Definition of Variation:

  1. Inevitable change in the output or outcome of a system (process), because all systems vary over time. There are two main types of change (1) general, hereditary in the system and (2) specific, which are due to changes in conditions or environment.

Synonyms of Variation

Bend, Changeability, Corner, Ritornello, Choppiness, Unfixedness, Departure, Realignment, Undependability, Part, Discongruity, Severance, Omnifariousness, Divarication, Modulation, Fickleness, Orchestration, Seesawing, Etude, Production, Personalization, Impulsiveness, Opus, Rambling, Digression, Descant, Refrain, Changing, Alternation, Nonconformism, Tailpiece, Variability, Adjustment, Reform, Constructive change, Aleatory music, Wantonness, Waywardness, Far cry, Disjunction, Mercuriality, Otherness, Invention, Irreconcilability, Sudden change, Deterioration, Choice, Nonuniformity, Divergence, Pluralism, Mutability, Warp, Branching off, Restructuring, Eccentricity, Excursus, Individualization, Unsteadiness, Harmonization, Apostasy, Inconsistency, Demarcation, Bias, Straying, Melioration, Instrumental music, Differencing, Nonconformity, Statement, Transition, Diversion, Cadence, Changeableness, Declination, Discreteness, Divagation, Anacrusis, Novelty, Unpredictability, Varying, Nonstandardization, Polymorphism, Incidental music, Proteus, Violent change, Manifoldness, Degenerative change, Sweep, Anatomization, Hairpin, Change of pace, Inharmony, Disaccordance, Introductory phrase, Redesign, Nachtmusik, Disparity, Arrangement, Multiplicity, Dissonance, Teetering, Segregation, Reversal, Distinguishment, Chamber orchestra, Variety, Whimsicality, Contrariety, Sonata, Discursion, Aberrancy, Break, Swinging, Accommodation, Betterment, Switch, Modification, Theme and variations, Fluctuation, Wavering, Worsening, Folderol, Radical change, Bass passage, Study, Freakishness, Drift, Distinctness, Burden, Musical phrase, Her infinite variety, Unorthodoxy, Remaking, About-face, Score, Ornament, Desultoriness, Restlessness, Sheer, Phrase, Mitigation, Dogleg, Veer, Variousness, Deflection, Bridge, Revivification, Turnabout, Amelioration, Unconformity, String orchestra, Sonatina, Variegation, Discrepancy, String quartet, Re-creation, Yaw, Trio, Passage, Swerving, Variance, Diversity, Aberration, Mutation, Coda, Conversion, Verse, Intermezzo, Turning, Interlude, Dissimilarity, Particularization, Piece, Multifariousness, Defection, Twist, Reformation, Qualification, Total change, Stanza, Heteromorphism, Inaccordance, Versatility, Errantry, Uncertainty, Disequalization, Deviousness, Shuffling, Exorbitation, Deviancy, Unstableness, Distinction, Drifting, Turn, Exercise, Circuitousness, Disaccord, Renewal, Overthrow, Inconsonance, Severalization, Unsteadfastness, Oscillation, Tutti passage, Motleyness, Discontinuity, Shifting course, Diversification, Atomization, Altering, Analysis, Pererration, Moodiness, Skew, Tutti, Shifting, Vicissitude, Irregularity, Alteration, Change of heart, Tack, Inequality, Response, Division, Program music, Change, Opposition, Wandering, Air varie, Unconformism, Improvement, Odds, Capriciousness, Unsettledness, Jerkiness, Pendulation, Tottering, Separation, Deviation, Nocturne, Aleatory, Shiftiness, Divergency, Gradual change, Shift, Adaptation, Deviability, Development, Crook, Differing, Section, Bourdon, Incompatibility, Modifying, Zigzag, Revival, Chorus, Erraticism, Deviance, Permutation, Specialization, Inharmoniousness, Individuation, Heterogeneity, Ricercar, Revolution, Differentiation, Degeneration, Discordance, Incongruity, Slant, Strain, Indirection, Work, Raggedness, Harmonic close, Disconformity, ■■■■■■■■ Obliquity, Period, Resolution, Continuity, Dappleness, Excursion, Shapeshifter, Absolute music, Allotropism, Chamber music, Omniformity, Musical sentence, Mixture, Exposition, Electronic music, Movement, Reshaping, Dissent, Difference, Discrimination, Swerve, Disagreement, Double, Measure, Composition, Separateness, Flip-flop, Unreliability, Upheaval, Vacillation, Disorder, Contrast, Instability, Figure, Desynonymization, Shifting path, Curve, Allotropy, Unlikeness, Detour, Teeter-tottering, Inconstancy, Flightiness

How to use Variation in a sentence?

  1. If an abnormal climate occurs in the assumed control environment, changes can be expected, which are different from the results projected.
  2. Scientists expect some changes in their data, but the results are always unchanging.
  3. The changing eye color in the family line is slowly returning to a gray color due to the lack of mixed marriages outside of your generation.

Meaning of Variation & Variation Definition

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