Definition of Choice:

  1. Choose one thing

    Example: You need to give the user the time of their choice.

  2. (Especially food) with very good quality.

  3. Rough and rough (in words, phrases or language).

  4. The process of making a decision based on two or more options.

  5. Different items to choose from

    Example: We only have a limited selection of suppliers.

Synonyms of Choice

Delicate, Finding, Free choice, Top, Pick, Good judgment, Classic, Special, Subdued, Optimal, Superlative, Fat, Liking, Transcendent, Queen, Resolution, Intention, Druthers, Cream, First-class, Inclination, Decision, The best ever, Nonpareil, Adjudgment, Escape hatch, Verdict, Adjudication, Pleasing, Exceptional, Rude, Determination, Say-so, Offensive, High-grade, Incomparable, Grade A, Conatus, Greatest, Flower, Best, Finest, High-quality, Very best, Unmatched, Pretext, Well-chosen, Prize, Acceptance, First-rate, Desirable, Elegant, Unprintable, Prime, Exclusive, Saving clause, Judicature, Possible course of action, Objective, Handpicked, Optimum, Restrained, Simple, Conation, Matchless, Alternative, Appropriate, Superior, Escape clause, Pleasure, Possibility, Insulting, Quiet, Unmatchable, Recherche, Pure, Carefully chosen, In good taste, Superior, Dainty, Wish, Surpassing, The tops, Preferred, Tasteful, Chosen, Chaste, Elect, Artistic, Best, Paramount, Select, Unobtrusive, Mind, Unparalleled, Unaffected, Velleity, Fancy, Lust, Volition, Exquisite, Full consent, Excellent, Sexual desire, Aesthetic, Election, Choosing, Special, Option, Quintessence, Judging, Fine, Top-quality, Selection, Quality, Pride, Peerless, Alternative, Disposition, Top, Passion, Of the first water, Option, Appraisal, Appetence, The best, Elite, Vintage, Discretion, Free will, Paragon, Fitting, Appetite, Arbitrament, Of quality, Appetency, Hand-picked, Attic, Judgment, Rating, Select, Preference, Command, Of choice, Supreme, Fit, Unsurpassed, For the best, Preeminent, Rare, Will power, Quintessential, Way out, High-quality, Voice, Evaluation, The very best, Discrimination, Noncontingent free will, Selected, Nonesuch, Prize, Prime, Excellent, Will, Deeming, Champion, Way of escape, Desire, Ideal, Animus, Loophole, Arbitration, Premier, Picked, First-rate, Understated, Free decision, Abusive, Say

How to use Choice in a sentence?

  1. Choose between good and evil.
  2. For her, it's a very difficult choice between a blue or red jacket with yellow stripes, as both are her favorite colors.
  3. I have the option to go to a Chinese or Mexican restaurant because it's my birthday.
  4. It has many word options.
  5. He chose his favorite beer.
  6. Whenever new ideas come to mind, you need to make sure that all the important factors are balanced so that you can make the right decisions in the end.

Meaning of Choice & Choice Definition