Soap brows


You’ve spot the utterance of “soap brows” all over Instagram beauty posts from bloggers, all makeup tutorials, Facebook influencers and beauty professionals but here is a question arise– what does soap brows actually mean?

Actually, you interpret that right- you can replace your mascara and brow gel with a simple bar of soap!

Isn’t it amazing!!

In fact, it’s fantastic… Soap Brows actually indicates to a specific eyebrow grooming process. It’s exactly the same what it actually sounds like: replacing the brow gel with an ordinary soap bar. Its sounds demented but almost all famous makeup artist prefer bar soap to groom their eyebrows due to its high hold on hair, affordability and simplicity. Almost all artist try this technique to make their brows shape according to their liking.


Soap Brows are somewhat similar to the laminated brows, which are bushy brows with brow hairs that are noticeably lifted.

Soap Brows can be easily achieved by applying a soap paste to the bow hair via a spoolie as a sort of pomade, in place of a brow gel or mascara.

With the right affordable and simple soap, it leaves an impressive effect that can last all day. It can give your face a new look as well as its mesmerizing affect can give you a wonderful results.


The result of grooming your brows with soap brows technique is somewhat similar to brushed up eyebrow that leaves the impact with full, fluffy brows that look untainted groomed.

Especially, those candidates who have fluffy brows get the most amazing result.
Also, those who have not so bushy brows can also get the amazing result.


Anyone can go for this soap brows technique just to groom their bows hairs. This technique is usually for those candidate who naturally have short but bushy brow. It is also great for those who regularly groom their brows. Those with thin brows can still get the same look with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

As I mentioned those candidates above, on the basis of their bows characters. Now, soap brows are actually better for those with wider set of eyes. As this technique makes your eyebrows bushy and fluffy

Summary: Soap Brows are not only loved just for their end result and mesmerizing affect but also for their high holding capacity, affordability and simplicity. Anyone can get their brows style as they want.


Before you jump into trying soap brows for yourself, there are a few things you should be aware of.

:sweat_drops: The type of soap you choose for this technique:

Sitting in front of your make mirror and grooming your brows, this technique might left you with an unending impact but keeping that in mind that you are using a soap on your eyebrows. Before using this technique, it’s important to try a soap that’s safe to use on your face to avoid irritation and further allergies. It’s best to use a soap that have glycerin in it and try to use a transparent soap, which might won’t cause irritation. It’s best to use soap on the small area of your hand before applying it directly on your brow hairs.

:sweat_drops: Be careful when you are applying it:

Before using this technique on your brows, make sure your face will be cleaned, having no product on your face whether it’s a foundation or a moisturizer or any other cosmetic products. If you are applying this technique having some chemicals on your face, it might leave some worst impact on your face, causing your face with some patches, redness or irritation. No one wants this bad impact on their face, So be sure of this facts before using this soap brows technique.


Exactly, the soap you choose for this soap bar technique matters the most. Don’t choose soap colorful or white as it will transfer its cast on the brow hairs. Don’t use the soap that gives the tight or dry impact on your skin as it makes your brows not so attractive that it would have to be. Soap Brows can be really drying by using some regular soap.

In place of all these colorful and white soap, try to choose the clear soap like a bar of glycerin soap. You can also choose a bar of soap for this technique that may have Aloe Vera, argan oil or vitamin E as these products won’t affect your eye brows.


It’s a big NO. Because soap is made to come in contact with your skin. In fact, leaving it all day could cause some irritation or redness, especially when you have a super sensitive skin. It’s best to use that kind of soap that have natural products in it as I mentioned above. Try something that have Aloe Vera in contrast with other products like Argan Oil or Vitamin E as these natural products have a great impact on your skin.

It’s best to use a patch test on your skin before applying it on your brows to make sure you don’t have any allergic reaction. As it’s a famous saying that always use any new product on the small area of your hand before applying it on your face or any other area.

Soap like traditional soaps may get hella irritating just hanging out on your skin. Traditional soaps have an alkaline pH, they can cause skin allergies, irritation and redness, especially when you have a sensitive skin. Don’t use traditional soaps on your brows.


Before trying this super cool technique on your brows, make sure that your brows must be clean and have no chemical on it whether it’s a makeup or anything else. Here’s a few steps on how to achieve the look just by using this soap brows technique:

Step 1: Fill in your brows:

This step is optional as it depends on your brows. If you have thin or sparse eyebrows, then this step is ultimately for you. Grab an eyebrow pencil and make a light feathered strokes throughout an area that needs to be filled. Filling in your eyebrows with your most favorite brow product can help your brows look more defined and mesmerizing. When you are fully satisfied with the fullness of that particular area, then move on to the next step. If you don’t get the satisfied result, then repeat this process by cleaning your brows with makeup remover.

Step 2: Spray your spoolie brush with a facial mist or a moisturizing spray

This step is necessary to dampen the bristles. You have to wet the surface of the soap that you choose for this technique. You can do this by taking small quantity of water or a facial mist or a moisturizing spray. Once you get high consistency, run your spoolie brush along the damp bar of soap. Make sure your spoolie is fully coated with soap but not overflowing with it.

Step 3: Brush your spoolie through the brows hairs

Now, you get your soap on your brow brush. It’s time to create the appearance of fluffy eyebrows by shaping your brows in the same way that you want to set them and get an attractive appearance. Use your spoolie to brush up your eyebrows then backcomb them back down again. Repeat this process until you get satisfied with the result. It does not get dry so quickly, so you have time to work on it until you get an arch you like.

