Definition of Customer:

  1. From someone or something special.

  2. A person or organization that buys products or services in a store or company.

  3. General: Anyone who receives or uses any product (merchandise or service) has the right to choose between different products and suppliers. See also buyers.

  4. Quality Control: A unit in a company that establishes process requirements (e.g., accounting) and receives the results of that process (e.g., annual financial reports) from one or more internal or external suppliers. ۔

Synonyms of Customer

Character, Body, Prospect, Cat, Creature, Mark, Mortal, Somebody, Homo, Purchaser, Fellow, Single, Hand, Adamite, Buyer, Personality, Life, Joker, Fellow, Creature, Person, Woman, Patron, Human being, Someone, Man, Bloke, Living soul, Man, Head, Personage, Regular, Individual, Duck, Client, Terran, Consumer, Guy, Soul, Buyer, Groundling, Nose, Purchaser, Consumer, One, Shopper, Human, Regular customer, Earthling, Person, Tellurian, Sucker, Individual, Worldling, Being, Shopper, Chap, Party

How to use Customer in a sentence?

  1. Mr. Harrison is a regular at Golden Lion.
  2. The fish is slipping and it is very difficult to catch.

Meaning of Customer & Customer Definition


What is The Meaning of Customer?

Consumers are people or companies that buy goods or services from other companies. Consumers are important because without them they receive revenue and the company cannot survive. Apple believes that all companies compete with other companies to attract customers, whether they are aggressively promoting their products, increasing their customer base by lowering prices, or unique. Create products and experiences that customers will like. , Tesla, Google or Tic Tac Toe.

  • Consumers are people and companies that buy goods and services from other companies.
  • In order to understand the best way to meet the needs of their customers, some companies closely monitor relationships with customers to identify opportunities to improve their services and products.
  • The way companies treat their customers can give them a competitive advantage.
  • Although consumers can be consumers, consumers are those who use or use goods and services in the marketplace.

A person, a company, etc. who buys goods and / or services from other people, companies, businesses, etc.

Meanings of Customer

  1. A person or organization that buys products or services in a store or company.

  2. From someone or something special.

Sentences of Customer

  1. Mr. Harrison often visits the Golden Lion

  2. This fish slippery. There are customers and it is very difficult to catch