Supercuts Prices

Supercuts prices start around $14 for a simple, standard haircut. If you are planning for a selective hairstyle or cleanser, then the prices exceed but it may vary by location.

Supercuts categories Cost
Supercuts 1 $14.00
Supercuts 2 $16.00
Supercuts 3 $ 20.00
Supercuts for juniors-Children with 12 and under $12.00
Supercuts for seniors-adults with 62 and above $12.00

Supercuts prices

Supercuts History:

Supercuts salon was inaugurated in 1975 in California, USA. It was first founded by a man whose name was Emmet. Although it was based in California the business headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota It belongs to Regis Corporation’s chain, which is considered one of the largest salon corporations in the world. Regis Corporation also is the founder of many other brands such as Cost Cutters and Holiday Hair.

Today, Supercuts is a huge chain of around 2600 locations, making it clear that Supercuts can be easily found in every city in the United States. Due to its vast chain of branches, Supercuts is the direct competitor of Great Clips which is also a famous beauty salon found in every city in the USA Moreover, Supercuts has a great partnership with Major league Baseball and is their official hair salon.

Supercuts prices: :haircut_woman:

Supercuts come under the list of the top low-cost haircuts and hair styling techniques and come up with fantastic quality for its cost-friendly services. Supercuts prices are sensible and give you easy access to all the clubs and each service that is advertised. Supercuts salons always welcome and encourage their guests and visitors to give them a tremendous experience of their salon.

Supercuts prices are regarded the best in this business. The vast chain of hair salons across the nation provides their customers a full menu of services and perks beyond simple haircuts.

There are approximately 2400 locations of Supercuts that provide reasonable prices for a haircut, trim, color, highlight, styling, shampoo, conditioning, waxing, and many more.
The Supercuts prices start at $14 for a simple haircut and go on further for other services. It is hard to find another salon with such a wonderful and affordable hair care experience.

If you want to know about the exact price ranges of the Supercuts services, we just got you covered. We’ve spent a lot of time researching the services and their prices offered by Supercuts We’ve done a lot of research on a few Supercuts salons to list down their exact prices and a nationwide average. So, keep reading to see how much you’ll have to pay for all the Supercuts services.

Why go for Supercuts :question:

Supercuts salons are bounded by offering the most up-to-date and stylish hairstyles by charging their customers a short sum. The hairstyles offered by them can make you feel extraordinary and look elegant.

The best thing that you can notice at a local Supercuts salon is that there are close similarities in all the Supercuts locations; there aren’t any noticeable differences in them. Each salon and branch provides fantastic services, budget-friendly prices, and a welcoming environment.
It doesn’t matter which one Supercuts branch you are visiting, you will get the same experience in each of them.

The common hair care treatments that are provided at each location include standard haircuts for men, women, and children, hair styling, coloring, and highlights, chemical services, and much more.

All these basic services can be achieved without making any bookings or appointments.
The best thing is each hairstylist working here has enough education and experience. These stylists can help you in choosing an appropriate haircut and color for your skin tone and face shape. They can even copy styles from pictures.

Supercuts prices 2021:

As mentioned above, there are different prices of haircuts and hairstyles in Supercuts salons depending upon which hairstyle you have chosen for yourself. The prices may vary with time like the Supercuts prices 2020 might be slightly different from the Supercuts prices 2019. Let’s have a look at what are the prices of the services offered by Supercuts in 2021.

supercuts prices
In the market, the Supercuts prices are quite reasonable as compared to the other competitors. Supercuts come up with many services. The most common that you can get in each of their branches are Supercuts haircuts, additional services, Super color, and waxing.

Supercuts prices haircut/ how much do Supercuts haircut cost :question:

In Supercuts haircut services the price ranges for a standard haircut. If you are going for Supercuts 1 means a haircut and hot towel refresher, you have to pay $14.00. In Supercuts 2; adding shampoo with the haircut and hot towel refresher will cost you $16.00.

Similarly, Supercuts 3 that includes haircut, hot towel refresher, shampoo, and blow-dry will cost you $20.00. There is not much difference in the price of these three services.
At Supercuts salon, the children 12 years of age or less have to pay $12.00. Similarly, Supercuts prices for seniors and adults with 62 years of age or less have to pay $12.00. This shows clearly that the Supercuts prices are quite budget-friendly and reasonable.

How much do Supercuts prices for color?

The price ranges for super color at Supercuts are fabulous. The super color services are divided into groups.

