How To Trim Eyebrows?

How to trim eyebrows, is thought about topic by many women out there. Trimming the strands can be a simple solution for those with thick eyebrows or for those who want to model their shape. Removing unruly hair also helps to give your face a cleaner, more elegant look.

Method 1 - Trimming with scissors

:small_blue_diamond: Brush the strands up. Use a specific brush for eyebrows (it can be the eyelash mask too) to comb the hair up and trim the strands that pass the natural line.

:small_blue_diamond: Hold the brush to help. In addition to combing, you can also use the brush to hold the strands when cutting.

:small_blue_diamond: Use scissors. With nail scissors, or any other small, sharp one, remove excess hair. Cut the longest strands at the height of the natural thread first. If you want the shorter strands, gradually trim

:small_blue_diamond: Comb the strands at a 45-degree angle and trim. After cutting the longest hairs, use the brush to comb the hairs at a 45-degree angle and hold them with the help of the brush before trimming them again.

:small_blue_diamond: Comb the strands down. With the help of the brush, comb the hair down and cut the excess at the bottom of the eyebrows.

:small_blue_diamond: Repeat the entire process on the other eyebrow.

Method 2 - Using tweezers

:small_orange_diamond: Take a shower first. The warm bath helps to open the follicles, which makes it easier to pluck hairs with tweezers. In addition, it helps to reduce pain and irritation when removing.

:small_orange_diamond: Remove the hair between the eyebrows and under the arch. Removing excess hair in these areas makes all the difference when it comes to shaping the eyebrow. Observe if there is any wire out of place and remove with tweezers in a quick movement.

:small_orange_diamond: Use your fingers to stretch the skin when removing the hair with tweezers so that the pain is less.

:small_orange_diamond: Hair should be removed in the same direction in which it grows. Before you start pulling the strands, pay attention to their growth direction to remove them completely. Removing in the opposite direction can cause the hair to break and become stuck.

:small_orange_diamond: Avoid using a magnifying mirror. The purpose of the magnifying mirror is to see better. In contrast, the mirror creates the illusion of having more follicles than actually exist, and this can cause the undue removal of some hair.

:small_orange_diamond: When removing eyebrow hair, stop a few times and step back a little to see what a wider plane looks like. This will also help to prevent improper hair removal.

Method3 - Choosing the format

:black_small_square: Use the inside of the eye as a guide. To find out where the eyebrow starts, draw an imaginary straight line from the inside of the eye to the eyebrow. The strands outside this line, between one eyebrow and the other, must be removed.

:black_small_square: Choose a harmonious shape for your face. People are different, so eyebrows can’t be exactly the same. In addition, each shape harmonizes with a face type. Look at yours to find out which eyebrow shape suits you best.

  • For long or rectangular faces, flatter and straighter eyebrows will make your face look shorter.

  • Thick eyebrows look great on small or heart-shaped faces.

  • Thick eyebrows also have the power to create a certain balance in people with a square chin.

  • The more arched eyebrows soften the angle of the diamond-shaped faces.

:black_small_square: Use a colourless mask to comb your eyebrow in a single direction. Apply the mask to control the strands and leave the shape intact throughout the day.

:no_entry: Tip:
It is a good idea to take a hot shower before starting work. Hot water and steam open the pores, facilitate the removal of hair and fix the redness typical of hair removal.

Men eyebrow trimming

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Should men cut their eyebrows? The answer is yes, especially for those with very thick eyebrows. If you didn’t know, men’s eyebrows tend to be very long as they get older and need to know how to cut their eyebrows when they get so long.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: This will help them to look youthful. What are some of the important tips, secrets and tricks for cutting men’s eyebrows?

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: If you are in the cut of eyebrows for men, you need to ensure that you do not overdo it. Men can go as far as to shape them, but they should not overdo it, as they will have feminine looks instead. Imagine a man with bows that are sharp or curved and very thin. They would appear to be non-human.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: When cutting them, as a man, you must be very careful to avoid any mistakes. You cannot pay using eyebrow pencil to hide any mess you made while cutting your eyebrows.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: After cutting your eyebrows, you can use the forehead gel to keep them in place if they are unruly. This will help to domesticate them.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: There is nothing wrong with cutting eyebrows for men. However, great care must be taken as you cut them since you are a man, any mess will put you in danger. You can’t afford to wear eyebrow makeup every time to hide the mess you’ve created.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: For those who think it is unethical for men to cut their eyebrows, they should know that having long, untidy hair often turns off some people, especially women.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: As a word of advice to men who appear eyebrows, they must ensure that they know how to do it or go to the professional. If you cut them too much and shape them, just like women, you can be confused for ■■■ when you’re not.


