Definition of Scalp:

  1. The skin covering the head, excluding the face.

  2. Take the scalp of (an enemy) as a battle trophy.

  3. A bare rock projecting above surrounding water or vegetation.

  4. A trading style that attempts to accumulate large profits by making a series of small profit-trades, typically capturing only a few cents of profit with each transaction. See Daytrader; In-and-Out Trader.

  5. Resell (shares or tickets) at a large or quick profit.

Synonyms of Scalp

Bark, Be caught short, Be short, Belong, Bucket, Bucketshop, Decorticate, Deposit margin, Excoriate, Flay, Go long, Hold on, Make a killing, Make a scoop, Margin up, Miss the market, Operate, Overstay the market, Pare, Peel, Play the market, Plunge, Pyramid, Scoop the market, Skin, Speculate, Stag, Stag the market, Strip, Take a flier, Trade on margin, Venture

Meaning of Scalp & Scalp Definition

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