:small_blue_diamond: Tips: Getting Supercuts tips coloring will add some extra charm to your hair. It means that you can get selective and stylish colors at the tips of your hair.
You can easily choose your favorite color or even the daring color that will make you a vision to behold. Tips coloring will charge you $35.00 which is too little for such an adorable service.

:small_blue_diamond: Highlights: if you are searching for a simple and, ravishing and refreshing look, you should choose the astounding Supercuts highlights package.
There is a variety of highlighting techniques you can choose to get the exact look you have always been searching for and can rock them. Highlights prices are $45.00 and more.

:small_blue_diamond: Grey Blending: We know that many of you are always finding a treatment to get all your grey brightened. Well! In that case, you should grab the Supercuts grey blending offer.
The technique is a superb way to brighten or hide all the greys. Moreover, it blends and fades naturally. The price of this marvelous technique is $14.00 and up.
So don’t waste your time and get your appointment for a Grey blending technique in nearby Supercuts salon

:small_blue_diamond: Hair Glazing: You might have noticed that all of the hair care services and treatments offered in Supercuts salons are mind-blowing and flawless that will aid you in achieving a stylish hair color with natural-looking shades.
Supercuts offers both temporary and permanent hair treatments. Getting a Hair Glazing treatment will costs you $45.00 and above. This can also save you extra bucks.
All these prices are quite much reasonable and affordable.

How much does Supercuts cost for waxing :question:

One of the most popular and convenient methods of getting rid of extra and unwanted hair on the skin is waxing. The waxing option at Supercuts is divided into three categories are Eyebrows, lips, and chin. Experiencing a waxing session at Supercuts will make you too happy and satisfying.

:small_orange_diamond: Eyebrows cost $8.00.

:small_orange_diamond: Chin and lips are priced at $6.00 which is nothing for getting your treatment done at such an amazing and famous salon.

After knowing all this, I think you should not wait for anymore. Just go to your nearby Supercuts salon and enjoy a wonderful waxing session by spending nearly nothing.

Supercuts prices list:

The table given below will help you easily understand the above-mentioned info.

Supercuts prices for other services

Services Cost
Shampoo $7.00
Hair conditioning $13.00
Tea tree experience $10.00
Blow dry $15.00
Styling $10.00
Trimming $6.00
Supercuts prices for coloring
Grey blending
Supercuts prices for waxing

You can get all the above-mentioned services and treatments at such reasonable and cost-friendly prices which clearly show that Supercuts prices are highly reasonable and cost-friendly.

This is the reason why hundreds of people choose Supercuts for their haircuts and other treatments. You can be one of them and trust me you won’t regret it as you can’t find such budget-friendly packages elsewhere.

How much do Supercuts cost for additional services :question:

The additional services at the Supercuts salons are divided into six categories.

:high_brightness: Shampooing your hair will cost you $7.00

:high_brightness: Conditioning treatment services provided here are worth $13.00 which will give you complete satisfaction.

:high_brightness: Tree tea experience: This is one of the most refreshing and renovating treatments. It is followed by shampooing deep conditioning and scalp massaging. All these come at a price you won’t believe.
Yes, for the tea tree experience, you have to pay $16.00 which is quite much budget-friendly.

:high_brightness: Blow dry: Blowdry service at Supercuts costs $15.00 which is nearly nothing.

:high_brightness: Hairstyling: Hairstyling is an important part of your personality and you should be mindful of that. Always choose an eye-catching hairstyle for yourself on any occasion.
Supercuts hairstyling services are always on the peak. You can choose from blow drying, crimping, curling and even straightening your hair. Moreover, the trained hair stylists here will help you a lot in choosing an appropriate hairstyle that will match your facial looks.
Usually, the prices depend upon your hair length but common prices are $10.00 and up.

:high_brightness: Beard trimming: Are you one of those who have a thick beard on your face. You are in a right place. Supercuts beard/bang trim services are especially for people with facial hair. Beard/Bang trim is provided for $6.00 so, it’s time to rock in a well-organized mustache and beard.
All these prices ranges amazed me a lot and are sure so will be all of you. Besides, Supercuts is also famous for its good customer care.

How much are Supercuts prices at different locations in the US: :us:

Although the price ranges are almost the same in every Supercuts salon there is a slight difference in different locations. It means that you may see some Supercuts salons charging a little more or less than the other branches.

