Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial artificial grass fiberglass that looks similar to natural grass. However, the benefits are far more than Natural grass. Therefore, it is essential to keep commercial grass as it has no hassle of regular maintenance.

commercial artificial grass

Understanding commercial artificial grass

Artificial turf is fibre made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for originally or are usuallyy played on grass. It is also used extensively in and around commercial buildings and homes having an all-weather surface is desired but maintaining a grass lawn is not practical. Studies show that an area of artificial turf can use up to 90% less water assimilable vegetation, such as a lawn.

When it comes to artificial grass, one of the first questions that people ask is how good it looks compared to natural grass. Many people are at first high skeptical of an artificial turf substitute for natural grass. They think that no matter what, some part of it will always look f, ake and they worry about the benefits of having it in their yard or lawn area. If this sounds like you, then take a closer look at some of the many benefits associated with commercial-grade turf since this may be enough to make you change your mind immediately about getting some for your home.

Artificial turf

Advantages Disadvantages
Fullcustomisablele appearance Doesn’t look natural
Holds up to heavy foot traffic May get overheated during direct sunlight
Chemicals or water not required Attracts dust and pollen
No requirement of mowing Looks like a plastic floor due to fake blades of grass
Easy maintenance Not suitable for all weathers
Fewer pests Unsafe for children
No more badly stained concrete Nidealble for all surfacs

Combinisyntheticial materials make artificial turf with grass. The goal of this mixture is to combine the benefits of each material into one playing surface. This process makes it very easy for maintenance because you do not have to worry about watering or mowing. It can also stay in excellent condition even in harsh weather, making it very versatile. Although grassless is beneficial, many people are unaware that there are different types of surfaces included in the category. One example would be AstroTurf, which is popularised in 1969 for being an artificial form of grass that did not need much upkeep and could accommodate all types of sports events. The name has since become a trademarked term used

Benefits of Commercial Artificial Grass

Here are some benefits of Artificial grass

Fully Customizable Appearance

One reason why most homeowners love these types of lawns is that use it offers them complete customization with regards to appearance. There are many different colors and styles available to choose from, allowing homeowners to create the appearance that they want in their yard. Homeowners who have an area in their yard where they like to play games such as basketball can enjoy having a type of artificial turf in this area that looks completely like real grass. They do not need to cut it or mow it when necessary since there is no grass under there at all, instead of giving them more time for themselves.

Holds Up Under Intense Foot Traffic

One of the most common complaints with natural grass has always been how difficult it is to keep looking perfect after using it multiple times per day. People who live in [areas]areas near sidewalks or streets where they walk frequently every day will typically notice how quickly their lawn begins to look worn down from all of this foot traffic. The grass is simply unable to handle this type of intense activity and homeowners need to spend a lot of time making sure that it always looks perfect. However, if they have a lawn that has been filled with commercial-grade artificial grass then the intense foot traffic will not be an issue for them at all which means that they can enjoy walking on it while still being able to keep their yard looking nice.

No More Using Chemicals or Watering

For most people who have ever had real grass in their yard, the desire to get rid of this grass was always there because keeping it green and healthy takes so much work! People have to use chemicals that are expensive, requiring them to pour even more money into their lawn every single year. They also have to invest a lot of time into watering, mowing, and other tasks which are done at least once per week. This is why artificial grass has become so popular because it does not require any work or chemicals whatsoever to keep looking perfect all year long!

Commercial grass

No Mowing, No Weeds

Forget about weekly mowing and pulling weeds. With a synthetic lawn you can go months, or in some cases years without the need to cut the grass short. This allows you to spend more time relaxing with friends and family instead of watching your yard grow longer and longer.

Easy Maintenance

There is no denying that maintaining a natural lawn can be difficult work which takes time away from other pursuits such as exercising or spending quality time outdoors with your family and pets. Having an artificial lawn will allow you to maintain less of a lifestyle change than if you were going from having a natural lawn to one made up of plants native to your region. By eliminating weed, watering requirements, fertilizer needs, and mowing, your yard will require much less attention than a natural lawn would.

Fewer Pests

By eliminating the areas in which many bugs thrive, such as tall grass that provides shelter, you can reduce or eliminate pest problems by having an artificial lawn. This means putting away from the bug spray and enjoying activities like barbecuing with friends without fearing that insects will ruin the experience.

No More Weeds Sticking Through The Cracks Of Sidewalk Or Patio Pavers

Artificial grass is designed to fit tightly against surrounding surfaces so there are no gaps for weeds to breakthrough. For homes with paver patios or sidewalks, this can be a major concern when trying to maintain hardscape surfaces composed of materials other than concrete. Artificial grass can make it easy to maintain this area because there will be no more need for weed control and the installation of new plants.

