Definition of Line:

  1. Target the line reader.

  2. Mark or cover with a line.

  3. Long, narrow mark or band.

  4. Standing or standing from time to time.

  5. Management: View line and personnel management.

  6. Communication: A complete two-wire circuit (collectively known as a loop) connects a customer's phone (buyer) to the telephone company's switching table.

  7. A domain or industry.

  8. Too many people or things.

  9. Horizontal line of written or printed word

  10. A series of continuous fieldwork or military defenses against enemy forces.

  11. A piece of rope, rope, wire or other material that serves a purpose.

Synonyms of Line

Role, Gradation, Starting line, Sublineation, Speciality, Plumb, Kidney, Bearing, Consistency, Ligament, Slant, Front line, Con, Ready, Hedge, Hairline, Offspring, Uncover, Term, Mark, Octave, Story, Lineation, Seat of war, Fill, Indian file, Tattoo, Line of battle, Scratch, Scout, Dig up, Sort, Degree, Structure, Class, Stream, Telegraph cable, Battleground, Wad, Orbit, Sign up, Main current, Lead, Chalk, Approach, Befringe, Tramline, Syllable, Formation, Rough out, Hem, Coming after, Racket, Groove, In agreement, Strictness, Phylum, Puncture, Airhead, Slash, Clan, Pack, Consanguinity, Measure, Azimuth, Check off, Calling, Landing beach, Beat, Division line, Set up, Blemish, Stuff, Line of descent, Balance, Work, Solo, Consumer goods, Ceiling, Alto, Distribute, Low-water mark, Get in line, Organize, Condensation trail, Feather, Activity, Air, Stipple, House, Crinkle, Face, Type, Gem-engraving, Descant, March, Path, Birth, Principles, Technique, Theater, Promenade, Shambles, Methodology, Pepper, Underground, Get hold of, Set out, Planned economy, Cog railway, Species, Chiseling, Variety, Elevated, Affiliation, Plot, Freckle, Family, Stigmatize, Description, Laissez-faire, Belt, Action, Merchant fleet, Walk, Way, Mode of operation, Falling action, Articulation, Position, Character, Railhead, Outguard, Theater of war, In accord, Breakoff point, Dash, Noninterference, Main interest, Line of demarcation, Private line, Be a printmaker, Thread, Accordance, Up for, Aligned, WATS, Arrangement, Scoring, Technicality, Railroad, Finish, Notch, Mystery, Route, Fashion, Check, Periodicity, Under control, Monotone, Tram, Telegraph line, Delimitation, Underscoring, Contrivance, Complication, Stem, Ceil, Pucker, System, Punch, Continuo, Verse, Purfle, Start, Deme, Trend, Formulate, Limiting factor, Shortcut, Collocate, Edging, Break boundary, The main course, Vanguard, Posterity, Lithograph, Zeitgeist, Ground bass, Rescript, Harmony, Calling, Incident, Hexastich, Hawser, Business, Favor, Specialty, In step, Tristich, Queue, Corrugate, Strophe, Plan of action, Perspective, Accommodation, Steerage, Trail, Direct line, Background, Limen, Pioneer, Outpost, Basso ostinato, Guise, Circuit, Consequence, Fleck, Apparentation, Sequel, Make, Subplot, Rhyme royal, True, Verge, Consecution, Folk, Make a mark, Place, Governmentalism, Job, Chaining, Rough in, Terza rima, Make prints, Distaff side, Laissez-faireism, Form a line, Merchandise, Job lot, Suffixation, Line of work, Card, Determinant, Brail, Matriclan, Heptastich, Common ancestry, Reconcilement, Compliance, Speckle, Activity, Cross-hatching, Bottoms, Limitation, Walk of life, Swing, Underscore, Answer, Bind, Scarify, Conformance, The like of, Impress, Interface, Contour, Quatrain, Conventionality, Localism, Spindle side, Public policy, Chit, Yarn, Define, Front rank, Following, Algorithm, Riddle, Platform, Marshal, Range, Secure, Solidus, End, In harmony, Load, Sectionalism, Genus, Adaptation, Trim, Column, Heritage, Marge, Breed, Direction line, Demitint, Tier, Rail line, Crinkle, Steering, Spoor, In