Definition of Adult:

  1. (of a person or animal) fully grown or developed.

  2. Law: Person who has reached the legal age of majority. In the US, it is 17 years for criminal cases and 18 years for other purposes. In the UK it is 18 years for all purposes. See also legal age.

  3. Behave in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially by accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks.

  4. A person who is fully grown or developed.

  5. Travel industry: Person who has reached his or her 12th birthday on or before the day the travel commences.

Synonyms of Adult

Mature, Grown-up, Fully grown, Full-grown, Fully developed, Fully fledged, Of age, Having reached ones majority, Aged, Big, Full-blown, Full-fledged, Full-grown, Grown, Grown up, Grown-up, Marriable, Marriageable, Mature, Matured, Maturescent, Nubile, Of age, Of marriageable age, Old, Ripe, Ripened, Grown person, Grown man, Grown woman, Grown-up person, Grown-up, Mature person, Mature man, Mature woman, Person of mature age

How to use Adult in a sentence?

  1. In the United States of America, one must be able to prove that one is a legal adult in order to work full-time for any company or organization.
  2. The adult in the case was of legal age to operate the machinery so we were able to treat him as an adult legally.
  3. Depending on what your business is it may only be for an adult and you must be sure no one under 18 gets inside.
  4. The adult inhabitants of the U.S.
  5. Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Meaning of Adult & Adult Definition

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