It’s Easier To Maintain Your Vegetable Garden

When you have an artificial lawn, any time spent maintaining your vegetable garden will be greatly reduced or eliminated completely depending on how large your yard is. Having a synthetic lawn means walking away from the necessity of weeding and watering so that you can enjoy fresh vegetables with little effort.

. Perfect For Families With Pets

When walking a dog, always picking up after them can be tedious and annoying work that no one wants to do every day. Many pet owners love having an artificial lawn because their pets can get all of the exercises they need without causing damage to your yard.

Insects Are No Longer An Issue

Insects such as ants and bees can be a big nuisance for families that enjoy spending time outdoors in summer months or on warm weekends throughout the year. If your home is located in an area with many of these pests, you can enjoy your yard more often knowing bugs won’t be able to invade your space while you eat alfresco or grill out on the patio.

You Can Enjoy A Fire Pit With No Worries

About Starting A Wildfire One common fear when building a fire pit for use by family or friends is that branches from trees surrounding the pit could fall into the flames and cause a blaze that spreads out of control. You can enjoy a fire pit that you build on your patio or in your yard without worrying about this possibility because there will be no loose branches near the artificial grass.

No More Badly stained concrete

If you have a concrete patio, driveway, or sidewalks surrounding your home and they are showing signs of severe staining due to hard water or other causes, an artificial lawn can help restore them so you don’t have to replace them. By having this alternative solution for surfaces such as these, it is easier than ever to maintain their cleanliness and value so that they enhance the curb appeal of your home instead of detracting from it.

Do not require chemicals

Eco-Friendly Artificial lawns do not require chemicals that could end up contaminating the water supply if they were to enter the drainage system. They are environmentally friendly and can be a great way for homeowners who care about protecting the environment to maintain a yard that they can enjoy without harming the environment in any way.

Summary: These are just three reasons why homeowners should consider investing in commercial-grade turf installation because the benefits associated with this type of yard are limitless!

Steps to install commercial artificial grass

Installation is one of the most important aspects of having a successful artificial grass project. In this article, we include tips for you to understand well before installing your artificial grass.

It starts with the preparation work:

clearing any roots, thorns, and unevenness from the area where it will be installed. This should have been done during earlier stages but if it wasn’t then now’s the time to do so. The soil must be fine and even or a firmer base must be prepared using sand or similar materials. It is extremely important that there are no gaps left between each strip as these might lead to pockets developing over time which may give way under pressure - such as footfall - causing problems for you down the line.

Using a hose:

All grass must be moist before installation to avoid any problems with the material. You can use a hosepipe or sprinkler for this purpose and leave it on until the grass is completely soaked through (the water should not pool though). Watering needs to be done an hour before installing your artificial grass after it’s been laid down and brushed all over. This completes the preparation work;

now we move on laying out your new lawn:

One of the most common mistakes is trimming too much; you need a strip of at least 2cm around where your artificial grass has been installed as a margin which will help prevent any problems during installation. Ensure that this excess area is included in the bulk roll you have chosen.

After laying all strips out, it’s a good idea to check that the paths or borders you have will be able to accommodate any doors opening onto them without getting in the way of other strips. If this is not possible, then adjustments can be made before installation begins.

Now it’s time for the fun part:

rolling over all your grass at once as if you were patching up a lawn. You should start from one side and work across using a heavy roller (a concrete-filled tire works best). For those who want an extra touch, why not decorate with gravel or fake grass blades? Another great tip is to apply artificial grass adhesive around these pieces which will help keep them together; this is sold in most DIY stores.


A final note on the subject of adhesives: Making small cuts or pruning around your new lawn will make it a lot easier to apply grass adhesive and can even help disguise the border between where you’ve laid your artificial grass and not.

Drawbacks of artificial grass

You can find many benefits of Artificial Grass. But there are also some limitations and drawbacks of artificial grass which you should be aware of before buying it.

Here are 10 drawbacks of Commercial Artificial Grass.

It’s not natural grass-

Yes, this is the drawback of artificial grass that it doesn’t look like natural stuff. You will never get 100% results as same as natural lawns or natural turfs. For example, if you plant a flower in your garden then after some time you will enjoy it just like a real one but not 100%. The blades are glued together so it gives an imitation look rather than looking real! However, there are many other benefits too that ease your housekeeping to a great extent for example hassle-free watering, no mud, no insects and pests, low maintenance cost, etc.

Artificial grass can become hot

-This is also one drawback that it may become very hot under the direct sunlight. Some artificial grasses come with a special coating that can solve this problem but those are costly than ordinary ones so you have to pay for this feature and not all grasses contain it.