a row, Roadbed, Compass, Put in place, Catalog goods, Argosy, Braid, Thread, Advance guard, Nation, Light railroad, Congruity, Script, Separatrix, Means, Game, Staples, Mode of procedure, Tailback, Rack-and-pinion railway, Primrose path, Scent, Interline, Octastich, Occupation, Postcard, Adjoin, Chisel, Cantus, Rule, Upper limit, Extraction, Block in, Set, Scrape, Branch, Trace, Delineation, Front line, Zone of communications, Proceeding, Helmsmanship, Speech, Epode, Label, Combat area, Melodia, Merchant navy, Turnout, Reply, Prepare, Single file, Pet subject, Design, Draftsmanship, Treatment, Hatching, Inscript, Cover with lines, Seal, Mythos, Adjustment, Economic self-sufficiency, Electric railway, Stave, Prolongation, Logical sequence, Motion, Job, Catenation, Striation, Sales pitch, Plain song, Sequence, Progression, Denouement, Cavalcade, Vapor trail, The likes of, Profile, ■■■■■■■, Main line, ■■■■■■ line, Fringe, Goods, Field, Undersong, Cortege, Filiation, Tooling, Glyptic, Ledger line, Chalk up, Style, Spiel, Rank, Mark off, Heir, Silhouette, Octet, Autolithograph, Sidetrack, Assemble, Cup of tea, Note, Feeder line, Chain, Railway, Allot, Posteriority, Rope, Margin, Round, Mete, Extension, Bar, Siding, Stanza, Delineate, Tribe, Grave, Mark with lines, Rope, Line of business, Monorail, Connection, Endless belt, Enemy line, Dispatch, Strip, Cantus planus, Party principle, Lie, Lay, Inlay, Borderline, Series, Tack, Acknowledgment, Consecutiveness, Bar, Pack train, Engage, Tenor, Imprint, Price supports, Day job, Triplet, Border, Elevated railway, Career, Point, Message, Mail-order goods, Lineage, Communication, Subway, Twine, Communicate, Punctuate, Demarcation, Direction, Splotch, Glacial movement, The how, Oblique, Line up, Drift, Occupation, Orientation, Lower limit, Kin, Lined up, Wainscot, Ilk, Traces, Procedure, Ready for, Wake, Tonnage, Sextet, Field of battle, Combat zone, Ships, Pendulum, Attack, Echelon, Lining, Routine, Burr, Terminus, Form, Rally, Designation, Cover, Walk of life, ■■■■, Slashing, Craft, Forefront, Lines, Formation, Values, Contralto, Stock-in-trade, Train, Mark out, Switchback, Time spirit, Line of work, Score, Battlefield, Adaption, Free enterprise, Skirt, In line, Nonintervention, Specialization, Polity, Number, Metier, Row, Rack railway, Crease, Bent, Sword side, Recurrence, Bimetallism, Ancestry, Skimmington, Goods for sale, Subjunction, Episode, Battle line, The drill, Pump-priming, Border line, Brood, Air lane, Bound, Development, Pursuit, Ottava rima, Virgule, Heading, Rule, Beachhead, Develop, Assortment, Observance, Wire, Strand, Extremity, Glass-cutting, Commodities, Lifework, ■■■■■■ line, Passage, Successor, Fable, Speck, Regiment, Local color, Song, Striping, Device, Join, Descendant, Course, Thing, Neighbor, Dot, Piste, Precursor, Orthodoxy, Farthest outpost, Tube, Animal kingdom, Limit, Field, Business, Hem, Concatenation, Block out, Sestet, Party line, Caravan, List, Grouping, Tick off, Employ, Trunk line, Stirps, Song and dance, Figure, Topic, Time allotment, Sides, Tick, Cord, Cicatrize, Spectrum, Boundary condition, Array, Fur, Bar line, Parade, Vocation, Burden, Rail, Catastrophe, Thong, Plan, Wire, Blood, Flotilla, Figured bass, ■■■■■ song, Area, Characterization, Type-cutting, Skirt, Profession, Cable, Circumscription, Soprano, Embankment, Disposition, Gens, Voice part, Conclusion, ■■■■, Blarney, Mood, Obedience, Missive, Twist, Pliancy, Pentastich, Hatch, Confine, Theme, Graving, Tint, The way of, The general tendency, Dress parade, Sea lane, Straight, Delimit, Itinerary, Sept, Policy, Front, March past, Twine, Seam, Tone, Demarcate, Envoi, Straighten, Genealogy, Compose, Band, Side, Basso