Definition of Check-in:

  1. Procedure by which an airline or hotel formally registers the arrival of a passenger for a flight or a guest for a stay.

How to use Check-in in a sentence?

  1. The group leader was having a difficult time rounding all the students up for the check-in at the airport and was beginning to worry they may be late for their flight.
  2. When we boarded our flight, we were required to arrive two hours early for check-in , to ensure that everything was properly in place before we were able to board the plane.
  3. Once you arrive at the Airport you are required to go to a Check-In desk so that the airline can accomidate for all the passengers.. so they know who has/is boarding the plane, if there ever was to be an issues as to where the plane crashes.. then they have a record of who was on the plane.. and who they should look for or whos families need to be contacted in such situations.

Meaning of Check-in & Check-in Definition


Logging is a way of tagging the location of a post on a social network to indicate where the user is or where the content of the post was created. This is a way to show subscribers that you have physically attended a geographic location or event. Stopping at big, high-profile events can be especially helpful as it can connect people in the real world, as well as build trust and show you're an expert in your industry.

For example, where your users can be tagged with your geographic location. B. your company. When a user logs in, they appear in their news feed so their online friends can see where they've been and what they've said. So you can see what people really think about your business, which is great free advertising too. You can check in in one place via Facebook or Foursquare.