Definition of Owner:

  1. An employee or manager who has the primary responsibility for an action, program or project.

  2. A party that has the exclusive right to own, use, use, enjoy, transfer, transfer and otherwise dispose of any property or property.

  3. Contract: The party that signs the contract for a project and agrees to pay the contractor. Also known as a contract holder.

Synonyms of Owner

Master, Beneficiary, Proprietor, Lord, Householder, Landlady, Landlord, Cestui, Deedholder, Mesne lord, Cestui que use, Laird, Possessor, Holder, Rentier, Proprietress, Mesne, Mistress, Cestui que trust, Proprietrix, Titleholder, Squire, Feudatory, Feoffee, Proprietary

How to use Owner in a sentence?

  1. If you are an owner, it is important to understand what happens in all aspects of your business.
  2. He owns the team and puts a lot of effort and energy into making the team a force to be reckoned with.
  3. After years of hard work, Brad saw his new restaurant because he couldn't believe he owned it.

Meaning of Owner & Owner Definition

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What Does Owner Mean?

  • Individuals who are legally entitled to all life insurance rights and benefits. This is usually the insured person, but it could be another party to whom the relevant rights and privileges have been transferred.

  • Owner refers to People who take out life insurance policies. Usually the insurer is the same person, but in some cases the other person may be entitled to be the owner, such as the spouse, the surviving parent, the parent, the business partner who is insured. Or a company.

  • You can define Owner as, People who have life insurance or a pension.

Meanings of Owner

  1. Someone who has something.

Sentences of Owner

  1. Great dalmatian proud boss

Synonyms of Owner

heiress , purchaser , freeholder, sharer , holder , squire , heir-apparent , legatee , landowner , homeowner, keeper , possessor , governor , something buyer , partner , keeper, titleholder , heritor , heir , proprietor


Owner means,

A person can legally exercise all the rights and privileges of life insurance. It is usually insured, but it could be another party to which the relevant rights and privileges have been transferred.

This person took out life insurance. This is usually the same person as the policyholder, but in some cases the offer may be from someone else who is authorized to make the offer, e.g.

This person has life insurance or a pension.

Meanings of Owner

  1. People who have something.

Sentences of Owner

  1. Great Dalmatian proud owner

Synonyms of Owner

proprietor/proprietress, master/mistress