What Are Lowlights?

What are lowlights? Lowlights are a hair coloring technique in which just a few sections of hairs are dyed. It is 2 to 3 shades darker than the base color of hairs. Lowlights on blonde hairs and brown hairs look glamorous.


Now we take fashion more than just clothing. Lowlights are the main example of this question How fashion can change our life? Lowlights are darker shade sections of hair than the base color that gives a voluminous and thicker look to the hairs and opposite of highlights. It changes the original tone of the hair.

It is more delicate than streaks. In lowlights, colors are spread evenly throughout the hair. Lowlights add some contour to your look. It gives dimension to short, medium, and long hair.

You can create a natural and soft look using 1 to 2 shades darker than your base color and contrast lowlights using 3 to 4 shades darker than your base color. It is your choice to pick lowlights that harmonize with your personality.

Highlights VS Lowlights

As we know what are lowlights, but the only difference between lowlights and highlights is that lighter shades than base color are used in highlights, while darker in lowlights. Lowlights add some volume in a manner of hair color visual fantasy. If your old highlights become dull, lowlights are the solution to give them depth.


You can also mix lowlights with highlights because your natural hair has many shades within it. You can add few lowlights with your highlights to fill out your natural hair color. It gives a composite and natural look.

Lowlights on brown hairs

What are lowlights on brown hairs? Into the brown base color, lowlights are 1-2 shade darker sections of dyed color that give the mystic looks and adds volume. For performing the lowlights on hairs formal foiling technique or recent balayage technique is used. For this technique of hair coloring, you need an expert hair artist. You can avoid the routine look and give an instant change to your hair’s look.

Lowlights on Brown hair

Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Sofia Vergara tried this lowlights on brown hair color trick. You can use these examples of lowlights for brown hair color.

:high_brightness: Lowlights for greying brown hairs

lowlights for greying brown hair

By combining natural silver hair with ashy blonde streaks, you can transform your look into a dense-looking and multidimensional manner.

:high_brightness: Mocha brown lowlights with light brown hairs

This darker shade lowlights look gives you a fresh and healthy new look.

:high_brightness: Mousy brown hair with lowlights

These lowlights on a brown base give a glamorous look by modifying this color to an ultra-fine and modest look.

:high_brightness: For Chestnut Brown Hair

Transform your chestnut brown color hair into darker for a textured look.

:high_brightness: Hazelnut Brown Lowlights

Hazelnut brown lowlights give you a softer look. It is very famous everywhere for its simplicity.

:high_brightness: Delicate lowlights for reddish-brown hairs

By combining red, blonde, and a chestnut base color, you will create a brighter and unique hair look.

:high_brightness: Dark Red lowlights for Dark Brown Hair

These lowlights on dark brown color hairs give the volume without being too candid.

:high_brightness: Medium Brown Hair with Dark Caramel Lowlights

Dark caramel lowlights

By using natural color as a base, this look is easy. Everyone wants this look because of its simplicity.

:high_brightness: Rose Brown Lowlights

This colorful look gives you a subtle, funky, and cool-girl look.

:high_brightness: Red lowlights on Golden Brown Hair

Everyone loves this combination technique of coloring. It will give brightness and dimensions to the hairs.

The lowlights for brown color hair are precisely cool, refreshing, and sun-kissed sections. These are fascinating for summer and spring.

Lowlights on Black Hair

Lowlights are the 2-3 shade darker than the base color, while if you have black natural or your base color is black and, you still want to add depth with lowlights. You can do it by using foils or balayage, which are natural-looking options for hair color. Avoid shades that are more than 2-3 shades darker than the base color or your natural hair color.

Lowlights on blonde Hairs

What are lowlights on blonde hair? If you are looking for a new look and your base color or natural hair color is blonde, or you are going blonde for base color, try some lowlights. It will give you a pop look and add depth to your hair. From 1995 to 2000s fashion, lowlights had done on blonde and red-colored hair.

