Definition of Range:

  1. Statistics: Measure of the variation in a set of data, computed by subtracting the lowest value from the highest value in the same set.

  2. Cost estimating: Upper and lower possibilities of the forecasted costs for a product, program, or project.

  3. General: Universe of all realistic possibilities.

  4. The direction or position in which something lies.

  5. The area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale.

  6. An electric or gas stove with several burners and one or more ovens.

  7. A set of different things of the same general type.

  8. A course of masonry extending from end to end at one height.

  9. Obtain the range of a target by adjustment after firing past it or short of it, or by the use of radar or laser equipment.

  10. Marketing: Group of associated products offered by a producer or supplier for the same broad set of customers.

  11. (of a person or animal) travel or wander over a wide area.

  12. Place or arrange in a row or rows or in a specified order or manner.

  13. Vary or extend between specified limits.

  14. The distance within which something can be reached or perceived.

  15. A line or series of mountains or hills.

  16. A large area of open land for grazing or hunting.

Synonyms of Range

Stove, Cooking stove, Kitchen stove, Line up, Align, Draw up, Put in order, Set in order, Order, Place, Position, Arrange, Dispose, Set out, Array, Rank, Pasture, Pasturage, Pastureland, Grass, Grassland, Grazing land, Ley, Paddock, Croft, Earshot, Hearing distance, Hearing range, Carrying range, Range of ones voice, Auditory range, Sound, Range, Assortment, Variety, Diversity, Mixture, Collection, Array, Set, Selection, Choice, Pick, Roam, Rove, Traverse, Travel, Journey, Wander, Stray, Drift, Ramble, Meander, Amble, Stroll, Traipse, Walk, Hike, Trek, Backpack, Vary, Fluctuate, Differ, Span, Scope, Compass, Radius, Scale, Gamut, Reach, Sweep, Extent, Area, Field, Orbit, Ambit, Province, Realm, Domain, Horizon, Latitude, Alps, Andes, Caucasus, Himalayas, Indian file, Rockies, Adjust, Aesthetic distance, Agora, Aim, Air transport, Air travel, Airfreight, Align, Allocate, Allot, Alphabetize, Alps on alps, Ambit, Amount, Amphitheater, Ample scope, Amplitude, Analyze, Apportion, Area, Arena, Arrange, Array, Articulation, Assort, Assortment, Athletic field, Auditorium, Auditory range, Azimuth, Background, Bank, Bat around, Bear garden, Bearing, Bent, Bias, Bigness, Blank check, Body, Bowl, Boxing ring, Bracket, Breadth, Break down, Bulk, Bull ring, Bum, Buzz, Caliber, Campo, Campus, Canvas, Carry, Carry out, Carrying distance, Carte blanche, Catalog, Catalogue, Categorize, Catena, Catenation, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Choice, Chromatic scale, Circle, Circumambulate, Circus, Class, Classify, Clear sight, Clearance, Cockpit, Codify, Coliseum, Collection, Collocate, Color vision, Colosseum, Command, Compass, Compose, Concatenation, Cone vision, Confines, Connection, Consecution, Continuum, Cooker, Cordillera, Count ties, Course, Cover, Coverage, Current, Cut, Cycle, Daylight vision, Deal, Deal out, Deep space, Degree, Depth, Depths of space, Descent, Diameter, Diapason, Differ, Digest, Dimension, Dimensions, Direction, Direction line, Discernment, Dispose, Distance, Distribute, Divagate, Divergence, Divide, Do, Dodecuple scale, Domain, Domination, Drift, Drone, Earreach, Earshot, Elbowroom, Encompass, Endless belt, Endless round, Enharmonic scale, Enlarge, Environ, Expanse, Expansion, Extend, Extend out, Extension, Extent, Eye, Eye-mindedness, Eyereach, Eyeshot, Eyesight, Farness, Farsight, Farsightedness, Field, Field of view, Field of vision, File, Filiation, Fix, Flit, Floor, Fluctuate, Forum, Free course, Free hand, Free play, Free scope, Full scope, Full swing, Gad, Gad about, Gallivant, Gamut, Gauge, Girth, Go, Go about, Go out, Go over, Go the rounds, Gradation, Grade, Graduate, Grass, Grass veld, Grassland, Grazing, Great scale, Greatness, Ground, Group, Gym, Gymnasium, Habitat, Hall, Haugh, Haughland, Haunt, Heading, Hearing, Height, Helmsmanship, Hippodrome, Hit the road, Hit the