continuo, Cut, Continuation, Border, Cord, Male line, Tercet, Avant-garde, Painterliness, Hachure, DMZ, Modus operandi, Words, Correspondence, Diagonal, Anagnorisis, Sell out, Review, Telephone line, Clue, Uniformity, Scar, Succession, Practice, Mode, Deal out, Brand, Navy, Nexus, Incise, Grain, Powder train, Denomination, Bank, Color, Drone, Inclination, Junction, Frontier, Fringe, Run, Streaking, Trajectory, Enframe, Nullification, Female line, Figuration, Buzz, Tour, Coordinate, Mission, Mottle, Aria, Postposition, Concentric cable, Brace, Underlining, Trajet, Cycle, Score, Reticulation, Filament, Touch, Acquire, Program, Bridgehead, Spearhead, Tendency, Starting point, Streak, Current, Bourn, String, Cribble, People, The front, Ligation, Align, Septet, Line of march, Cantus figuratus, Stroke, Crease, Manner of working, Acquiescence, Consumer items, File, Solo part, Engrave, Secondary plot, L, Method, Edge, Scheme, Protectionism, Underline, Plant kingdom, Aim, Employment, Brief, Signs, Line of action, Scale, Cable railway, Gravity-operated railway, Wire line, Stamp, Pencil, ■■■■■, Bound, Coaxial cable, Graft, Procession, Soprano part, Wise, Spot, Traject, Metro, Spenserian stanza, Blaze a trail, Arrange, Navigation, Parcel out, Dapple, Contract for, Architectonics, Enchase, Atmosphere, String out, Dynasty, Composition, Pitch, Scratching, Deadline, Endless round, Flight path, Weakness, Striate, Cutoff point, Trolley line, Offerings, Patriclan, Trestle, Boundary line, Marking, Stock, Line of direction, Sideline, Carve, Streetcar line, Reconciliation, Purl, Gamut, Word, Set off, Flexibility, Etch, Recognition, Epistle, Arrange for, Antistrophe, Print, Whaling fleet, Chorus, Thematic development, Genre, Thorough bass, Careerism, Handicraft, WATS line, Free trade, Stripe, MO, Etching, Scotch, Rotation, Tactics, Position, Wrinkle, Engraving, Windrow, Spear side, Tetrastich, Switch, Tool, Data, Front, Field of blood, Sketch, Dispose, Ordinate, Couplet, Bassus, Trade, Creed, Forte, Mainstream, Canto, Baritone, Nature, Race, Pomp, Continuity, Inscribe, Guiding principles, Accord, Catena, Theater of operations, Strategy, Wrinkle, Persuasion, Frame, Line of goods, Threshold, Derivation, Totem, Business letter, Co-ax, Monostich, Hum, Quarter, Hire, Fleet, Bloodline, Effect, Argument, Telephone, Contrail, Keeping, Deal, Discolor, Part, Employment, Trade, Pad, Billet, Spun yarn, Successiveness, Order of succession, Cable, Wares, Angle, Swath, Aceldama, Phyle, Strand, Malleability, Distich, Space, Plenum, Trunk, Target date, Nick, Tendon, Rim, Art, Chalk out, Managed currency, Profession, Autarky, Rising action, Front-runner, In control, Dotted line, Obtain, Shipping, Phratry, Hint, Stippling, Motif, Chain reaction, Track, Specialism, Stain, Bag, Shading, Outline, Seed, Shadow, First line, Lap, Van, Engravement, Letter, Vendibles, Horse railway, Subject, Strain, Melody, Half tint, Inventory, Killing ground, Apportion, Blaze, Treble, Road, Position paper, Mule train, Peripeteia, Information, Draft, Motorcade, Piloting, Kind, Sculpture, Plain chant, Crocodile, Career, Floor, Inscription, Furrow, Work, Protection, Terminal date, Melodic line, Line of business, Ligature, Order, Vocation, Cast, Descent, Fix, Street railway, Refrain, Filament, Process, Pursuit, String, El, Rim, Aftermath, Battle site, Agreement, Ligature, Cutoff, Gimmick, Mold, Book, Effects, Incision, High-water mark, Shape, Allocate, Boundary, Abut, Accompaniment, Blotch, Furrow, Brushwork, Crosshatch, Movement, Flyover, Strong point, Long suit, Lot, Roadway, Conformation other-direction, Career building, Marginate, Conformity, Feeder, Architecture, Edge, Dash, Tune, Bass, Parentage, Queue up, Manner, Staff, Continuum, Terminal