Lowlights on blonde hair

Moreover, it can give new life to your stressed hair. There are some ideas for lowlights on blonde hair;

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights on Platinum blonde hair

This hairstyle looks good with naturally light hairs. It will give contour to your face. This style is best for you if you have naturally blonde hair, and you want depth and dimension to your hair, then this style is best for you.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights on Caramel Blonde hair

Naturally, our hair has different tones because of exposure to sunlight. If you have caramel blonde hair than it will give a natural and soft look.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights with a dark Blonde base

lowlights with dark blonde

It will look natural with the growth of hair. This type of hairstyle is easy, and it looks great on medium hair textures.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Multidimensional Blonde hair

Everyone wants this hair color look. Lowlights are added on multidimensional blonde hair to bring back natural hair color. Anyone who wants a new trendy look or if you are going from brunette to blonde that hair color is for you.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Warm Blonde Lowlights

This blonde lowlight is astonishing and gives a soft tone of colors. This color technique is perfect for spring and autumn. You will look generous with this style.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights with Honey Blonde Hair

The addition of lowlights on this hair color gives contour around the face. It looks like a naturally blended look. It is best to create this look by adding two levels of darker shade lowlights than the natural base color.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights with light Blonde hair

Lowlights with this hair color look great on tan color skin. This hair technique looks good on you if you have a tan or olive-colored skin tone and want a change. It will give you a Barbie look.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights with dual-tone blonde

When you add lowlights on a dual-tone blonde base color then you get new life of hair. If you add some medium ash lowlights on the dual-tone blonde base color, it will look trendy.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights with champagne blonde hair

This hair color looks warm, soft, and trendy. It has contrast at the base and lighter at the ends. The lowlights make it brighter and look good on a tan complexion.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Lowlights with golden blonde hairs

lowlights with golden blonde

It suits with long hairs and curls. It will give waves and dimensions to your hair. Keep the base a little darker to achieve this look. You will get a fresher look.

What are lowlights? Lowlights are the sections of dyed hair that are 2-3 shades darker than the base or natural hair color. Lowlights will look great on brown hair and blonde hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, everyone wants to look beautiful, and to achieving a beautiful look, they do different things. Adding lowlights on the hair is one of the techniques to look glamorous. There are some unanswered questions regarding what are lowlights?

Q 1. What lowlights do to your hair?

Lowlights add volume, richness and give dimension to your hair. It works to magnify the natural or base color of hair. If you have thin hair, then lowlights add some volume to your hair, and it looks thick.

Q 2. Do lowlights washout?

Lowlights are the darker shade sections of hair than the base color that add depth to your hair. Lowlights fade in a few shampoos than you need to touch-up every month.

Q 3. How much does it cost to get lowlights?

The price of lowlights and highlights depends on the hairstylist and the location of the salon. It also depends on shades of color. If you want more volume into your hair, then you will need to pay more. The cost starts from $75 to $300.

Q 4. Are lowlights damaging as highlights?

Highlights are more damaging because highlights are the lighter shades sections of hair than the base color. To achieve this lighter shade of hair, stylists use bleach and chemicals. Highlights are more damaging than lowlights because the use of bleach will damage your hair.

Q 5. Can you get lowlights without highlights?

Yes, you can get lowlights without highlights by just adding lowlights on your natural hair will look like highlights. But sometimes hairstylists suggest both lowlights and highlights with the brown bathe color for a multidimensional look.

Q 6. Where do you put lowlights?

You put fewer lowlights on top of your head and more on the bottom sections of your hair. Avoid putting lowlights on the top of your head like a highlight. It looks good in both light and dark shades of hair color.

Q 7. How often should you get lowlights?

Hair colorist suggests that lowlights can last for months. You need to do a touch-up after 2-4 months. Lowlights need less care than highlights. Some of the girls were done with lowlights only once and never touched-up again.

Q 8. Do lowlights cover gray hair?

Yes, lowlights cover gray hair because lowlights are 2-3 shades darker than the base color. It gives a more natural and brighter look than highlights.

Q 9. Can you put lowlights on bleached hair?

Yes, you can put lowlights on bleached hair by balayage or foiling method. It enhances the color a little lighter and in darker shades.

Q 10. How you fix lowlights too dark?

You can fix lowlights too dark without bleach by using these methods.

  1. By using color remover and wash. It is safer than bleach, it may dry your hair, but it will not damage your hair like bleach. You can solve the problems of dry hair by using best home remedies for dry hair.

  2. Go to hair colorist for fixing dark hair color. If your colorist is professional, then he/she will solve your problem fast, but it is expensive.

  3. You can fix this matter at home if your hair is only a shade darker than your desired color. You can use lightening shampoo, baking soda, color or dye remover, bleach shampoo, honey and water, honey, cinnamon, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar mixture.


:small_blue_diamond:What are lowlights? Lowlights are more modest than streaks and darker shades sections of hair that spread evenly throughout the hair.

:small_blue_diamond:Lowlights look glamorous in summer. If you have thin hair, the addition of lowlights gives volume to your hair.

:small_blue_diamond:Lowlights also give contour to your look. It deepens your natural hair color. You can put both lowlights and highlights together to achieve a little bit of drama and a natural look.