Bronde Hair

What is Bronde Hair? Between blond and brown your heart swings. Fortunately, between the two, there is a shade called the bronde. Halfway between the brown colour and the brown colour, this is a good way to cut the apple in half. For those who can not choose between blonde and brown or simply dream of a more nuanced result, bronde is the ideal colour.

Bronde Hair

1. What is bronde?

Contraction of brunette and blond, the bronde colouring is a mix of these two colours with a kind of softer brown and more assertive blonde. Generally, browner at the roots and more blond at the tips, brown hair does not experience the effect of the visible root, to say the least unsightly.
A natural result that captures the light and offers multiple reflections to the hair.

1.1 Bronde: for whom?

The bronde being made of shades of brown and blond, it adapts to each hair colour and therefore to all skin tones. The rendering is unique each time and not as radical as strong colour.

1.2 How to maintain its bronde colour?

As with all colourings, we need to preserve the bronde with daily care (shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and once a week leave on oil or a mask for a few minutes to nourish them in depth.
The bronde does not require any particular maintenance at the hairdresser and even allows not to suffer the famous “root effect”. On the other hand, it can lose a little of its shine over time and then requires to make an appointment in a salon to restore all its shine.

Ash Bronde

2. Bronde, the fall hair trend

If our heart balances between blond and brown, there is a solution: bronde. Halfway between the two colours, it makes more than one crack.

A contraction of “brunette " and " blonde”, the bronde has been made popular by stars like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. It combines the sophistication of brown with the elegance, very soft, of blond. A subtle blend that gives a natural and contrasting result at the same time.
With the bronde, we fill up with light in our hair, like after a vacation at the sea. The objective is to imitate the golden reflections that the sun gives to our hair.

On the technical side, the roots are rather brown, while the lengths and ends tend to turn blond and lighten.

2.1 Is bronde right for me?

Bronde gives a sublime result on dark skin. But the advantage is that it adapts to all skin tones since it can be modulated as desired. The shades can indeed be personalized according to the colour of the skin and that of the hair. It allows brunettes to illuminate their hair with golden highlights while keeping a natural effect.

It’s also the perfect solution for flaunting a new colour without venturing into unfamiliar territory and for attempting a smooth transition to blonde or brown. Thanks to its pretty, light-filled shades, bronde also brings relief to fine hair.

2.2 Bronde, tie and dye, balayage … What are the technical differences?

The tie and dye, also called shaded hair, is a technique staining horizontally and the scan is performed only on the lengths. The roots are natural and rather dark. On the other hand, the ends are lighter than the rest of the hair. Conversely, bronde gives a much more natural result, all in nuances. The contrast between the roots and the tips is not as great, as the bronde combines two balayage techniques: horizontal and vertical.

The nuances are discreet, not too light, and go up high towards the roots. The objective is to blend the light strands into the mass. The sweep is done with more regular locks. It tends to give a more classic result. Bronde, therefore, allows you to think outside the box while guaranteeing a subtle and nuanced result.

Bronde Curls

3. Which shade should I choose for my bronde?

A subtle mixture between blond and brown, the bronde is chosen according to its complexion and its natural hair colour. To help you choose your shade, follow our guide.

Whether you are blonde or brunette, a bronde colouring is a solution to boost the shine of our hair.

But before taking the plunge, we must be sure to choose the one that is right for us.

3.1 Bronde, a colour full of nuances

There are as many shades of bronde as there are skin tones. This is to say if this mixture of brown and blond, skilfully dosed, requires great skill on the part of our colourist.

If the choice of highlights is important, you also need to know how to blend them into the hair. For example, we bring radiance to our face by lightening the strands that surround it.
Likewise, light shades on the lengths boost the dullest hair.

:small_orange_diamond:The blonde bronde

An ideal colouring if you dream of a result that is both luminous and natural.
We opt for honey or amber reflections, lighter than our natural colour. They blend into our hair to bring it as much light as possible and also give relief and depth to our golden mane.

:small_orange_diamond:The brunette bronde

For brunettes who value their natural colour, bronde is the ideal compromise. He avoids the radical change imposed by the transition to blond. And brings a boost that awakens our hair.
Bright golden blonde, ash or caramel highlights flatter the lengths. A very natural “sunkissed” effect that will enhance our complexion and our eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

:one: For what hair color?

Since it oscillates between brown and blonde, bronde can be achieved from any hair colour. Brown hair can thus be lightened and as if illuminated with locks in warm tones such as honey or gold which will bring softness to the whole, while blond hair will welcome darker locks which will give them depth. An ideal solution to hide the first white hair in brown or chestnut hair but also to gradually move towards a darker or lighter hair colour.

If the bronde will be particularly suitable for darker skin - we think for example of the magnificent Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez - it will highlight any skin tone, and your colourist will obviously work according to the colour of your skin and your eyes. to bring you to the bronde that suits you best.

:two: How to get it?

And precisely, how will your colourist be able to achieve this sought-after bronde shade? Unlike the balayage done from the half-lengths and the much more contrasted tie-and-dye, the bronde will be worked from the roots and vertically, with very fine strands for an ultra-luminous result. A gloss will then be applied in several layers to better assimilate the different shades between them: natural effect guaranteed!

A precision technique that it is rather recommended to leave in the hands of a specialist but the more seasoned among you can always try one of the homemade bronde colouring kits now available in store.

:three: For what type of hair?

Whatever your hair type, you can adopt bronde without hesitation. It will sublimate curly hair and will even bring depth to fine, slightly flat hair.

Side length, it will be necessary to count at least on a length squared: the bronde will indeed be much less interesting on short hair.

:four:How to maintain it?

Even if the result obtained dazzles with its naturalness, the fact remains that your hair has been well coloured:

:small_red_triangle: ou must therefore take particular care of it with targeted products that will nourish the hair fibre which has become porous.

:small_red_triangle:Masks and other oils will thus become your everyday allies! Also, don’t forget to use an anti-yellowing shampoo once a week to prevent the thinning strands from turning yellow.

:small_red_triangle: And make an appointment every 3 to 4 months with your colourist to give your hair a boost. If the bronde was obtained on coloured hair, you will need to return to it more regularly to rework the colour as it grows back.

:five: Is Bronde made for redheads?

Unfortunately, bronde is not made for redheads. But all is not lost: redheads can also put colour in their hair, as long as they choose the right one.
Bronze, with its warm reflections, is perfect. It is also the ideal colouring to warm up a complexion and bright eyes.


You thought they were the opposite in the hair colour spectrum and yet brown and blonde can just coexist with style. The proof with bronde, this ultra-trendy shade that never ceases to seduce us.
The word is perhaps not the most melodious but the result, we assure you, will live up to your hair expectations: the bronde makes us crack, season after season. This trendy colour, a subtle mix of brown at the root and blonde at the ends, will offer a more marked result than a caramel balayage for example and therefore more personality to your hair. Like a “sunburn” on your hair after a summer on the beach.

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