Definition of Price:

  1. A value that will purchase a finite quantity, weight, or other measure of a good or service.

    As the consideration given in exchange for transfer of ownership, price forms the essential basis of commercial transactions. It may be fixed by a contract, left to be determined by an agreed upon formula at a future date, or discovered or negotiated during the course of dealings between the parties involved.

    In commerce, price is determined by what (1) a buyer is willing to pay, (2) a seller is willing to accept, and (3) the competition is allowing to be charged. With product, promotion, and place of marketing mix, it is one of the business variables over which organizations can exercise some degree of control.

    It is a criminal offense to manipulate prices (see price fixing) in collusion with other suppliers, and to give a misleading indication of price such as charging for items that are reasonably expected to be included in the advertised, list, or quoted price.

    Also called sale price and selling price.

Synonyms of Price

Amends, Amount, Appraisal, Appraise, Asking price, Assay, Assess, Atonement, Bank rate, Bearish prices, Bid price, Blood money, Bonus, Book value, Bounty, Bullish prices, Call price, Charge, Closing price, Compensation, Compensatory interest, Compound interest, Consequence, Consideration, Cost, Cost out, Damages, Dearness, Decline, Discount rate, Equivalent odds, Evaluate, Evaluation, Even break, Even chance, Exorbitant interest, Expenditure, Expense, Extraordinary worth, Face value, Fair-trade, Fee, Figure, Fixed price, Flash price, Flurry, Flutter, Good chance, Great price, Great value, Gross interest, Guerdon, High, Honorarium, Hundred-to-one shot, Indemnification, Indemnity, Interest, Interest rate, Invaluableness, Issue par, Issue price, Long odds, Long shot, Low, Lucrative interest, Market price, Market value, Meed, Mortgage points, Net interest, No chance, Nominal value, Odds, Offering price, Opening price, Outlay, Par, Par value, Parity, Payment, Penal interest, Penal retribution, Penalization, Penalty, Penance, Preciousness, Premium, Price of money, Price tag, Priceless, Pricelessness, Prize, Punishment, Put price, Quittance, Quotation, Quote a price, Quoted price, Rally, Rate, Rate of interest, Recompense, Redress, Remuneration, Reparation, Requital, Requitement, Restitution, Retribution, Return, Reward, Sacrifice, Salvage, Satisfaction, Settling price, Short odds, Simple interest, Small chance, Smart money, Solatium, Square odds, Stated value, Swings, Tab, Tariff, Toll, Usury, Valorize, Valuableness, Valuate, Valuation, Value, Wergild, Worth

How to use Price in a sentence?

  1. There where so many luxury vehicles to choose from however, the woman had to look at all the price s to see if she could afford the car.
  2. The price of stock price s are influenced by national, regional economic news, government policies, the companies performance, and or simply by the excitement or the panic of investors of this stock.
  3. The price of this hat is 10 dollars. However, with a little bit of haggling I was able to get the store owner to lower the price to 8 dollars.

Meaning of Price & Price Definition