Purple Ketchup

Purple Ketchup: In 2001, Heinz introduced Funky Purple EZ Squirt ketchup. The company hopes to build on the success of last year’s “Blastin’ Green” ketchup by releasing the latest purple ketchup in September. Heinz, the famous ketchup company, came out with crazy colors like Funky Purple, Blastin Green, Passion Pink, Awesome Orange, Totally Teal, and Stellar Blue.

Purple Ketchup

In the vegetable area, I’ve seen tomatoes in a wide range of hues over the years, including red, green, yellow, and purple. Although, I have only ever noticed red ketchup in supermarkets, though. Heinz Ketchup embodies the American dream in practically every way. Why tamper with perfection?

In 2000, Heinz did just that by releasing colorful, crazy-colored ketchup in pink, purple, orange, blue, and teal, completely upending the ketchup industry. Indeed, Parents and children flocked to the theatres to see Shrek for the first time, and Heinz EZ Squirt drew in the crowds with its “Blastin’ Green” color option.

Heinz Purple Ketchup

Even Heinz has acknowledged that purple ketchup should make a comeback. They are aware of it. It’s mandatory for them too. Recently, there has been a flurry of innovation within the organization (ex. 2: Mayocue, ex. 1: Mayochup, ex.4: KRANCH, ex. 3: Mayomust).

Surely they’re ready to roll out some new absurdity guaranteed to make everyone happy. One lucky Twitter user was even given the impression last year that the product may make a comeback. Right?!

Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Owner Kraft Heinz
Markets Worldwide
Type Tomato Ketchup
Country United States
Previous owners H.J. Heinz Company


It came out in 1876 with the name “catsup.” South America, Australia, South Africa, Japan, the UK, and New Zealand exported 12 million bottles in 1907. However, an image of a tomato replaced the gherkin pickle on the label in January 2009. More than 650,000,000 bottles were sold around the globe in 2012.

Abstract: Even Heinz is aware that purple ketchup should come back. Indeed, it came out in 1876 with the name “catsup.” South America, Australia, South Africa, Japan, the UK, and New Zealand exported 12 million bottles in 1907.


Heinz’s tomato ketchup manufacturing facilities, one in Muscatine, Iowa, and the second in Fremont, Ohio, are located in the USA. In 2014, they closed their factory in Leamington, Ontario, Canada.

The French Food Firm currently owns and operates the plant, and it is there that the Canadian supply of French Tomato Sauce is produced. However, Heinz manufactures ketchup in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


The company produces both conventional tomato ketchup and a sugar-sweetened variant.

  • In 2000, they produced kid-friendly, brightly colored ketchup in squeeze bottles. Indeed, it included purple, red, pink, green, orange, blue, and teal. In 2006, we had to stop producing these cultivars.

  • In 2011, the production of a balsamic vinegar-flavored variant also began. As of 2018, production of this cultivar had ceased.

  • Mayochup, a ketchup and mayonnaise hybrid, was introduced in September 2018. Before the release, people were already eating mayo and ketchup sandwiches.

  • Branch, which combines ketchup with ranch salad dressing, debuted in April 2019. Although, Newsweek said that Kranch “may seem like the whim of a drunk college boy,” but some people bought it anyway.

  • Ed Sheeran X Heinz sauce, or “Edchup,” was introduced on June 5, 2019 (National Ketchup Day), a collaboration between the two brands.

  • “Tarchup,” a blend of ketchup and tartar sauce, and “Sweet Ketchili,” a blend of sauce and ketchup chili sauce, debuted in March 2021.


Ketchup from Heinz comes in a wide range of bottle shapes and materials, including glass and plastic. In 1889, they created and trademarked an octagonal glass bottle. Although different shapes of glass bottles have been tried, the octagonal bottle has endured as a staple in the packaging industry.

The standard restaurant ketchup packet holds roughly 14 ounces (400 g). In 2002, eateries began using upside-down, resealable plastic bottles. Now, it might be easier to get ketchup than ever before.

Waste is also reduced since the ketchup is more easily dispensed from the design’s central valve. Although, stores sell a variety of sizes of squeeze bottles with a similar style. Also available are single-use plastic and foil packages.