NOTE: Be careful when applying other beauty products near to the eyebrows. As eye makeup and other complexion products near to the eyebrows is not good for your skin. It can cause redness, irritation and skin allergies.

Summary: Keeping all this points in mind, I would say this technique is usually for those candidates who wants to reshape their brows in a new manner. Using soap Brows is a great option for this process. You may get the best result but be careful as this technique have some drawbacks too.


Before grabbing the spoolie and trying this technique on your brows, make sure you’re well-aware of the following:

:sweat_drops: Don’t apply too much force on your eyebrows:

Don’t apply too much pressure on your brow hairs because if you have thin or fine brows, you may pull out the brow hair by applying too much pressure. Always use a water or a facial mist on your spoolie to get a better damp of soap. Make sure you are getting defined consistency on it. Don’s tale so much soap as it will overflow. Consider your brow hairs delicate as you do with your skin. No one wants the worst result of any skin or hair treatment.

:sweat_drops: Use brow pencil before the soap:

Filling your eyebrows with your favorite brow hair product, will give it an amazing impact. No one wants any sparse area in their brows. Use Brow pencil or a powder after laying your brows with a damp of soap.
The perfect method is to comb your brow hairs lightly with a spoolie first, fill the sparse area with any brow hair products and blend it to your liking, then do your soap brows very lightly until you get the result you want.

NOTE: Don’t overdo it!!! If you feel that your brows are becoming dry and is not the same as it was before using this technique, then stop using this technique for your brow hairs.


Soap is a genius alternative to style your brows as your liking instead of using other methods. Actually, soap contains a fat called glycerin that keep your hairs in a place by coating its surface. So a soap that contain glycerin can work like a charm by shaping your brows and setting them all day long.

This method is worth as it gives your brows a mesmerizing effect and it is not that costly. Everyone can afford that.

SUMMARY: Soap brow technique actually refers to the use of soap instead of brow gel or mascara, to shape and style their brow hairs. Always use soap that are colorless or transparent, and have glycerin in combination with other natural products like argan oil or vitamin E. Don’t put too much pressure on your brow hair during this soap bar technique, otherwise you may pull out your brow hairs.

If you have a sensitive skin or have any allergic reaction to the soap, I suggest you not to use this soap bar technique. If you are facing irritation or get redness after using this technique, I suggest you to please consult dermatologist as soon as possible. As skin without redness or allergy, matters the most. No one wants their skin to get hurt or injured just because of any technique.


:sweat_drops: Is soap bad for your eyebrows?

It could get dry or rough, if the soap on the spoolie is too thick. By applying too much pressure on your brow hairs during this soap brows technique could pull your brow hairs. Brow hair takes two weeks to grow back. By using soap with other cosmetic products can leave patches, can cause redness or irritation. If you do so, please consult dermatologist as it can be severe.

:sweat_drops: What kind of soap do you use for this soap bar technique?

Don’t use soap that are colorful or white, as it can leave its residue behind. Always use the soap that are colorless. It’s better to use soap that have glycerin in it. You can also use that specific soap that have glycerin in combination with other natural ingredients like argan oil or Vitamin E. As argan oil and vitamin E have a great impact on your skin or your brows. Don’t use traditional soaps as they are harmful to your brows.

:sweat_drops: Is soap brows just soap?

Soap Brows actually refers to a specific eyebrows grooming method. It’s exactly the same as it sounds like: using a simple bar of soap instead of brow gel or mascara.
Actually, soap contains a substance known as glycerin that sets your brow hair in their place.

:sweat_drops: Can I use Dove soap for soap brows?

As I mentioned above, using a colorful or a white bar of soap for this technique is not a good idea. Colorful or white bar of soap can leave its residue behind. I suggest not to use Dove soap for this soap bar technique as Dove soap is of white color and it can leave it’s white residue behind.

:sweat_drops: What is the soap bar trend?

Many famous artists as well as beauty influencers, Instagram influencers and famous makeup artists are going crazy on this soap bar technique. This trend is actually about grooming your brow hair in any style you want. You only want a spoolie and a simple bar of soap for this technique. It is affordable and give an amazing result.

:sweat_drops: Can you use Vaseline for soap brows?

I never heard that using Vaseline on your brows can help them to grow, in fact using Vaseline on your brows is no harm at all. The mineral oil present in the Vaseline helps your brows to stay soft and shiny.

:sweat_drops: Do Soap brows last all day?

Actually, soap brows is a technique in which you use soap in place of brow gel or mascara. As I mentioned above, soap contains a fat known as glycerin that have the ability to keep your brows at its place for a long time. So keeping all this in my mind, soap brows is a very good technique of keeping your brows style last for all day.

:sweat_drops: How do you cover eyebrows with soap?

You can just use a brow brush or a spoolie for this technique. Don’t take too much soap as it overflows.

:sweat_drops: Can I use this soap bar technique to style my brows in any manner?

It’s a big YES. This technique is usually for those candidate who wants to style their brow hair in any manner that they want.

:sweat_drops: Can this eyebrow technique has some drawbacks?

There are few drawbacks of this soap bar technique. Using a soap in combination with other beauty products whether it’s a foundation or a mascara, can cause severe allergic reaction or redness or can cause irritation. So I suggest everyone to read expert tips and warning before trying this soap bar techniques.

If you have any severe allergy with the soap, I suggest you not to use this soap bar technique. Instead of this technique, you can use brow pencil to shape your brow hairs.

:white_check_mark: CONCLUSION

Using soap brows technique is your own decision that should be a personal decision. I am using this technique for a long time and I have to say that I have a good experience.
Try to use this technique after reading all tips and warning. And after using this soap bar technique, you will get an amazing effect on your brows.

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