:small_red_triangle_down: If you overdo it when trimming or removing hair, it may take a while for the hair to grow back completely. Gradually remove it to avoid more drastic mistakes.

:small_red_triangle_down: The first important tip is to avoid overdoing it. If you cut your eyebrows aggressively, they will also grow back aggressively. This, therefore, means that you should cut them gently and when necessary. There are people who have naturally beautiful eyebrows, which only require moulding for women, while for men, some need to do nothing.

:small_red_triangle_down: If you have curved eyebrows, you need to be very careful and ensure that you have cut off any of your long eyebrows. This will require you to continue to brush, comb and cut any hair that goes above the comb. If so, you need to cut them more than anyone else to avoid looking older.

:small_red_triangle_down: To be successful in brow-raising, make sure you know the type of brow you have. People who are soft and thin are unlikely to have a challenge when they want to cut those eyebrows, as they hardly grow much.

:small_red_triangle_down: However, if you have few hairs on your eyebrows, you will find it a bit heavy to cut, since if they are made too short, they will become prickly.

8 tips to prevent any mistakes during eyebrow trimming

1. Before you start to make your eyebrow, wash your face with soap and water.

2. Choose a well-lit spot in the house and take a large mirror that allows you to see the whole face.

3. If you feel a lot of pain when removing hair, it is worth using topical anaesthetics - such as creams based on lidocaine or xylocaine - about twenty minutes before. Remove the product with water just before going to the forceps phase.

4. Keep in mind that there are three points that help to mark the limits of the eyebrows. Use an eye pencil to enclose them. First, to find the ideal distance between them, support the pencil on the tip of the nose towards the foot of the eyebrow and take a risk. When determining the highest part, place the pencil diagonally, resting on the tip of the nose passing the side outside the iris. In the case of length, the pencil is diagonal across the nose flap towards the outer corner of the eyes.

5. Buy tweezers that actually pull the wires, otherwise, they break and jam. Test it on your arm hair. The designer Fátima recommends stainless steel with a hexagonal shape, a good choice for those who do not have much skill. Remove the hair in the direction of growth.

6. Respect the natural shape of your eyebrow. Fine-tuning it or forcing a different design may not harmonize with your face. Start to remove the wires from the outside to the inside, eliminating those that are beyond the natural design, without committing excesses.

7. The tip for trimming is to comb the strands with a brush and cut only the ends of the longest ones, which are outside the design. If you are afraid of getting flawed, just comb the strands with clear mascara.

8. If you make a mistake and remove more hair from one eyebrow than the other, don’t even think about removing more of the one that is bigger to bring the drawings closer together. The right thing is to have patience and let the hair grow again. Seek the help of a professional to make them the same again.

eyebrow trimming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

:bulb: 1. Why should you trim your eyebrows?

Having unruly and unruly eyebrows can make you look careless. If you are a man or a woman, you need to cut eyebrows from time to time, especially for people who have a thick, large and very thick eyebrow.

:bulb: 2. How often do I need to make my eyebrows?

The ideal time for maintenance is between 20 and 30 days, but each person has a growth rate. Usually, in this period the hair is exactly in the best phase to be removed, neither too small nor too large.

:bulb: 3. What is the most natural way to fill in eyebrow gaps?

Most recommended is a procedure called microblading, which is a technique where we perform the filling by drawing wire by wire according to the client’s growth and leaving a completely natural aspect, the technique lasts from six to 18 months.

:bulb: 4. What is the difference between making the eyebrow with tweezers, line or razor?

While the tweezers and the line remove the hair from the root, making it take longer for it to grow back, the razor just cuts the hair. Because of this, the growth continues from where it was interrupted, making it appear again in two days out of design. Find out which is the best alternative for you in this matter.

:bulb: 5. How do I know that the shape of my eyebrow is in harmony with the rest of my face?

It is enough to respect the three main rules: length of the eyebrow, its beginning and observe if it is not with a “droopy” aspect.


Trimming your eyebrows, making them look beautiful and outlined, is painful, but indispensable for some women. But when there is no time or money to spend in the salon and ask for professional help, the way is to appeal to the tweezers and remove some hair at home. Taking care of the above-mentioned blunders and following the guidelines properly would help save your money and time as you can efficiently trim your eyebrows at home.

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