Heinz developed the Dip & Squeezed single-serving packet in 2010. For hotel room service or other situations when single-serving ketchup packets are impractical, the condiment is available in a smaller bottle containing around 2.25 ounces (64 g).

Precise: Heinz’s tomato ketchup manufacturing facilities are in the United States. In 2014, they closed their plant in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. Developed in 2018, mayochup is a cross between ketchup and mayonnaise. Indeed, branch, which combines ketchup with ranch salad dressing, debuted in 2019.


Moms and kids flocked to the theatres to see the first Shrek film because Heinz EZ Squirt released its first colored version, “Blastin’ Green,” to coincide with its release. Although, each new color’s introduction resulted in increased financial gain. Here are a few issues to consider:

1. Customer Segment

There’s no denying the thrill and adventure of this kid-approved ketchup. Even the packaging form is optimized for children’s grasping abilities. Although, the movie tie-in, however, was the primary factor in the product’s success.

The movie’s charming green ogre, Shrek, inspired children to envision themselves as vast and strong as him. Indeed, the film was well received by adults, who were happy to spend money on novelty-colored ketchup to remember it.

A 24-ounce bottle of this stuff cost only $1.79, so it didn’t break the bank to keep the children quiet in the supermarket and around the table eating. Furthermore, you won’t ever be concerned that you accidentally used Windex rather than ketchup when dipping your fries.

2. Timing

Introducing a new product or expanding an existing line requires careful planning and implementation. Heinz first released EZ Squirt with a green color scheme. Green tomatoes make the color believable, so it’s a good starting point.

You’d expect the company would quickly respond to the surge in demand by releasing a new shade of their product as overall sales increased. However, they wasted two years’ worth of momentum by not updating their product range.

3. Product

Initially, only two colors green and red were available for EZ Squirt sauce. Because of this, you could think they include both red and green tomatoes. As for the color red, we were spot-on, but we completely misjudged the green.

To manufacture ketchup in absurd colors, the original formula must be altered. Although, tweaking the flavor to make it more like regular ketchup meant that the product couldn’t longer be termed “tomato ketchup,” like the initial Red.

Summary: Heinz EZ Squirt was first released by Heinz with a green color scheme. The company wasted two years’ worth of momentum by not updating its product range. Tweaking the flavor to make it more like regular ketchup meant that the product couldn’t be termed “tomato ketchup.”

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Some questions related to the keyword “Purple Ketchup” as described below:

1. Are you still making purple ketchup?

For those born after the third millennium, you probably didn’t know, but there was purple ketchup. Heinz launched its Funky Purple Ketchup in EZ Squirt bottles in 2001. In spite of selling millions in the first several years, the product failed afterwards.

2. How do you make purple ketchup?

Mix the blue food coloring into the ketchup if it turns purple. Just combine well. We must be careful not to overdo it. As an option, you can get a powdered blue dye.

3. What color is ketchup?

Since the other ingredients in ketchup are clear, light, or in tiny quantities, the predominant color comes from the ingredient that is the main ingredient in the recipe: ripe red tomatoes.

5. What color is ketchup before it is colored?

Heinz achieved the light hue by removing regular ketchup from the paint and dipping it in green food coloring instead - an unfortunate chemical change that prevented that new color from being called ketchup aux herb tomatoes.

6. When did purple and green ketchup hit the market?

In 2000, Heinz released brightly colored ketchup in purple, green, pink, orange, petrol, and blue.

7. How does green ketchup come together?

The sauce contains tomato paste, isoglucose, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, natural flavors, spices, and onion powder, with 2% or less of FD&C Yellow # 5 and FD&C Blue #

8. What ingredients make purple ketchup?

Some ingredients are given here: Water, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Syrup, spices, Salt, Natural Flavoring, Onion Powder, FD&C, and Ascorbic Acid.

9. Why didn’t they make purple ketchup anymore?

Six years into Heinz’s artistic food embellishments, the novelty had worn off, and the young, fickle admirers had grown tired of decorating their hot dogs with tribal designs. As demand for the EZ Squirt hues faded, the company eventually stopped making them.

10. When did the production of purple ketchup cease?

Even so, the trend died out quickly, and the product in question was taken off the market entirely in 2006.

