Definition of Carelessness:

  1. Failure to give sufficient attention to avoiding harm or errors; negligence.

  2. Condition, fact, or instance of doing what ought not to be done or not doing what ought to be done, resulting from incaution. It may also suggest poor performance from inattention or sloppiness, or from indifference, laziness, or preoccupation.

Synonyms of Carelessness

Abandon, Absentmindedness, Accidia, Acedia, Aloofness, Apathy, Ataraxia, Ataraxy, Blowziness, Blunderheadedness, Blundering, Boggling, Boredom, Botchery, Botching, Bungling, Caprice, Careless abandon, Casualness, Chintziness, Cursoriness, Desperateness, Detachment, Devil-may-careness, Disinterest, Disinterestedness, Dispassion, Disregard, Disregardfulness, Distraction, Dowdiness, Easiness, Easygoingness, Flightiness, Flippancy, Forgetfulness, Frivolousness, Frowziness, Frumpishness, Fumbling, Furiousness, Giddiness, Grubbiness, Haste, Hastiness, Heedlessness, Hotheadedness, Hurriedness, Impassiveness, Impassivity, Impetuosity, Impetuousness, Impotence, Imprecision, Inadvertence, Inadvertency, Inattention, Inattentiveness, Inconsiderateness, Inconsideration, Incuriosity, Incuriousness, Indifference, Indifferentism, Indifferentness, Indiscrimination, Inexcitability, Inobservance, Insouciance, Intellectual inertia, Lack of affect, Lack of foresight, Lack of interest, Lackadaisicalness, Laxity, Laxness, Laziness, Leniency, Levity, Lightmindedness, Listlessness, Looseness, Loosening, Messiness, Mindlessness, Muffing, Negligence, Nonchalance, Nonobservance, Oblivion, Obliviousness, Offhandedness, Overeagerness, Overenthusiasm, Overindulgence, Overpermissiveness, Overzealousness, Perfunctoriness, Permissiveness, Pococurantism, Precipitance, Precipitancy, Precipitateness, Precipitation, Precipitousness, Recklessness, Regardlessness, Relaxation, Relaxedness, Remissness, Seediness, Shabbiness, Shallowness, Shoddiness, Slackness, Slatternliness, Slipshodness, Sloppiness, Sloth, Slovenliness, Slovenry, Sluttishness, Softness, Sordidness, Sprezzatura, Squalidness, Squalor, Stolidity, Superficiality, Tackiness, Tactlessness, Tawdriness, Thoughtlessness, Too many cooks, Unalertness, Unanxiousness, Unawareness, Unconcern, Unconsciousness, Unheedfulness, Uninquisitiveness, Unintentiveness, Uninterestedness, Unmindfulness, Unneatness, Unobservance, Unpreparedness, Unreadiness, Unrestraint, Unsolicitousness, Unsolicitude, Unthinkingness, Unthoughtfulness, Untidiness, Unwariness, Unwatchfulness, Wantonness, Weakness, Wildness, Withdrawal, Inattention, Inattentiveness, Heedlessness, Thoughtlessness, Negligence, Improvidence, Remissness

How to use Carelessness in a sentence?

  1. Most road accidents are caused by carelessness on the part of motorists.

Meaning of Carelessness & Carelessness Definition