Definition of Location:

  1. A particular place or position.

  2. Named geographical place (such as an airport, seaport, container freight station or terminal) that provides permanent facilities for movement of goods (such as customs, storage, and other support services) or is designated for a stated purpose.

Synonyms of Location

Allocation, Arable land, Assignment, Barnyard, Barton, Bearings, Bringing to light, Case, Casual discovery, Catching, Cattle ranch, Chance discovery, Chicken farm, Circumstance, Collective farm, Collocation, Condition, Cotton plantation, Croft, Dairy farm, Demesne, Demesne farm, Deployment, Deposit, Deposition, Detection, Determination, Determining, Disclosure, Discovery, Disposition, Distinguishment, Dry farm, Dude ranch, Emplacement, Espial, Estate, Excavation, Exhumation, Exposure, Factory farm, Fallow, Farm, Farmery, Farmhold, Farmland, Farmplace, Farmstead, Farmyard, Find, Finding, Finding out, Fix, Footing, Fruit farm, Fur farm, Grain farm, Grange, Grassland, Hacienda, Homecroft, Homefarm, Homestead, Invention, Jam, Kibbutz, Kolkhoz, Lading, Loading, Locale, Localization, Locating, Locus, Lot, Lucky strike, Mains, Manor farm, Modality, Mode, Orchard, Packing, Pass, Pasture, Pen, Pickle, Pinpointing, Place, Placement, Placing, Plantation, Plight, Point, Position, Positioning, Posting, Posture, Poultry farm, Predicament, Putting, Ranch, Rancheria, Rancho, Rank, Recognition, Rediscovery, Reposition, Revelation, Serendipity, Setting, Sheep farm, Site, Situation, Spot, Spotting, Standing, State, Station, Stationing, Status, Steading, Stock farm, Storage, Stowage, Strike, Toft, Tracking down, Treasure trove, Trouvaille, Trove, Truck farm, Uncovering, Unearthing, Where, Position, Place, Situation, Site, Locality, Locale, Spot, Whereabouts, Point, Placement

How to use Location in a sentence?

  1. Kyle thought he remembered where the restaurant was, but after driving around the area for almost an hour, he decided hed better call information and verify the location .
  2. The location of Disneyland in the state of California is 1313 Disneyland Drive in the city of Anaheim which is located in southern California.
  3. The property is set in a convenient location.
  4. Picking a great location for your business can ensure that you get the most customers to visit you in a short time.

Meaning of Location & Location Definition

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Location Meanings:

Location can be defined as, The physical location of your company.

Meanings of Location

  1. A special place or location.

Sentences of Location

  1. The property is in an ideal location.