11. Is there fish sauce in the ketchup?

Ketchup was originally a light soy sauce produced from traditional fermented, despite popular belief that it has always been thick tomato-based.

12. What does Heinz Funky purple mean?

Ketchup with a unique, eye-catching shade of purple, made by Heinz and marketed as its EZ Squirt variety. Heinz Tomato Ketchup makes this kid-friendly sauce. Compared to our ordinary ketchup, which has 0% DV, the vitamin C concentration is 20% higher.

13. What is Wendy’s cold ketchup?

In addition to making the Cold Ketchup available at Wendy’s restaurants around the country, Heinz Ketchup has also placed bottles of the condiment in select supermarkets. The bottles need to be stored in insulated, labelled cases. The corporation is also running a contest for media platforms.

14. When did they squeeze the ketchup?

In 1983, the Heinz Company changed the market for ketchup by putting it in a squeezable plastic bottle.

15. Who made ketchup?

In 1812, tomato-based ketchup was first made available to consumers. Philadelphia scientist James Mease created the recipe.


Heinz first released Heinz EZ Squirt with a green color scheme. Tweaking the flavor to make it more like regular ketchup meant that the product couldn’t be termed “tomato ketchup” The original ketchup formula has to be tweaked; to produce ketchup in ludicrous hues. In 2000, Heinz released ketchup in purple, green, pink, orange, petrol, and blue.

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Why is purple ketchup no longer available?

After six years of creative flair, the novelty wore off, and young Heinz fans were tired of adding tribal tattoos to their hot dogs. The company discontinued the EZ Squirtin ink due to declining sales.

Heinz purple ketchup

Unfortunately, Heinz Purple Ketchup has received a lot of reactions from consumers. Although this product sold millions copies in the early years, it remained scarce in the following years. As sales continued to fall, the company decided in 2006 to take it off the market.

Green and purple ketchup

The legendary American brand we all know and love. In 2000, Heinz released very colorful ketchup in purple, green, pink, orange, petroleum, and blue.

When did Heinz stop making colored ketchup?

From 2000 to 2003, the company sold over 25 million bottles of condiment. However, like so many colorful fads, this one also wore off, and the product was ultimately discontinued in 2006.

Why did colored ketchup fail?

This product was finally discontinued in 2006. This type of ketchup failed for numerous reasons. Yes, they made the bottle design and color to attract children. It was also seen as unappealing because to make the ketchup a different color; they had to change the genetic makeup of the original ketchup.

What colors of ketchup did Heinz make?

The ketchup launched in green- and red-colored varieties, which were later joined by purple, pink, orange, teal, and blue.

Did ketchup used to be green?

Heinz achieved the distinct shade by a process that stripped regular ketchup of its coloring and subbed it with green dye. This unfortunate chemical rewiring prevented this new hue condiment from being labeled tomato ketchup.

Does Heinz own the word ketchup?

Once upon a time, ‘catsup’ was the only word used to describe ketchup, but this all changed in the late 1880s. If you think about ketchup today, the first name that comes to mind is Heinz. So it is only part that this brand is responsible for the name change from ‘catsup’ to ‘ketchup.’

Why does Heinz ketchup say 57 varieties?

Based on the bottle’s label stating “57 varieties,” you’d think the company grew to make and sell 57 products. But as it turns out, Heinz produced over 60 different products (including ketchup, of course!). They combined the two numbers to form ‘57’ and added the lucky number to his bottles for years to come.

What does ketchup stand for?

The word ketchup is derived from the Chinese word ke-tip, meaning a pickled fish sauce. This mixture was mainly added to recipes to season a dish versus served as a condiment. It is believed that this fish sauce made its way from Vietnam to the southeastern part of China, where it became a standard food item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Why is the ketchup color red?

Using bright red tomatoes will give bright red ketchup. That red color comes from a molecule called lycopene which is part of tomatoes and is what makes them red.

Q2: Why is Heinz ketchup so good?

Because as Malcolm Gladwell once explained, Heinz doesn’t just taste good or even great. It tastes objectively perfect: When Heinz moved to ripe tomatoes and increased the percentage of tomato solids, he made ketchup, first and foremost, a potent source of umami.

Q3: What ketchup does McDonald’s use?

