Definition of Foil:

  1. Prevent (something considered wrong or undesirable) from succeeding.

  2. A setback in an enterprise; a defeat.

  3. The track or scent of a hunted animal.

  4. Material thinner than 0.15 millimeter. Thicker material (up to 0.25 millimeter) is called a film, anything thicker than 0.25 millimeter is called a sheet.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Foil


Origin of word Foil

Late 16th century of unknown origin.

Synonyms of Foil

Thwart, Frustrate, Counter, Oppose, Balk, Disappoint, Impede, Obstruct, Hamper, Hinder, Snooker, Cripple, Scotch, Derail, Smash, Dash, Roscius, Actor, Actress, Antagonist, Antipode, Antipodes, Antipole, Antithesis, Antonym, Background, Background detail, Bad guy, Baffle, Bafflement, Balk, Balking, Barnstormer, Beat, Bilbo, Bilk, Blast, Brave, Broadsword, Buffalo, Cast down, Challenge, Character, Character actor, Character man, Character woman, Check, Checkmate, Child actor, Circumvent, Claymore, Coat, Coating, Collop, Confound, Confounding, Confront, Confusion, Contra, Contravene, Converse, Counter, Counteract, Counterbalance, Countercheck, Countermand, Counterpoint, Counterpoise, Counterpole, Counterterm, Counterwork, Covering, Cross, Curb, Cut, Cutlass, Dash, Daunt, Deal, Deceive, Decorative composition, Decorative style, Defeat, Defeat expectation, Defy, Design, Destroy, Detail, Disappoint, Discomfit, Discomfiture, Disconcert, Disconcertion, Discountenance, Diseur, Diseuse, Dish, Disillusion, Disk, Disrupt, Dissatisfy, Dramatizer, Elude, Embarrass, Epee, Evade, Falchion, Faze, Feeder, Feuille, Figure, Film, Flake, Flap, Flummox, Foiling, Fold, Foreground detail, Form, Frustrate, Frustration, Get around, Get round, Give the runaround, Give the slip, Glaive, Go one better, Hamper, Heavy, Histrio, Histrion, Impede, Ingenue, Inverse, Juvenile, Knock the chocks, Lamella, Lamina, Laminated glass, Laminated wood, Lamination, Lap, Layer, Leaf, Let down, Matinee idol, Membrane, Mime, Mimer, Mimic, Monologist, Motif, Mummer, National style, Nonplus, Nullify, Obverse, Offset, Opposite, Opposite number, Ornamental motif, Outfigure, Outflank, Outgeneral, Outguess, Outmaneuver, Outplay, Outreach, Outsmart, Outwit, Overreach, Pane, Panel, Pantomime, Pantomimist, Parry, Pass the buck, Patina, Pattern, Peel, Pellicle, Period style, Perplex, Plait, Plank, Plate, Plating, Playactor, Player, Ply, Plywood, Protean actor, Rapier, Rasher, Rattle, Rebuff, Reciter, Repeated figure, Repulse, Restrain, Reversal, Reverse, Rout, Ruin, Saber, Sabotage, Safety glass, Scale, Scimitar, Scotch, Scum, Setback, Setoff, Setting, Sheet, Skin, Slab, Slat, Slice, Soubrette, Spike, Spoil, Stage performer, Stage player, Stonewall, Stooge, Straight man, Stroller, Strolling player, Stump, Style, Table, Tablet, Tantalize, Tease, The contrary, The other side, Theatrical, Theme, Thespian, Thwart, Thwarting, Touch, Trouper, Tuck, Upset, Utility man, Veneer, Victimize, Villain, Vis-a-vis, Wafer

How to use Foil in a sentence?

  1. A brave policewoman foiled the armed robbery.

Meaning of Foil & Foil Definition

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