Definition of Foundation:

  1. Part of a building or structure that transmits structural loads to the earth and supports the superstructure.

  2. The action of establishing an institution or organization on a permanent basis, especially with an endowment.

  3. The lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level.

  4. Organization established from donated funds, for the purpose of donating funds (grants) to others.

  5. An underlying basis or principle.

Synonyms of Foundation

Footing, Foot, Base, Substructure, Understructure, Underpinning, Basis, Starting point, Base, Point of departure, Beginning, Premise, A, A priori principle, Affirmation, Alpha, Anchorage, Appanage, Apriorism, Arrangement, Assertion, Assumed position, Assumption, Axiom, Basal, Base, Baseboard, Basement, Basic, Basic training, Basis, Bearing wall, Bed, Bedding, Bedrock, Beginning, Blast-off, Bottom, Briefing, Call, Categorical proposition, Cause, Cellar, Chassis, Clearing the decks, Clown white, Cold cream, Colonization, Commencement, Compact, Constitution, Cosmetics, Creation, Cutting edge, Dado, Data, Dawn, Dot, Dower, Dowry, Drugstore complexion, Edge, Effectuation, Endowment, Equipment, Establishment, Eye shadow, Eyebrow pencil, Familiarization, First principles, Fixation, Fixing, Floor, Flooring, Flying start, Fond, Foot, Footing, Formation, Foundation cream, Foundational, Founding, Frame, Fresh start, Fundament, Fundamental, Good reason, Greasepaint, Ground, Grounds, Groundwork, Hand cream, Hand lotion, Hardpan, Hypothesis, Hypothesis ad hoc, Inauguration, Inception, Infrastructure, Initiation, Installation, Installment, Institute, Instituting, Institution, Investiture, Investment, Jointure, Jump-off, Keel, Kick-off, Leading edge, Legal jointure, Lemma, Lip rouge, Lipstick, Lodgment, Major premise, Makeready, Makeup, Making ready, Manufacture, Marriage portion, Mascara, Material basis, Materialization, Minor premise, Mobilization, Mooring, Mopboard, Mudpack, Nadir, Nail polish, New departure, Oncoming, Onset, Opening, Organization, Organizing, Origin, Origination, Outbreak, Outset, Paint, Pavement, Peopling, Philosopheme, Philosophical proposition, Pillar, Planning, Plantation, Population, Portion, Position, Postulate, Postulation, Postulatum, Powder, Powder puff, Prearrangement, Preliminaries, Preliminary, Preliminary act, Preliminary step, Premise, Prep, Preparation, Preparatory study, Preparing, Prepping, Prerequisite, Presupposition, Pretreatment, Primary, Principle, Processing, Propaedeutic, Proposition, Propositional function, Provision, Puff, Purpose, Radical, Raison detre, Rationale, Readying, Realization, Reason, Rest, Right, Riprap, Rock, Rock bottom, Rouge, Rudiment, Running start, Seat, Send-off, Setting in motion, Setting-up, Settlement, Settling, Shoemold, Sill, Sole, Solid ground, Solid rock, Spadework, Square one, Start, Start-off, Starting point, Statement, Stereobate, Stylobate, Substance, Substratum, Substruction, Substructure, Sumption, Supposal, Take-off, Talcum, Talcum powder, Terra firma, Theorem, Thesis, Thirds, Toe, Tower, Training, Treatment, Trial, Truth table, Truth-function, Truth-value, Tryout, Underbuilding, Undercarriage, Undergirding, Underlying, Underpinning, Understruction, Understructure, Vanishing cream, Vanity case, Wainscot, War paint, Warm-up, Warrant, Founding, Establishing, Setting up, Starting, Initiation, Institution, Forming, Creation, Launch, Flotation, Origination, Development, Inauguration, Constitution, Endowment

How to use Foundation in a sentence?

  1. The foundation goes out and helps out many needy children in need across the nation, as well as their families.
  2. This idea is the foundation of all modern economics.
  3. The foundation was devoted to helping children, especially orphans, and received many donations, especially from women aged 20-30 and from men aged 30-40.
  4. Larry was given a special Comhaltas award last year for his extraordinary service to the organisation since its foundation in 1951.
  5. Build the arch resting on top of this solid foundation.
  6. A typical building such as a house uses a foundation that has been constructed with concrete blocks, poured concrete, bricks, stone, metal or pressure-treated wood.

Meaning of Foundation & Foundation Definition

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What is The Definition of Foundation?

Definition of Foundation: For the preliminary examination of witnesses to be admissible evidence, d. H. To justify acceptance

Meanings of Foundation

  1. The lightest part of the building, usually below ground level.

  2. Basic basis or principle.

  3. The process of permanently establishing an institution or organization, especially with a foundation.

Sentences of Foundation

  1. Build an arch on this solid foundation.

  2. This idea is the basis of every modern economy.

  3. Since its inception in 1951, Larry has received the Special Kamlatas Award last year for outstanding service to the organization.


Foundation Definition:

  • Foundation means: Preliminary examination of witnesses to determine the acceptability of evidence, d. H. Justifying acceptance.

Meanings of Foundation

  1. The foundation or principle on which it is based.

  2. Establishment of an institution or institution

Sentences of Foundation

  1. Dig the foundation for the apartment building.

  2. Establishment of civil service schools

Synonyms of Foundation

kernel, main ingredient, principal constituent, thrust, heart, fundamental point/principle, cornerstone, rudiments, core, nub, essence, fundamentals