trail, Hobo, Hold, Home, Horizon, Hum, Inclination, Incline, Index, Infinity, Interval, Jaunt, Keen sight, Ken, Kind, Knock about, Knock around, Largeness, Latitude, Lay, Lea, Leap, Leeway, Length, Level, Lie, Light-years, Limit, Limit of vision, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Line of sight, Line up, Lineage, List, Lists, Llano, Locale, Locality, Long rope, Lot, Magnitude, Major scale, Maneuvering space, Margin, Mark, Marketplace, Marshal, Mass, Massif, Mat, Match, Matter, Mead, Meadow, Meadow land, Meander, Measure, Measurement, Melodic minor, Migrate, Mileage, Milieu, Minor scale, Monotone, Mooch, Mountain range, Move, Naked eye, Native environment, Navigation, Neighborhood, Nexus, Night vision, No holds barred, Nomadize, Notch, Nuance, Number, Octave scale, Open forum, Open space, Orbit, Order, Organize, Orientation, Outdistance, Outlie, Outlook, Outlook over, Outrange, Outstretch, Overpass, Palaestra, Pampa, Pampas, Panorama, Parade ground, Parcel out, Park, Parsecs, Pas, Pass over, Pass through, Pasturage, Pasture, Pasture land, Patrol, Peg, Pendulum, Pentatonic scale, Perambulate, Perception, Peregrinate, Pererrate, Period, Periodicity, Peripheral field, Peripheral vision, Perspective, Perspicacity, Perspicuity, Photopia, Piece, Pigeonhole, Piloting, Pit, Pitch, Place, Plane, Plateau, Platform, Play, Plenum, Ply, Point, Powder train, Power of sight, Prairie, Precinct, Predispose, Prize ring, Progression, Proportion, Proportions, Prospect, Province, Prowl, Public square, Purlieu, Purview, Quarter, Queue, Quick sight, Radius, Rally, Ramble, Range out, Range over, Rank, Rate, Ratio, Reach, Reach out, Realm, Reconnoiter, Recurrence, Regiment, Register, Remoteness, Remove, Reticulation, Ring, Roam, Rod vision, Room, Rope, Rotation, Round, Routine, Rove, Row, Run, Run about, Rung, Saunter, Savanna, Scale, Scan, Scene, Scene of action, Scenery, Scope, Scope of vision, Scotopia, Scour, Scour the country, Scout, Sea room, Seeing, Selection, Sense of sight, Separation, Sequence, Series, Set, Set out, Setting, Shade, Shadow, Shuttle, Shuttle service, Sierra, Sight, Sightedness, Sightliness, Single file, Site, Size, Sort, Sound, Space, Span, Spectrum, Sphere, Spread, Squared circle, Stadium, Stage, Stage set, Stage setting, Stair, Stamping ground, Standard, Steerage, Steering, Step, Steppe, Steppeland, Stint, Straddle, Straggle, Stray, Stretch, Stretch out, Stride, String, String out, Stroll, Subdivide, Succession, Surround, Survey, Swale, Swath, Sweep, Swing, Tabulate, Take in, Temperament, Tendency, Tenor, Terrain, Territory, Theater, Thread, Thrust out, Tier, Tilting ground, Tiltyard, Tolerance, Track, Train, Traipse, Tramp, Transit, Travel over, Travel through, Traverse, Tread, Trend, Tune, Tuning, Twilight vision, Type, Unobstructed vision, Vagabond, Vagabondize, Variety, Vary, Vega, Veld, Vicinity, View, Vision, Vista, Visual acuity, Visual field, Visual sense, Volume, Voyage, Walk, Walk the tracks, Wander, Way, Wayfare, Ways, Whole-tone scale, Wide berth, Width, Windrow, Wrestling ring, Row, Chain

How to use Range in a sentence?

  1. The cost is thought to be in the range of $1-5 million a day.
  2. Something lurked just beyond her range of vision.
  3. Patrols ranged thousands of miles deep into enemy territory.
  4. The coastal ranges of the northwest.
  5. Radar-type transmissions which appeared to be ranging on our convoys.
  6. A table with half a dozen chairs ranged around it.
  7. The range of the hills and valleys is nearly from north to south.
  8. The casting director said that she was looking for girls in the preschool age range to fill the role of Mia, the main characters daughter, in the movie.
  9. Patients whose ages ranged from 13 to 25 years.
  10. A wood-burning kitchen range.
  11. I practice my vocal range daily to make my singing voice nice and strong and loud for when I perform on the stage so others can hear me.
  12. The area offers a wide range of activities for the tourist.
  13. On dude ranches, tourists put on crisp new western gear to ride the range.
  14. The range of different boots available for the winter seems endless, from rugged hiking boots to fashionable fur-lined leather boots.

