Definition of Strategy:

  1. The method or plan chosen to shape the desired future, that is, to achieve goals or solve problems b.

  2. A plan of action or policy to achieve an important or common goal.

  3. The art and science of planning and mobilizing resources for their efficient and effective use. The term is derived from the Greek word meaning general or military. See also Tips.

Synonyms of Strategy

Grift, Investment, Grand design, Arrangement, Plot, Sleight, Cavalry tactics, Craft, Aerial tactics, Methodology, Armored tactics, Move, Envisagement, System, Charting, Lineup, Scheme, Scheme, Procedure, Red herring, Infantry tactics, Deceit, Program of action, Conception, The big picture, Long-range plan, Artifice, Proposed action, Airborne tactics, Ground plan, Prearrangement, Wily device, Scheme of arrangement, Cute trick, Strategic plan, Figuring, Mapping, Working plan, Organization, Coup, Dodge, Little game, Applied tactics, Wile, Expedient, The picture, Guidelines, Operations research, Layout, Design, Project, Master plan, Diversion, Master plan, Game plan, Blueprinting, Schematism, Attack, Knavery, Planning, Fetch, Schedule, Method, Gimmick, Shift, Approach, Chicanery, Pincers movement, Fakement, Rationalization, Conspiracy, Planning function, Enterprise, Mobile tactics, Plan, Maneuver, Policy, Game, Way, Barrier tactics, Schedule, Subterfuge, Tactic, Plan, Jugglery, Game plan, Program, Systematization, Mob tactics, Disposition, Stratagem, Blueprint, Art, Feint, Shock tactics, Idea, Tactics, Procedure, Ruse, Ploy, Defensive strategy, Forethought, Setup, Programme, Artful dodge, Gambit, Intention, Tactical plan, Approach, Device, Graphing, Schema, Racket, Blueprint, Scenario, Contrivance, Fire tactics, Intrigue, Encirclement, Infiltration, Trick, Policy, Schematization, Plan of action, Trickery, Calculation, Foresight, Blind

How to use Strategy in a sentence?

  1. Now is the time to develop an integrated economic strategy.
  2. The company has proposed a new strategy that will be used to reduce the price of its products in the market that have been in the market for more than 90 days to reduce its stock.
  3. Brand's strategy allowed him to win his school's game of chess by retaining opponents' pawns.
  4. The smart young woman's strategy is simple and comprehensive. He will outline plans to make money and implement it next month.

Meaning of Strategy & Strategy Definition

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