How to use Line in a sentence?

  1. A line of adjacent points looks like a solid line.
  2. Specific limits to your work.
  3. Move the cursor over a line and press the Delete button.
  4. People raised flags on the way to the procession.
  5. Twist the clothes and hang them on the rope.
  6. A line of servants entered the corridor.
  7. Deep lines covered his face.
  8. Raids behind enemy lines

Meaning of Line & Line Definition

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What is The Definition of Line?

  • (1) Insurance classes such as property, marine or liability insurance. ()) In insurance, a risky amount maintained by the nominee for his own account. The line varies according to the financial strength of the insurance and the type of exposure.

  • Line refers to Type or type of insurance, for example B. Private client.

  • Insurance or insurance insurance ratio that the policyholder accepts or is willing to accept.

  • The definition of Line is: Retention Limit (expressed as one dollar) The limit of insurance liability withheld by the transferring company under the profit agreement can be expressed as more than one of the insurance lines. For example, a five-line contract is five times the net intact value.

  • Definition of Line: 1) In particular, all kinds of insurance. 2) All types of insurance are taken out for a specific policyholder. 3) Written dollar limit with a specific risk for the policyholder.

  • As part of the risk borne by the insurance company, it also refers to the amount that the insurance company has defined as the maximum exposure of the given risk.

  • Line can be defined as, This will allow consumers to purchase property and loss insurance in the state-run insurance market. Policyholders, agents, brokers and insurers alike specialize in designing, negotiating and negotiating individual insurance coverage.

Meanings of Line

  1. Activity field or field.

  2. A series of integrated military field studies or defenses against enemy forces.

  3. Cover the inner surface (box or clothing) with another layer.

Sentences of Line

  1. A procession full of people waving flags

  2. Rows of Eucalyptus walking down the aisle

  3. Specific limits of your profession

  4. Attack behind enemy lines

  5. Polyethylene lined basket

Synonyms of Line

demarcation , streak , underline , delineation , groove , score , contour , figure , furrow , silhouette , borderline , band , backed, figuration , profile , channel , wrinkle , limit , scratch , rule , edge , lineation


How To Define Line?

  • Definition of Line: (1) Basic insurance such as property, marine freight, or liability. (2) In reinsurance, the amount of risk held by the candidate. The line varies according to the insurer's financial strength and type of exposure.

  • Type or type of insurance, for example B. Private clients.

  • The ratio of insurance or reinsurance risk that the policyholder accepts or is willing to accept.

  • Meaning of Line: Retention limit (expressed in dollars) which the transferring company must maintain under the equity agreement. The reinsurance liability limit can be expressed as more than one of the reinsurance lines. For example, a five-line contract is five times the net intact price.

  • 1) Especially all types of insurance. 2) All types of insurance are contracted for certain policyholders. 3) Written dollar limit for policyholders with a specific risk.

  • Meaning of Line: Part of the risk taken through insurance. It is also used to refer to the amount that an insurer has designated as its exposure matrix for a particular risk.

  • Line can be defined as, It allows consumers to purchase property and accident insurance in the government-regulated insurance market. Policyholders, agents, brokers and insurance companies alike are able to design, negotiate and negotiate customized insurance coverage.

Meanings of Line

  1. A long, narrow band or mark.

  2. The number of people or things.

  3. Activity field or area of ​​activity.

  4. A series of military fieldwork or adjacent defenses against enemy forces.

  5. Mark or overlap along the line.

  6. Cover the inner surface (container or clothing) with another layer of material.

Sentences of Line

  1. A series of near-distance dots looks like a solid line.

  2. Lily tied the clothes on the rope.

  3. Move the cursor to a line and press delete.

  4. A line of maids walking down the aisle

  5. The procession road was full of people waving flags.

  6. Polythene line basket

Synonyms of Line

puckered, métier, streaked, striped, packed, ceiled, panelled, filled, panel, covered, interlined, creased, decorate, marked with lines, worn, pigeon, feint, stuffed, realm, padded, wizened, reinforce, trenches, wrinkled, wrinkly


A line is: 1. A communication path between two or more points, including a satellite or microwave link. 2. In data communication, a circuit that connects two or more devices. 3. The transmission path from the non-shifted user terminal to the shifting system.