Definition of Experience:

  1. Practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

  2. Familiarity with a skill or field of knowledge acquired over months or years of actual practice and which, presumably, has resulted in superior understanding or mastery.

  3. Encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence).

  4. Alternative term for tenure (Definition 3).

Synonyms of Experience

Accept, Acquaintance, Adventure, Affair, Affect, Affection, Apprehend, Awareness, Background, Be aware of, Be conscious of, Be exposed to, Be sensible of, Be subjected to, Behold, Blaseness, Circumstance, Common sense, Consciousness, Contact, Corpus, Data, Datum, Emotion, Emotional charge, Emotional shade, Encounter, Endure, Episode, Event, Expertise, Exposure, Face, Fact, Facts, Factual base, Familiarity, Feel, Feel deeply, Feeling, Feeling tone, Foreboding, Go through, Gut reaction, Hap, Happening, Happenstance, Have, Have a sensation, Hear, Heartthrob, Impression, Incident, Information, Intelligence, Intimacy, Involvement, Inwardness, Judgement, Ken, Know, Know-how, Knowing, Knowledge, Labor under, Live through, Matter of fact, Meet, Meet up with, Meet with, Observation, Occasion, Occurrence, Ordeal, Participation, Particular, Pass through, Passion, Past experience, Pay, Perceive, Percept, Perception, Phenomenon, Practical knowledge, Practice, Presentiment, Private knowledge, Privity, Profound sense, Ratio cognoscendi, Reaction, Reality, Receive, Receive an impression, Respond, Respond to stimuli, Response, Response to stimuli, Run up against, Sagacity, Sample, Savoir faire, Savor, Savvy, Seasoning, See, Self-knowledge, Sensation, Sense, Sense impression, Sense perception, Sensory experience, Sentiment, Skill, Smell, Sophistication, Spend, Stand under, Suffer, Survey, Sustain, Taste, Technic, Technics, Technique, Tempering, Test, Touch, Trial, Turn of events, Undercurrent, Undergo, View, Wisdom, Worldly wisdom, Undergo, Encounter, Meet, Have experience of, Come into contact with, Run into, Come across, Come up against, Face, Be faced with, Confront, Be forced to contend with, Involvement in, Participation in

How to use Experience in a sentence?

  1. The applicant has experience working in several different fields; including customer service, sales, marketing, accounting, and also has managerial experience .
  2. When I interviewed all of the potential candidates for the management position, one had so much experience that my decision was extremely easy.
  3. The company is experiencing difficulties.
  4. He had already learned his lesson by painful experience.
  5. The author has worked in the industry for twenty years in a variety of different positions, giving her the unique experience required to make her an expert in the subject.

Meaning of Experience & Experience Definition