Brunette to blonde

The first time I bleached my hair, I (wrongly) assumed going from dark brown to light blonde would be an easy switch — after all, pop stars and actresses do it all the time, right?
Cut to me crying in a corner on the eve of my 25th birthday, after 11 hours in the salon chair (and $500 drained from my bank account), with hair that wouldn’t lift past a shade I can only call “clown orange.” Thankfully, my colorist was able to fix me up a few days later and I learned a valuable lesson.
a brunette to blonde hair transformation requires some prep, especially when you have naturally dark hair.

That was almost five years ago, and now that I’m a stable adult with patience (and a savings account), I’m ready to try again.
This time, though, I’m being very thorough about the pre-bleaching process — which includes everything from in-person consultations to strand tests to repairing treatments — in order to ensure the best possible outcome.
To help myself (and anyone else who may be toying with the idea of going lighter) navigate my way to the blonde hair of my dreams, I consulted three key industry colorists: Caitlin Richardson, Paris Jackson’s colorist and the owner of the blonding-only salon Blonde / Blond; Ricky Fraser, an editorial hair artist; and Ryan Sanger, a blonde specialist at Beverly Hills’ Bomane Salon.

Jessica L. Yarbrough

“Everyone’s hair exists on a scale from dark to light, with one being the darkest black and 10 being the palest blonde, with varying shades and tones within that spectrum,” Fraser tells The Zoe Report. He says transitioning from one to 10 is possible, but it’s not always easy.
“Considering which level you start at and where you want to end up can definitely determine the amount of time and money it will take to achieve the look you desire,” he says.

Ahead, colorists share everything you need to know about going blonde when you’re a natural brunette, including how many sessions to expect (hint: more than one) and how to keep your hair healthy while it’s in transition.

An In-Person Consultation Is A Must

One of my biggest mistakes all those years ago was not having an in-person consultation with my colorist. Instead, I texted her a photo of my hair before we met and she estimated how long it would take and how much it would cost — but once I sat in the chair and she saw just how thick and porous my hair was, those estimates went out the window. “It’s essential to have at least a 30 minute consultation with your colorist beforehand,” Sanger tells TZR. This way, the stylist can assess your hair and let you know if your desired shade is even possible.

Thig high boots outfit

Have Your Colorist Do A Strand TestWhen we talk about thigh-high boots, we can’t help but remember the famous Julia Roberts outfit from ‘Pretty Woman.’ Her outfit transformation deserves mention and all the glory.

Table Of Contents

How to Look Smart and Stylish in Thigh-High Boots

What Outfits Look Good Worn With Long Boots?

Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing Long Boots

How to Wear Knee-High Boots on a Night Out

How to Wear Knee High Boots With Dresses

How to Wear Over The Knee Boots to Work

Wearing Knee High Boots With Jeans

How to Wear Over The Knee Boots If You’re Short

3 Tips on Wearing Over The Knee Boots For Short Girls

However, that is also the moment where all girls considered over-the-knee boots as something provocative, trashy, and vulgar. Let’s talk about today’s boots, how they have high fashion support, makeover, how to wear thigh high boots, and how they have sneaked into ‘It’ girl’s closets.

Surprisingly, thigh-high boots are very versatile and wearable. They work perfectly with jeans, skirts, and dresses. Don’t hesitate to wear them with many every day, work, or elegant outfits. They play a double role – add coziness and make you stylish.

How to Look Smart and Stylish in Thigh-High Boots?

All that you need is a bit of confidence. Without it, even your favorite pair of boots can make you look dull.

Whether you are going out, on a date or you want to style your thigh-highs for the office, there are some tricks you should know if you want to look smart and stylish. We got them covered for you.

Keep Your Clothes Unflattering

This doesn’t necessarily mean something wrong. You need to keep your clothes loose – so not too tight and stretchy.

Thigh-high boots add a dose of sexiness to all your outfits so it would be a smart idea to avoid all bodycon dresses. Instead, try wearing something oversized, like a sweater or jumper to make a perfect balance.

Layer Them

By layering your boots with skinnies, leggings, or tights, you are making space for volumes on top.

How To Wear A Dress With Tights?

You can always play with layers and add a few of your favorite statement items.

PGo Monochromatic

Blending in your thigh-high boots will not only add a high-fashion vibe to your looks, but it will make you the most fashionable person at the moment. Wearing monochromatic looks is always good if you want to draw attention away from the boots itself and transfer it to your whole look.

Try Thigh-High Socks

Before even thinking about wearing over-the-knee boots, you can try yourself by wearing tights and long boots combo.

Short and Long Combinations

Long winter coats will be your best associate when it comes to combining them with thigh-high boots. You can work with short skirts, without letting too much skin to be seen. Also, this combination of items will keep you warm. Well, isn’t that the most important thing?

Go For Classic Materials

Forget about denim thigh-high boots that Rihanna was wearing. Instead of experimenting with different color and materials, opt for classic – black or grey leather or suede. Make sure those suede ones fit your legs like a glove.

What Outfits Look Good Worn With Long Boots?

Actually, quite many outfits look good with thigh-high boots. There are many ways you can incorporate these lovely boots into your everyday capsule wardrobe.

Whether you choose to style your thigh-high boots with a short skirt, midi dress or skinny jeans, you will look attractive and fashionable. However, we have to warn you about some things