U.S. burger eaters probably won’t notice much of a difference since McDonald’s only used Heinz ketchup in its Minneapolis and Pittsburgh markets; the rest is private label.

Q4: How does green ketchup come together?

The ketchup is a tangy, sweet-sour medley of green tomatoes, onions, honey, vinegar, and spices. This tasty ketchup makes a delicious topping for burgers and sandwiches, or you can serve it as a dip for fries or chicken fingers.


Unfortunately, Heinz Purple Ketchup has received many consumer reactions. Although this product sold millions of copies in the early years, it remained scarce in the following years. As sales continued to fall, the company decided in 2006 to take it off the market.

Purple ketchup was invented by Heinz. since McDonald’s was only using Heinz ketchup in its Minneapolis and Pittsburgh markets; the rest is private label.

Purple tomato ketchup

Purple tomato ketchup Ez Squirt:

You almost certainly didn’t apprehend this; however, purple tomato ketchup did exist. Industrialists extended its Funky Purple tomato ketchup in EZ Squirt bottles in 2001. you may assume it’s not a big deal due to industrialists having discharged wacky innovations like Mayochup, Kranch, and Mayomust.

However, eighteen years agone, it was a big deal. Sadly, the industrialist Purple tomato ketchup received a tremendous backlash from the customers. Though the merchandise sold several bottles throughout its initial years, it didn’t live up to the subsequent years.

As sales flopped, the corporate decided to drag it out of the market in 2006. And we’ve ne’er detected concerning industrialist Purple tomato ketchup since then.

Why did this novel flavor fail?

Industrialists thought of kid-friendly tomato ketchup, which would add additional colors to their plates. Moms quickly rush to the supermarkets to grab one among these.

True enough, gushing a replacement color onto their plate created other suppertime fun for the children. Children perceived pleasure from the new-colored tomato ketchup and would even take pleasure in spouting it on their food. But then, children began to rise.

“Is this tomato ketchup made up of purple tomatoes?”

So, moms later realized that the tomato ketchup manufacturing plant must tweak the natural ingredients to alter colors. It also means that mistreating monumental amounts of artificial coloring and flavor enhancers doesn’t sound healthy and safe.

Moms resorted to the regular red tomato ketchup to coach their children that there’s no such factor as the purple tomato. And plenty of moms believed that the merchandise could solely mislead their children into thinking such false belief—this eventual junction rectifier to the end of the industrialist Purple tomato ketchup.

However, an exact Twitter user may be able to revive the transient flavoring. Last year, Jenna Rose Burkert tweeted, “Another year older, another year I would like they created purple tomato ketchup once more.”, followed by the official industrialist tag.

To Jenna’s surprise, the corporate responded by posting a replacement packaging of the industrialist Purple tomato ketchup.

Is that touch for a comeback?

There were no more confirmations from the corporate simply, however. And we’re approximately sure if they incredibly meant the tweet or not. However, there are unit reasons why industrialists ought to bring it back.

During this era of Instagram and Twitter, golf shot a replacement color on usual meals is destined to form a trend. Folks of late area unit additional daring and would attempt nearly something for the sake of expertise.

So, ditching the same old tomato ketchup for a replacement wacky-colored one won’t be a retardant. If industrialist decides to roll this out again, millennials and even 90’s children World Health Organization dearly miss it, will undoubtedly rejoice.

Heinz Introduces Purple Ketchup

The industrialist adds “Funky Purple” to its crayon box of flavoring colors. The company hopes to make on last year’s success with “Blastin’ Green” tomato ketchup, same these days; the new purple tomato ketchup will be on store shelves in September.

H.J. Heinz Co. sold ten million bottles of inexperienced tomato ketchup in seven months, pushing total sales by five. Four p.c and helping the Pittsburgh company boost its share of the American ketchup market to fifty-nine p.c from fifty-five p.c right away previous to green tomato ketchup, spokesperson archangel Mullen same.

As you can imagine, children went wild, and industrialist sales skyrocketed, taking drugs to AN incomparable high of hr of the U.S. tomato ketchup trade. At constant time, no surprise in the least, shortly after, industrialists had to begin propulsion these extreme tomato ketchup products off the shelves.

