcation, Littoral, Low-water mark, Lower limit, March, Marginal, Mark, Matrocliny, Mete, Occasion, Patrocliny, Pharmacogenetics, Principle, Reason, Recessive character, Replication, Rimming, Skirting, Start, Starting line, Starting point, Stimulus, Target date, Term, Terminal, Terminal date, Terminus, Threshold, Time allotment, Upper limit, Weight

How to use Determinant in a sentence?

  1. When deciding between two options the greater profit potential may be the determinant factor if you can handle some risk.
  2. When it came to shutting down overseas locations, there were many factors taken into consideration by management but clearly the main determinant was financial.
  3. This was the ‘key determinant factor’ in deciding not to pursue charges.
  4. Pure force of will was the main determinant of his success.
  5. If you know the concept of the determinant of a square matrix, you may calculate the determinants of the 3x3 and 4x4 Liki-matrices.
  6. I was doing great o my math test that would decide my fate as high school graduate, but I forgot what a determinant was.

Meaning of Determinant & Determinant Definition