In this regard, we are here to help you provide the price range of different Supercuts locations. So, we’ve done a lot of research to gather complete info about four different locations across the US. These locations are New York, California, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Supercuts prices California:

Below is given a brief data about the Supercuts prices in Salinas, California, USA. These prices may also show a close resemblance with the Supercuts prices in NJ, and Supercuts prices in Hawaii. However, it isn’t confirmed completely.

Service Cost
Supercuts 1 $18.95
Supercuts 2 $23.95
Supercuts 3 $35.95
Supercuts Junior and Senior $16.95
Shampoo $5
Conditioning treatment $12
Tea Tree experience $10
Blow dry $35
Beard Trim/Bang trim $9.95 and up
Super color $45 and up
Highlights $30 and up
Grey Blending $30 and up
Waxing $10 and up

Supercuts prices in New York City:

If you are searching for a New York salon price list, this one might be helpful. The differences in the price ranges of various services n the New York branch are not much however you will observe slight changes after going through the following table.

Service Cost
Supercuts 1 $20.95
Supercuts 2 $23
Supercuts 3 $32-$44
Supercuts Junior and Senior $18.95
Shampoo $8
Conditioning treatment $13
Tea Tree experience $10
Blow-dry/ hot tool hair styling 23
Beard Trim/Bang trim $9
Super color $25 and up
Highlights $55 to $115
Grey Blending $40 to 50
Waxing $10 and up
Tip color $6-$8

Supercuts Prices in Massachusetts:

There is a broad chain of Supercuts salons all over the US. There aren’t any clear changes in their price ranges but some variations are observed in them due to the locations they are present. Just like the price list in Roxbury, Massachusetts has the following price list.

Service Cost
Supercuts 1 $17.95
Supercuts 2 $22.95
Supercuts 3 $34.95
Supercuts Junior and Senior $15.95
Shampoo $5
Conditioning treatment $12
Tea Tree experience $10
Blow dry $30
Beard Trim/Bang trim $9.95 and up
Super color $30 and up
Highlights $30 and up
Grey Blending $30 and up
Waxing $10 and up
All over color $45 and up

Supercuts Prices in Michigan:

The table below will let you gain a sense of the Supercuts services and the prices it costs in Michigan, USA.

Supercuts $15.95
Supercuts Jr. $13.95
Supercuts Sr. $14.95
Conditioning $12
Blow-dry hairstyle $25
Highlights $25
Gray Blending $30
All over color $50
Waxing $5

Supercuts Prices in Tennessee:

The following table describes the Supercuts prices in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, USA.

Service Cost
Supercuts $15.95
Supercuts Jr. $13.95
Supercuts Sr. $14.95
Conditioning treatment $12
Blow dry/ hot tool hair styles $25
Highlights $25
Gray Blending $30
All over color $50
Waxing $5

Supercuts working hours:

Supercuts services opening and closing timings are arranged in a manner keeping their customers in mind. You will always find it easy to get your next favorite look at your time and comfort you can easily book your appointments in between the 12 hours during the weekdays. However, appointments at weekends are also made but they have short work timings on weekends. There isn’t any big difference except that on working hours you will get more time. The Supercuts prices Tuesday are the same as the other days.

You can easily book an appointment for yourself by visiting their official website or from their mobile application. You don’t have to worry, just book an appointment, go inside and enjoy a warm welcome and special treatment.

The following table shows the working hours of Supercuts salon.

Supercuts Days Timings
MONDAY 9:00AM 7:00PM
FRIDAY 9:00AM 7:00PM
SUNDAY 10:00AM 5:00PM

Supercuts Products:

Supercuts not only is a famous salon but it also provides its customers with their own beauty products that are made by their corporate owners. These products include both design lines for women and men. These product lines have vast categories including shampoos, conditioners, leave-in products, and a group of styling products.

Some products are particularly designed to color hair, treat grey, sliver, and white strands.
Besides, Supercuts sells top brand products which are bought from the top brands across the country. You can find all the products over any branch of Supercuts at reasonable prices. Some of these popular brands are Joico, Biolage, Red ken, Sexy hair, and many others.
Supercuts tend to collect those products that are manufactured for hair treatments. If you are having frizzy, dry, and thin hair, itchy or oily scalp, you will always find a product that is suitable for your hair as well as matches your budget.

Supercuts Customer Base:

Supercuts has grown too rapidly in the past few decades. This is for sure due to their smart business strategies and franchising facilities for those who want to work in salons.

Moreover, it has a wide customer range because of its budget-friendly price lists. Supercuts is enriched with hardworking and well-experienced staff, and trustworthy styling techniques and services.

