Definition of Reasonable:

  1. (By someone) who has a fair and reasonable decision.

  2. An intelligent point of view that is supported or justified by reason. Fair, fair and healthy behavior that avoids mistakes and unnecessary extremism.

  3. It is appropriate or fairly moderate as an infraction.

Synonyms of Reasonable

Easy, Reasoned, Sensible, Conceptive, Understanding, Pragmatic, Legitimate, Forgivable, Well-argued, Tolerable, Frugal, Justifiable, Popular, Coolheaded, Inexpensive, Expiable, Clearminded, Commonsense, Excusable, Realistic, Lucid, Unexcessive, Practical-minded, Within reason, Unidealistic, Token, Not so dumb, Sophic, Within reason, Dispensable, Nominal, Equitable, Sober-minded, Conceivable, Matter-of-fact, All there, Economic, Rational, Clearheaded, Moderate, Low-priced, Normal, Sensible, Scientistic, Proper, Positivistic, Equitable, Practical, Noetic, Unobjectionable, Apparent, Warrantable, Just, Cheap, Rational, Defensible, Straight-thinking, Strong-minded, Just, Earthy, Manageable, Appropriate, Economical, Sane-minded, Compos mentis, Consequent, Mentally sound, Knowing, Exemptible, Allowable, Sound-thinking, Sober, Worth the money, Realist, Budget, Unexpensive, Well-thought-out, Unsentimental, Wise, Restrained, Intelligent, Practicable, Fair, Acceptable, Sensible, Open to reason, Of sound mind, Unextreme, Discursive, Vindicable, Well-balanced, Judicious, Inoffensive, Cool, Philosophical, Ideational, Logical, Sound-minded, Remissible, Levelheaded, Fair-minded, Conservative, Arguable, Thinking, Unideal, Full of common sense, Balanced, Within means, Modest, Suitable, Venial, Sane, Economy, Wholesome, Low, Logical, Cogent, Scientific, Unextravagant, Healthy-minded, Tenable, Unromantic, Down-to-earth, Pardonable, Well-grounded, Plausible, Shabby, Decent, Secular, Condonable, Fair, Admissible, Temperate, Intellectual, Hardheaded, Believable, Controlled, Discreet, Credible, Right, Bright, Conceptual, Shoddy, Well-founded, Sound, Together, Worldly

How to use Reasonable in a sentence?

  1. No reasonable person can object.
  2. The police officer can use enough force to enter.

Meaning of Reasonable & Reasonable Definition

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