Definition of Pay:

  1. Give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred.

  2. To honor a credit or obligation by putting the creditor or obligee in funds.

  3. Suffer a loss or other misfortune as a consequence of an action.

  4. Salary or wage.

  5. The money paid to someone for regular work.

  6. Give or bestow (attention, respect, or a compliment) on (someone).

Synonyms of Pay

Salary, Wages, Wage, Take-home pay, Gross pay, Net pay, Payment, Suffer, Suffer the consequences, Be punished, Pay a penalty, Atone, Make atonement, Pay the price, Get ones deserts, Take ones medicine, Accomplish, Achieve, Advantage, Afford, Angel, Answer, Attend to, Avail, Back, Bankroll, Base pay, Be exposed to, Be gainful, Be had, Be handy, Be of use, Be profitable, Be subjected to, Be worthwhile, Benefit, Bestead, Bring about, Bring in, Bring off, Bring to pass, Budget, Capitalize, Castigation, Chastening, Chastisement, Come down on, Commit, Compensate, Compensation, Condign punishment, Correction, Cost, Cost out, Cough up, Deserts, Disburse, Disciplinary measures, Discipline, Dismissal wage, Do, Do for, Do the trick, Do to, Earnings, Effect, Effectuate, Emolument, Encounter, Endure, Escalator clause, Escalator plan, Expend, Experience, Fee, Feel, Ferule, Fill the bill, Finance, Financial remuneration, Fix, Fork out, Fund, Get satisfaction, Give good returns, Give it to, Go and do, Go through, Gross, Gross income, Grubstake, Guaranteed annual wage, Guerdon, Have, Hire, Income, Incur costs, Indemnify, Inflict, Infliction, Invest, Judgment, Judicial punishment, Know, Labor under, Lay out, Living wage, Make, Make amends, Make requital, Make restitution, Make retribution, Meet, Meet up with, Meet with, Minimum wage, Nemesis, Net, Net income, Open the purse, Outlay, Overpay, Overspend, Pains, Pains and punishments, Pass through, Patronize, Pay and allowances, Pay back, Pay by installments, Pay dearly, Pay exorbitantly, Pay for, Pay off, Pay on, Pay out, Pay too much, Payment, Payroll, Penal retribution, Penalty, Penology, Perpetrate, Plunk, Portal-to-portal pay, Prepay, Produce, Profit, Provide for, Pull off, Punishment, Punition, Purchasing power, Put out, Quit, Real wages, Realize, Recompense, Redress, Refinance, Remit, Remunerate, Remuneration, Render, Repay, Requite, Retribution, Retributive justice, Return, Reward, Run through, Run up against, Salary, Satisfy, Schedule, Scourge, Serve, Serve one out, Serve the purpose, Set up, Settle, Settle the score, Severance pay, Shell out, Sink money in, Sliding scale, Spend, Splurge, Sponsor, Squander, Stake, Stand under, Stipend, Subsidize, Suffer, Suffice, Support, Sustain, Take and do, Take care of, Take-home, Take-home pay, Taste, Taxable income, Tender, Throw money around, Total compensation, Undergo, Up and do, Wage, Wage control, Wage freeze, Wage reduction, Wage rollback, Wage scale, Wages, Wages after deductions, Wages after taxes, Well-deserved punishment, What-for, Wreak, Yield, Yield a profit, Reward, Reimburse, Recompense, Give payment to, Settle up with, Remunerate, Tip, Indemnify, Bestow, Present, Grant, Give, Hand out, Extend, Offer, Proffer, Render, Afford

How to use Pay in a sentence?

  1. Those working on contract may receive higher rates of pay.
  2. You need to offer good pay to your workers so that they are always motivated to work hard for you.
  3. He paid the locals to pick his coffee beans.
  4. The junk droid translated the Gundan speech as, You no pay , you no get evil pilot. Now! You pay me now!.
  5. When Paul took out a personal loan from John, he promised to pay John back with interest by the end of the year.
  6. They paid for his impatience.
  7. No one paid them any attention.

Meaning of Pay & Pay Definition

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