Definition of Experience:

  1. Practical communication and observation of facts or events.

  2. Knowledge of a skill or field acquired over a period of months or years of practical practice that is considered to have resulted in a better understanding or skill.

  3. It found or hurt (events or incidents)

  4. Al Alternate Terms for a Term (Definition 3)

Synonyms of Experience

Wisdom, Taste, Technique, Happenstance, Expertise, Meet with, Common sense, Sample, Affection, Feeling, Knowledge, Awareness, Sustain, Suffer, Receive, Response, Affect, Seasoning, Sagacity, Facts, Receive an impression, Run up against, Undergo, Sense, Hear, Be forced to contend with, Contact, Ken, Heartthrob, Exposure, Observation, Foreboding, Turn of events, View, Meet, Come across, Sensation, Savoir faire, Stand under, Technics, Involvement in, Consciousness, Intimacy, Judgement, Response to stimuli, Occasion, Undergo, Incident, Circumstance, Factual base, Feeling tone, Endure, Episode, Be sensible of, Passion, Familiarity, Run into, Respond to stimuli, Blaseness, Go through, Behold, Practice, Smell, Happening, Ratio cognoscendi, Adventure, Particular, Come up against, Knowing, Privity, Have a sensation, Presentiment, Background, Savvy, Meet up with, Emotional shade, Data, Self-knowledge, Come into contact with, Datum, Be aware of, Practical knowledge, Event, Respond, Feel deeply, Reality, Profound sense, See, Live through, Accept, Spend, Be subjected to, Ordeal, Trial, Impression, Have, Face, Confront, Labor under, Apprehend, Encounter, Savor, Skill, Reaction, Intelligence, Be exposed to, Tempering, Private knowledge, Corpus, Inwardness, Touch, Survey, Undercurrent, Sensory experience, Feel, Sense perception, Percept, Affair, Technic, Participation in, Matter of fact, Worldly wisdom, Occurrence, Know, Face, Be conscious of, Participation, Emotional charge, Meet, Gut reaction, Perceive, Perception, Phenomenon, Test, Pay, Involvement, Fact, Past experience, Sense impression, Know-how, Pass through, Sophistication, Sentiment, Acquaintance, Hap, Encounter, Information, Emotion, Have experience of, Be faced with

How to use Experience in a sentence?

  1. Candidates have work experience in various fields, including customer service, sales, marketing, accounting and management experience.
  2. When I interview all potential candidates for leadership positions, some are so experienced that it's very easy to decide.
  3. The company is in trouble.
  4. He learned his lesson from painful experiences.
  5. The author has worked in various positions in the industry for over twenty years and has the unique experience needed to become an expert in his field.

Meaning of Experience & Experience Definition

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Leadership lessons



  • (1) Insured loss file or type of coverage. (2) Confidential data, facts or estimates about events related to insurance, expenses or income

  • Experience means, Experience, in the context of insurance, refers to the history or record of losses through an agent, insurer or other entity. It may also refer to statistics relating to the relationship between the sick and the insurance contract premium loss.

  • Definition of Experience: Loss record

  • The definition of Experience is: A record of the insured's losses, including any kind of loss, insured or not.

  • Definition of Experience: It can refer to many elements, such as: B travel record history or loss history.

  • Meaning of Experience: View the relationship between premium and losses for the overall policyholder, agent, territory, coverage category, company or industry.

  • The term used to describe a term, usually expressed as a percentage or a ratio, between the rewards and entitlements of plans, coverage or benefits over a specific period of time.

  • Ratio, usually as a percentage or proportion of insurance claims for premiums over a fixed period.

Meanings of Experience

  1. Learn or distress (an event or events)

Synonyms of Experience

trial , actuality , understanding , action , acquaintance , strife , observation , proof , wisdom , training , caution , savoir-faire , familiarity , intimacy , struggle , seasoning , practicality , evidence , judgment , worldliness , inwardness


Experience Meanings:

  • The definition of Experience is: (1) Insured loss file or insured key. (2) Detailed statistics of actual or expected events, expenses or income related to insurance.

  • Experience refers to Experience, in the context of insurance, refers to the history or record of losses by an agent, insurer or other entity. It can also refer to statistics calculated as the relationship between the insured's loss and his insurance contract premium.

  • Experience means, Insured's loss record, including damages, insured or not.

  • You can define Experience as, It can refer to several elements, such as: B. Transit driving record or loss history.

Meanings of Experience

  1. An event or event that affects someone.

  2. Learn or Move (an event or events)

Sentences of Experience

  1. Listening one day is an exciting experience for all seven year olds.

Synonyms of Experience

familiarity with, awareness of, exposure to, case, observation of, escapade, impression of, insight into, become familiar with, exploit, acquaintance with, conversance with, understanding of, tolerate, live/go through, try, participate in


Experience means,

Meaning of Experience: (1) Insured loss file or insured key. (2) Detailed statistics of events, expenses or income related to actual or expected insurance.

The insured's claim process, including all damages, regardless of whether you are insured or not.

It can refer to many elements, such as: B. Traffic driving record or loss history.

Meaning of Experience: Note the relationship between premium and loss for policyholder, agent, territory, coverage category, company or industry as a whole.

The term used to describe the relationship between a plan, coverage or benefit rewards and entitlements over a specific period of time, is usually expressed as a percentage or proportion.

Ratio is usually expressed as a percentage or ratio between claims and premium.