Definition of Technique:

  1. A systematic procedure, formula, or routine by which a task is accomplished.

  2. A way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure.

Synonyms of Technique

MO, SOP, Ability, Acquaintance, Address, Adeptness, Adroitness, Airmanship, Algorithm, Approach, Aptitude, Arrangement, Art, Artfulness, Artisanship, Artistry, Atmosphere, Attack, Balance, Bravura, Brilliance, Brushwork, Capability, Capacity, Cleverness, Color, Command, Competence, Composition, Control, Coordination, Corpus, Course, Craft, Craftsmanship, Cunning, Data, Datum, Deftness, Design, Dexterity, Dexterousness, Dextrousness, Diplomacy, Draftsmanship, Efficiency, Experience, Expertise, Facility, Facts, Factual base, Faculty, Familiarity, Fashion, Finesse, Form, Genius, Gift, Grace, Grip, Grouping, Guise, Handiness, Horsemanship, Information, Ingeniousness, Ingenuity, Intelligence, Intimacy, Ken, Knack, Know-how, Knowing, Knowledge, Line, Line of action, Lines, Manner, Manner of working, Marksmanship, Mastership, Mastery, Means, Mechanics, Mechanism, Method, Methodology, Mode, Mode of operation, Mode of procedure, Modus, Modus operandi, Order, Painterliness, Performance, Perspective, Practical ability, Practical knowledge, Practice, Private knowledge, Privity, Procedure, Proceeding, Process, Proficiency, Prowess, Quickness, Ratio cognoscendi, Readiness, Resource, Resourcefulness, Routine, Savoir-faire, Savvy, Science, Seamanship, Self-knowledge, Shading, Shadow, Skill, Skillfulness, Standard operating procedure, Style, System, Tack, Tact, Tactfulness, Talent, Technic, Technical brilliance, Technical know-how, Technical knowledge, Technical mastery, Technical skill, Technics, Technology, The drill, The how, The way of, Timing, Tone, Touch, Treatment, Values, Virtuosity, Way, Wise, Wit, Wizardry, Workmanship

How to use Technique in a sentence?

  1. His unique artwork became popular very quickly and he was soon well known, not only for his amazing creations but also for the unusual technique he employed when creating them.
  2. New surgical techniques mean a shorter hospital stay.
  3. If you know the right technique to advance in the business world you should have a long and lucrative career ahead of you.
  4. In order to be a great bowler, you had to have the right technique order to knock the pins down and get strikes.

Meaning of Technique & Technique Definition

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