Artificial Grass attracts dust and pollen

The new artificial turf can attract dust and pollen from surrounding air due to static electricity therefore it’s recommended to use them only in closed areas where they won’t get any infection from outside pollution.

Fake blades of grass

Yeah of course it’s just like real blades of grass glued together! It gives an odd look to the surface and it seems like a plastic floor rather than natural turf. Moreover, people with allergy may affect because of this artificial grass.

It’s not suitable for all weathers-

The mild and moderate climates are best suited for artificial grasses as they can withstand high temperatures and less water but if you want to use them in harsh environments then you have to pay more money as the prices become higher in these cases due to special technologies required for making them resistant from extreme weather conditions! These climate-friendly artificial lawns also contain additional stuff such as UV stabilizers etc. But don’t forget that it’s not so easy to install them so you have to hire a professional installer who will do this job properly for sure!

Artificial grass is not safe for children

-It’s true that kids don’t play outdoor games on the lawns however they are often attracted by artificial grasses because of their smoothness and look. But this stuff is not designed for playing. It may cause serious injury to your kids more than natural lawns so it’s not safe to use artifical grass in areas where there are kids present!

Old age problems-

Most people think that low maintenance cost reduces the lifespan of the turf but it’s wrong as some artificial grasses can last long up to 10 years with proper care and treatment! The only thing which causes early aging of these surfaces is sunlight therefore try to install them at shaded places or else, you will see their old age symptoms after 3-5 years.

It’s not so long-lasting-

The biggest drawback of commercial artificial grass is that it starts to lose its color and texture very easily therefore you have to clean them regularly in order to use them for a longer period of time! Artificial grasses are usually designed for light traffic areas but, if you want to install them on heavily used places then the lifespan of these surfaces will be decreased significantly.

Not suitable for all surfaces-

You can’t just lay down artificial lawns everywhere! They are available in rolls so installation over different surfaces looks similar however there are some limitations about this stuff. For example, you can’t install them under trees where moistness accumulates otherwise you may get all sorts of problems.

It’s not a green solution-

Most people think that using these surfaces helps to save the environment however, it’s one drawback that artificial grasses are non-degradable, therefore, when they end up in nature then their materials remain there forever causing more harm than good!

As seen above artificial grass is full of weak points which can be severe if not remedied with proper care. The most important thing before buying them is to consider the limitations and know your needs for this lawn stuff. Artificial grasses are beneficial but sometimes they make matters worse if things go wrong what can have adverse effects on your health.


There are certain reasons why customers stop using commercial artificial grass and go for natural lawns. One of the best examples is that they require regular care and heavy costs if you want to install them on heavily traffic places; however, this stuff is resistant to bad weather conditions like rain and snow. !

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Can Commercial Artificial Grass help Decrease the Maintenance Costs?

Commercial artificial grass can help decrease the maintenance costs associated with many commercial properties. Reducing maintenance costs allows many more properties to remain open and running for more extended periods.

2. Why do I prefer Commercial grass?

Commercial artificial grass can also help keep your lawn fresh and green. During the hot months of the year, having a fantastic green lawn is nice. However, a property that remains green all year long can get expensive. You can cut down on your watering costs by using commercial artificial grass while still having a lush and green lawn. Using Artificial grass can help lower the level of chemical fertilizers used on your lawn. Many commercial properties have to do with a high amount of fertilizer and herbicides due to the growing population of herbicide-resistant weeds.

3. What is the added benefit of artificial grass?

Even the most minor amounts of fertilizer can help keep a lawn looking green and beautiful
These properties have helped many commercial properties to be able to save money with fewer chemicals on their lawns. Artificial grass will also help keep your grass looking its best. Even the most minor amounts of fertilizer can help keep a lawn looking green and beautiful. Artificial grass does not allow for the rapid grass growth that natural grass does, which is why it’s essential to make sure that you maintain your lawn regularly. Using fake grass allows you to reduce your maintenance costs while maintaining a beautiful lawn. Because it’s made of Artificial materials, artificial grass will last longer and is more durable than natural grass. This means that you won’t have to replace it as often, which can save you money in the long run.

4. Can Commercial grass withstand weather conditions?

Commercial grass Artificial grass has been designed that it will withstand all types of weather conditions. Commercial grass Artificial grass has been designed so that it will withstand all types of weather conditions. This means that you can set up shop in the middle of winter and never have to worry about the snow coming down or the heat being too much to handle.You can enjoy your grass all year round, even in the middle of winter. It never needs to be mowed or fertilized and can be installed almost anywhere in your yard. No matter what type of lawn you want or what looks good on a property, you can find commercial artificial grass to match your specifications.

