Definition of Represent:

  1. Constitute; amount to.

  2. Depict (a particular subject) in a picture or other work of art.

  3. Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), especially in an official capacity.

  4. Acting as a representative for another entity. For example, corporate lawyers or attorneys represent companies in lieu of specific persons. He sent one of his assistants to represent him, as he was unable to attend the meeting himself..

  5. State or point out (something) clearly.

  6. Symbolically portraying or depicting a thought, idea or object. For example, the olive branch has traditionally represented peace in Western culture.

Synonyms of Represent

Constitute, Be, Amount to, Mean, Be regarded as, Be elected by, Be the councillor for, Be the MP for, Have the vote of, Point out, State, Indicate, Present, Set forth, Put forward, Depict, Portray, Render, Picture, Delineate, Show, Illustrate, Characterize, Paint, Draw, Sketch, Act a part, Act between, Act for, Act out, Affect, Answer for, Appear for, Arbitrate, Assert, Back up, Bargain, Betoken, Body forth, Brandish, Breathe, Bring forth, Bring forward, Bring into view, Bring out, Bring to life, Bring to notice, Call to mind, Call up, Catch a likeness, Change places with, Character, Characterize, Chart, Commission, Conjure up, Copy, Create a role, Crowd out, Cut out, Dangle, Define, Delineate, Demonstrate, Denote, Depict, Deputize, Describe, Develop, Diagram, Disclose, Displace, Display, Divulge, Double for, Draft, Dramatize, Draw, Emblematize, Embody, Enact, Envisage, Envision, Epitomize, Evidence, Evince, Evoke, Exemplify, Exhibit, Expose to view, Express, Fill in for, Flaunt, Flourish, Front for, Ghost, Ghostwrite, Give sign, Give token, Give words to, Go between, Highlight, Hint, Hit off, Illuminate, Illustrate, Image, Imitate, Impersonate, Incarnate, Indicate, Intercede, Intermediate, Interpose, Interpret, Intervene, Judge, Just see, Limn, Make clear, Make plain, Make terms, Manifest, Map, Masquerade as, Materialize, Mean, Mediate, Meet halfway, Mimic, Mirror, Moderate, Narrate, Negotiate, Notate, Note, Objectify, Outline, Paint, Parade, Perform, Personalize, Personate, Personify, Picture, Picturize, Pinch-hit, Pinch-hit for, Play a part, Play a role, Play opposite, Portray, Pose as, Present, Pretend, Pretend to be, Print, Produce, Put forth, Realize, Referee, Reflect, Register, Relate, Relieve, Render, Replace, Report, Reproduce, Reveal, Roll out, Rub, Schematize, See, Set forth, Show, Show forth, Signify, Sketch, Speak for, Spell, Spell off, Spotlight, Stand for, Stand in for, State, Step in, Subrogate, Substitute, Substitute for, Succeed, Suggest, Summon up, Supersede, Supplant, Support, Sustain a part, Swap places with, Symbolize, Take a part, Take a rubbing, Token, Trace, Trace out, Trace over, Treat with, Trot out, Typify, Umpire, Understudy, Understudy for, Unfold, Vision, Visualize, Wave, Write

How to use Represent in a sentence?

  1. Santos are small wooden figures representing saints.
  2. For purposes of litigation, an infant can and must be represented by an adult.
  3. This figure represents eleven percent of the companys total sales.

Meaning of Represent & Represent Definition

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What Does REPRESENT Mean?

An authorized representative of the insurance company should represent the company.

Meanings of REPRESENT

  1. Authorized or appointed by someone to act or speak, especially in a government capacity.

  2. Take something back

  3. Representation in a painting or other work of art (of a particular subject).

  4. Explain or show clearly (something).

Sentences of REPRESENT

  1. A boy can and should represent a child in a conflict.

  2. This is equivalent to 11% of the company's total sales

  3. The saints are small wooden figures who represent the saints.

Synonyms of REPRESENT

express , embody , sell for , steward , imitate , act as , act in place of , exhibit , appear as , betoken , reproduce , produce , emblematize , impersonate , be proxy for , exemplify , equate , play the part , typify , copy , stage , personify , put on , mean , do business for



Meaning of REPRESENT: Agent W has the authority to act and represent insurance companies on behalf of the state.

Meanings of REPRESENT

  1. Empowered or appointed to act or speak on behalf of (a person), including official capacity.

  2. Make a set a.

  3. Represent (a specific subject) in a work of art.

  4. Show or show clearly

Sentences of REPRESENT

  1. Adults can and do represent children in legal proceedings.

  2. Sunnahs are small wooden numbers that represent saints.

  3. They told her she was an inappropriate wife.

Synonyms of REPRESENT

be the councillor/MP for, be the representative of, act/speak on behalf of, be spokesperson for


What is The Meaning of REPRESENT?

  • REPRESENT can be defined as, Agent W has the authority to act and represent the insurer on behalf of the state.

Meanings of REPRESENT

  1. Authorized or appointed by (a person) to act or speak, including in an official capacity.

  2. Represent (a specific article) in a work of art.

Sentences of REPRESENT

  1. In litigation, a child can and must be represented by an adult.

  2. Saints are small wooden figures that represent saints.

  3. He told her that she was an inappropriate wife.