Besides having all the comfortable and affordable services, Supercuts is recently declared as a salon that fulfills all the common beauty needs.

Supercuts Mobile app: :iphone:

When you use the Supercuts mobile application, you will get much more easy access to your nearest salon and get an amazing haircut of your own choice. You can also book your appointment via mobile app and select your favorite hairstylist as well.

You can also find the direction from the app as well as it will send your reminders before your check-in time makes it easier for you to never miss your appointment.

You can create an account on this app to save your time and remember your preferences.
So don’t waste your time and download the app from the play store and see how easy and convenient it is in saving your time.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Supercuts is a vast chain of hair salons all across the US. It offers its customers a budget-friendly price list to its customers. The Supercuts prices are a bit different depending upon the locations. Supercuts provides trustworthy and cost-friendly beauty services. Besides, it also sells many beauty products. Supercuts does not have any vast history. They have special strategies to attract their customers. The Supercuts mobile app has made it more easy and convenient to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions :question:

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by the fans of those who are super excited to know the prices of Supercuts and questions are as follows.

1. How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

How much tip you would like to leave is totally depended on how good your cut was $3 would probably be 15% and $4 would be 20% tip so you should give tip between $3 and $4 for a $20 haircut.

2. What is Super Tuesday at Supercuts?

When it’s Tuesday, customers can come by for a $14.95 haircut every Tuesday which is called “SUPER TUESDAY.

3. Do Supercuts wash your hair?

No, not all the Supercuts include hair wash but some of the Supercuts like Supercuts III include a Haircut, Shampoo, and Hot Refresher towel with a blow-dry to give a perfect and complete look.

4. Which is better “great clips” or Supercuts?

Although we know that great clips and Supercuts are both the largest salons that offer haircuts with competitive prices mostly under $20 still there are some major differences which are discussed below.

Great Clips Supercuts
Great Clips customers offer no of promotions like buy 1 and get 1 offer. Supercuts offers a style guide with popular hairstyle details.
2. Great clips offer services like Haircuts, Conditioning Shampooing, Styling, (Trimming of beards, necks, and bangs) Supercuts offers services like Haircuts, facial waxing, coloring, beard trims and services like shampooing, conditioning, hot facial towel, and massaging.
3.$15 3. $15
4. Weekdays timings: 8 a.m-8 p.m or 9 a.m to 9 p.m Saturdays: 8a.m or 9 a.m to 6 p.m or 7 p.m Sundays: 11 a.m to 6 p.m or 7 p.m 4. Weekdays timings: 9 a.m to 7 p.m to 8 p.m Saturdays: 10 a.m or 11 a.m to 5 p.m and 6 p.m Sundays: 10 a**.**m or 11 a.m to 5 p.m or 6 p.m
5.Products: Haircare, styling products, etc Products: Shampoo, conditioner, gels, balms, oils, shaving creams, hair spray ad hair gels from different brands.

5. How much does it cost to dye your hair at Supercuts?

Supercuts cost different charges to dye your hair and the list of the price is shown below.

Service Low End High End
Super color $25 $45
Tip color $25 $45
Highlights $30 $115
Waxing $5 $12

6. Is Supercuts good for color?

Supercuts is most famous for its haircuts so it’s mostly good for color but they do offer other services also like relaxing and waxing services. One thing which is good about Supercuts that If you are not happy with your current color then Supercuts will change your hair color with full-color, highlights, and gray-blending services.

7. What is a reasonable price for a haircut?

Every Salon charges different prices so it depends but according to the survey it is found that all over the world average price range for a haircut is $40-$66. Most of the average haircuts price is $53.

8. How much should you give your hairdresser for Christmas?

Most Hairstylist manicurists and tattoo artists say that a standard tip is 15-20 percent every time of the year to extra appreciate them during their holidays we should add an extra 10-20 percent.

9. How much should a lady’s haircut cost?

The average price of a lady’s haircut in the U.S in 2016 was $45 If we talk about a man’s haircut it is $34 As we can see lady’s haircut prices are higher than a man’s haircut.

10. What is the most expensive haircut?

An expert name Stuart Phillips did the most expensive haircut which was £8,000($16,420) on 29th Oct 2007 In-Salon the name “Stuart Phillips” was in the Covent Garden.

Conclusion: :books:

Supercuts is certainly a great place to get the desired haircut and style at affordable prices. The Supercuts prices are higher in more metropolitan areas as compared to the other locations. However, the average prices are still quite low.

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