There have been several factors to the autumn of EZ Squirt; however, all-in-all, it had rotated within the failing assumptions. As mentioned, the primary unharness of EZ Squirt was in support of the new Shrek picture that excited it up for teenagers and adults to get pleasure from Shrek’s inexperienced world.

Fun fact: Red {ketchup|catsup|cetchup|tomato ketchup|condiment} is created from red tomatoes, and inexperienced ketchup isn’t made up of simple tomatoes. It turns out the thanks to creating non-red tomato ketchup is by removal away from the red color and adding artificial foodstuff to urge that desired “Stellar Blue.”


Heinz’s EZ Squirt is essentially not the regular tomato-made tomato ketchup we all tend to apprehend and love. Oldsters became more aware and eventually deemed it unhealthy for youngsters. There you have got it!

Is that this barely for a comeback?

There were not a lot of confirmations from the company merely, however. And we’re close to positive whether they meant the tweet or not. But there are reasons why a man of affairs has to be compelled to bring it back.

Throughout this era of Instagram and Twitter, swinging a replacement color on usual meals is destined to create a trend. People presently are further fearless and would try nearly one thing for the sake of experience. So, ditching constant recent flavourer for a replacement wacky-colored one won’t be a drag.

If the man of affairs decides to roll this out another time, millennials and even 90’s youngsters UN agency dearly miss it will rejoice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we discuss some frequently asked questions:

Q1: Why did they stop creating purple ketchup?

Unfortunately, the Heinz Purple cetchup received tremendous backlash from customers. Though the merchandise oversubscribed countless bottles throughout its initial years, it did not live up to the subsequent years. As sales still fall through, the corporate set to tug it out from the market in 2006.

Q2:Can you create purple ketchup?

Mix the blue food product into the cetchup if it turns purple. Mix well. We should use caution not to exaggerate it. As an Associate in Nursing, you’ll get a powdery blue dye.

Q3: Are you able to build purple ketchup?

Combine the blue food product with the cetchup if it turns purple. Mix well. We should use caution not to exaggerate it. As an Associate in Nursing, you’ll get a powdery blue dye.

Q4: Once, did Heinz stop creating colored ketchup?

From 2000 to 2003, the corporate oversubscribed over twenty-five million flavor bottles. However, like such a significant amount of colorful fads, this one still wore off, and the product was ultimately discontinued in 2006.

Q5:When was Heinz purple ketchup?

In 2000, that is what Heinz set out to try and do; once it turned, the Ketchup world turned after they began rolling our spirited, crazy-colored cetchup in Purple, pink, orange, teal, and blue varieties.

Q6: What’s the $64000 color of ketchup?

Ketchup incorporates a red color because of the carotenoid within the tomatoes used for ketchup. A carotenoid may be a natural pigment that doubles as an Associate in Nursing anti-oxidant, and it’s liable for the red color of all tomatoes. Because the tomato ripens, the carotenoid develops; therefore, the tomato turns from inexperienced to red.

Q7: Is cetchup made up of real tomatoes?

Ketchup is formed from tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar, with seasonings and spices. However, the spices and flavors vary unremarkably embody onions, allspice, coriander, cloves, cumin, garlic, and mustard, and generally represent celery, cinnamon, or ginger.

Q8: What’s Heinz EZ Squirt?

In 2000, Heinz introduced colored cetchup merchandise called EZ Squirt, which targeted young kids. The inventory was in exceedingly compressible instrumentation and was eventually discontinued in 2006. inexperienced and purple-colored ketchup were additionally out there for a restricted time.

Q9: Why is ketchup red?

Using bright red tomatoes can provide bright red ketchup. That red color comes from a molecule called carotenoid, an element of tomatoes that makes them red.

Q10: Is green ketchup authentic?

Heinz has been producing its celebrated catsup since 1876 and sells over 650 million bottles per annum. Spinach-colored “Blastin’ Green” cetchup was one of the EZ Squirt varieties offered and has become an immediate hit, particularly with youngsters.


With all the extra steps of adjusting the color, style, and texture, I eventually began to modify. Chemical when a chemical attempts to stay the standard style, Heinz’s EZ Squirt is essentially now not regular tomato-made ketchup that we tend to all grasp and love.