Meaning of Range & Range Definition

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Range: What is the Meaning of Range?

  1. Range refers to Expansion refers to the difference between the high and low prices of a security or index during a particular period. The range determines the difference between the highest and lowest trading prices in a given period, for example a day, a month or a year. Boundaries appear on the chart for a trading period, such as highs and lows on a candle or bar.

    • Expansion is the difference between higher and lower prices during a given trading period.
    • Range trading is characterized by the fact that the price stays within the default range over time.
    • The amount of change in the threshold relative to the total price reflects the volatility of the given security.

Meanings of Range

  1. It varies or spreads between different boundaries.

  2. Arrange or arrange on one or more lines or in a particular order or style.

  3. (A person or animal) travels or explores a large area.

  4. Achieve the target range by adjusting the target after shooting up or down or using radar or laser devices.

  5. The range of variation between upper and lower limits on a given scale.

  6. Many different things of the same general type.

  7. The distance at which an object can be reached or felt.

  8. A line or range of mountains or hills.

  9. Large open space for grazing or hunting.

  10. Electric or gas stove with multiple burners and one or more ovens.

  11. A rock that stretches from one end to the other.

Sentences of Range

  1. Patients range in age from 13 to 25

  2. A table with half a dozen chairs around it

  3. The patrol is spread over thousands of kilometers in enemy territory

  4. It looks like a radar transmission is running on our convoy

  5. The daily cost is about 15 15 million.

  6. The region offers a variety of activities for tourists

  7. Something is hidden from view

  8. Northwest Coast

Synonyms of Range

range of one's voice


Range: What is the Meaning of Range?

  • A threshold is the difference between a maximum and a minimum security or index over a period of time. Range determines the difference between high and low values ​​traded, for example, a day, a month or a year. These limits are marked for a single trade on the chart, such as the height and bottom of a candle or bar.

    • The range is the difference between the maximum and minimum values ​​for a given operation.
    • Range trading is characterized by staying within the default range over time.
    • Describes the amount of change in range from yesterday and the level of fluctuations of a particular security experience.

Meanings of Range

  1. The range of variation between the upper and lower limits on a given scale.

  2. Man who can see or hear distance.

  3. Large open land for grazing or hunting.

  4. Burners or burners and a large pot with one or more ovens, they are all hot all the time.

  5. Number of buildings

  6. Direction or position whatever.

  7. Varies or differs between set limits.

  8. Arrange or arrange in one or more rows or in a particular way.

  9. Stand or refuse (one person or group)

  10. (A person or animal) Traveling or exploring a large area.

  11. Achieve the target range by adjusting the target after ■■■■■■ up or down or using radar or laser devices.

  12. (A person or their lifestyle) is established regularly.

Sentences of Range

  1. Cost 1 to 5 million per day.

  2. On the holiday farm, tourists wear new Western costumes to explore the diversity.

  3. Town Sands Durham Quadrangle at Trainee College.

  4. A range of hills and valleys that stretches from almost north to north.

  5. Prices range from 30 to 100.

  6. Japan with European countries

  7. The patrol reaches deep into enemy territory.

  8. A radar transmission is visible on our convoy.

Synonyms of Range

shieling, ridge, bawn, greensward, sward, bocage, parameters, genus, limits, species, potrero, bounds, put/set in order


Definition of Range:

The definition of Range is: Yarlet Perez is an experienced multimedia journalist and fact checker with a master's degree in journalism. He has worked in various cities for news, politics, education and more. His background is in personal finance, investment and real estate.

  • Range is the difference between the maximum and minimum values ​​for a given operation.
  • Range trading is characterized by staying within the default range over time.
  • Describes the amount of change in the range from yesterday and the level of fluctuations of the specific security experience.

Meanings of Range

  1. The difference between the upper and lower limits on a given scale.

  2. The distance a person can see or hear.

  3. A large pot with a burner or burners and one or more ovens, which are always hot.

  4. Varies between variable or defined boundaries.

  5. Stand or fall (one person or group).

  6. Achieve the target range after shooting up or down or by adjusting the target using radar or laser equipment.

  7. (A person or his lifestyle) is established regularly.

Sentences of Range

  1. Cost on order of $ 1 to 5 million per day

  2. At Holiday Farm, tourists wear new Western costumes to explore the diversity.

  3. Town Sands Durham Quadrangle at Trinity College

  4. A range of hills and valleys that stretches almost from north to south.

  5. A radar transmission that appears to be moving on our convoy.

  6. Can be very organized