Where to install this low maintenance grass

This low-maintenance material can be used in any area, from a small patch of land to yards that span many acres. You can use it in the hard-hitting and harsh regions, or you may want a softer look for smaller spaces. Artificial grass has become increasingly popular for several reasons, including its durability, ease of use, and appeal. With so many commercial properties choosing this low-maintenance option, you might want to think about installing artificial grass for your personal property as well.

5. Is Commercial Artificial Grass Installation is easier and less expensive than Natural Grass?

One of the benefits of artificial grass is that it’s durable and withstands damage from all kinds of weather. Unlike natural grass, which may crack and develop holes in patches over time, artificial grass doesn’t have to be replaced as often as natural grass because it’s designed to withstand high amounts of wear and tear. You’ll find that commercial artificial grass installation is easier and less expensive than natural grass, which is one of the reasons why so many commercial properties have switched to this low-maintenance alternative.Instead of having to replace the entire lawn every few years, you can mow it once or twice a year, fertilize it with grass clippings and use commercial products to keep it looking its best.

6. Where is Commercial Artificial grass used?

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation is top-rated in Restaurants, Hotels, and Industrial Complexes. Commercial Artificial grass is also available in an assortment of colors and textures so that you can match the color scheme of your property to your desired appearance. This can be especially helpful for businesses, getting tired of red, white, and blue lawns typical in residential areas.

7. Can commercial grass help reduce cost?

Yes. Choosing artificial grass over natural grass can help reduce your maintenance costs while giving your lawn the appearance of any other type of material you choose.

8. What is Recycled Rubber/plastic infill?

Recycled rubber/ plastic infill is a more green option, as it is 100% recycled and has excellent drainage capabilities. It also provides the best shock absorption as compared to other types of infill. There are few studies indicating negative long term impacts on indoor air quality - specifically formaldehyde off-gassing from petroleum-based crumb rubber

9. What is Silicone Sand Infill?

Silicone sand infill is the most beneficial option for synthetic turf in regards to performance and longevity, child & pet safety, ease of maintenance, reduced HVAC costs etc. This type of infill does not contain any rubber or recycled plastic at all. It can still be composed of up to 95% silica (glass); which means it is non-toxic and completely inert - allowing you to touch it with your bare hands without getting anything on your skin… The remaining 5% can be composed of different minerals depending on location (heat/ cold) and desired durability.
Silicone sand infill has been shown in independent laboratory testing to leach very low levels of minimal chemicals into the groundwater table. These chemicals are the same found in the majority of commercial building materials - they are not harmful or toxic at these levels

10. what is the potential risk of Silicone sand infill?

The following potential health risks have been found:

  • Silica exposure is associated with irritation to the lungs, nose, and throat; however, it can be mitigated by proper installation and maintenance practices (a properly installed and maintained artificial turf surface should not give off the dust).

11. What are the Benefits of Silicone land infill?

End-use benefits include:

  • No rubber crumb means no carcinogenic fumes/ particles to worry about (even after years and years of use), less heat retention, better playability for football & soccer players during hot summer months, etc.

Odor control – this one might seem like a small detail, but for many people, this can be a deal-breaker. The Silica sand infill has zero odor during install and zero odor while in use - and once installed and leveled (especially if you opt to add synthetic grass soil) the surface will hold tight ensuring no natural turf cushioning effect which could potentially cause slip/ trip injuries

  • No plastic or rubber that attracts dirt and debris; no need to avoid playing on the surface when wet; easier routine maintenance; reduced costs associated with maintaining a natural lawn (watering, weed control, etc.)

  • As long as the product is properly maintained it should last 20+ years. Most manufacturers do not expect to see any degradation performance-wise until year 15+. However, we recommend installation by a reputable contractor who will be able to help you maintain your grass - at least once year maintenance should be performed by the owner.

12. What are the two types of artificial turf?

There are two main types of artificial turfs:

  1. Recycled plastic/ rubber crumb infill - the greenest option but with some restrictions

  2. Silicone sand infill - a more typical option, with many benefits over the typically recycled rubber crumb infills.

13. Is there any risk with recycling plastic fill?

Yes. The following potential health risks have been found:

  • Asthma triggers in children

  • Eye and respiratory irritations

  • Increased cancer risk due to toxic fumes or ground dust particles created by synthetic turf that can accumulate in lungs and lymph nodes over time

Manufacturers claim that there is no air quality issues with the use of their products because the chemicals are not chemically bound to the fibers.


Commercial artificial grass has many advantages over natural grass. One of its most significant advantages is that it can last longer than natural grass. Commercial artificial grass can withstand several years of heavy usage. This means that it will save you money and continue to look great throughout the life of your business. Artificial grass is also a vital option for business parks due to how low maintenance it requires. It does not need to be replanted each year, and it does not need to be watered. It will not be affected by the seasonal amount of sunshine it receives either.

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