Definition of Branch:

  1. (of a tree or plant) bear or send out branches.

  2. A part of a tree which grows out from the trunk or from a bough.

  3. (of a road or path) divide into one or more subdivisions.

  4. Not separately incorporated unit of a firm.

Synonyms of Branch

L, V, Adolescent stream, Affiliate, Affiliation, Affluent, Angle, Angle off, Apparentation, Appendage, Arm, Arroyo, Bayou, Bear off, Beck, Bend, Bifurcate, Billabong, Bine, Biotype, Birth, Bisect, Blood, Bloodline, Body, Booking office, Bough, Bourn, Box office, Bracket, Braided stream, Branch off, Branch office, Branch out, Branchedness, Branchiness, Breed, Brook, Brooklet, Burgeon, Burn, By two, Cabinet, Cable railway, Caste, Category, Chambers, Chancellery, Chancery, Change the bearing, Channel, Chapter, Church, Clan, Class, Cleave, Closet, Cog railway, Common ancestry, Communion, Community, Confluent, Confluent stream, Consanguinity, Consulate, Corporate headquarters, Crank, Creek, Crick, Crook, Crotch, Crutch, Curve, Cut in two, Deadwood, Delta, Den, Dendritic drainage pattern, Denomination, Depart from, Department, Deploy, Derivation, Descent, Detour, Deviate, Dichotomize, Digress, Dimidiate, Direct line, Disperse, Distaff side, Divagate, Divaricate, Diverge, Diversify, Divide, Division, Effluent, El, Elbow, Electric railway, Elevated, Elevated railway, Embankment, Embassy, Estate, Executive office, Expand, Extend, Extraction, Faction, Family, Fan, Fan out, Feeder, Feeder line, Fellowship, Female line, Filiation, Fission, Flagellum, Flare, Flowing stream, Fluviation, Fork, Fresh, Freshet, Frond, Furcate, Furcula, Furculum, Genotype, Genus, Gill, Grade, Gravity-operated railway, Groin, Group, Grouping, Halve, Hand, Head, Heading, Headquarters, Heel, Home office, Hook, Horse railway, House, Imp, In half, Inguen, Joint, Junction, Kill, Kin, Kingdom, Label, Lazy stream, Leg, Legation, Level, Light railroad, Limb, Line, Line of descent, Lineage, Link, Lobe, Lobule, Local, Lodge, Main line, Main office, Male line, Meandering stream, Member, Metro, Midchannel, Midstream, Millstream, Monorail, Moving road, Navigable river, Office, Offset, Offshoot, Open, Open up, Order, Organ, Organization, Outspread, Outstretch, Overgrow, Overrun, Part, Party, Persuasion, Phylum, Pigeonhole, Pinion, Position, Post, Predicament, Prong, Race, Racing stream, Rack railway, Rack-and-pinion railway, Rail, Rail line, Railroad, Railway, Ramage, Ramification, Ramify, Rank, Rating, Religious order, River, Rivulet, Roadbed, Roadway, Rubric, Run, Rundle, Runlet, Runnel, Runner, Sarment, Schism, School, Scion, Sect, Sectarism, Section, Seed, Segment, Sept, Series, Service, Set, Sheer, Shift, Shoot, Shop, Side, Sidetrack, Siding, Sike, Slip, Society, Spear, Spear side, Species, Spill stream, Spin-off, Spindle side, Splay, Split in two, Spraddle, Sprangle, Sprawl, Spray, Spread, Spread like wildfire, Spread out, Sprig, Sprit, Sprout, Spur, Station, Status, Stem, Stirps, Stock, Stolon, Strain, Stratum, Stream, Stream action, Streamlet, Street railway, Streetcar line, Study, Subclass, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subfamily, Subgenus, Subgroup, Subkingdom, Suborder, Subsidiary, Subspecies, Subterranean river, Subtribe, Subway, Succession, Sucker, Superclass, Superfamily, Superorder, Superspecies, Swerve, Switch, Switchback, Sword side, Tack, Tail, Tendril, Terminal, Terminus, Thallus, Ticket office, Title, Track, Tram, Tramline, Transect, Trend, Trestle, Tribe, Tributary, Trident, Trifurcate, Trolley line, Trunk, Trunk line, Tube, Turn, Turn aside, Turnout, Twig, Underground, Unfold, Variety, Vary, Veer, Version, Wadi, Watercourse, Waterway, Widen, Wing, Wishbone, Zag, Zig, Zigzag, Bough, Limb, Arm, Offshoot, Fork, Bifurcate, Divide, Subdivide, Split, Separate, Go in different directions

How to use Branch in a sentence?

  1. This rose has a tendency to branch and spread at the top.
  2. You should try and familiarize yourself with every branch of your business so that you can perform any job that needs done.
  3. The company had a branch located in far away region that provided strategic information with regards to their individual market.
  4. We worked in the same legal branch for a few years before he moved to a different firm and started a new life.
  5. Sophie was in the branches of a tree eating an apple.

Meaning of Branch & Branch Definition

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How Do You Define Branch?

Another department, office, or business unit located at a location other than headquarters or headquarters. It is not a separate legal entity.

Meanings of Branch

  1. The part of a tree that grows from a trunk or branches.

  2. (Highway or Road) in one or more subdivisions.

  3. By carrying or sending branches (from a tree or plant).

Sentences of Branch

  1. Sophie is sitting in the branches of a tree eating an apple

  2. These roses are branched and spread upwards.


Branch means,

  1. Branch refers to Another department, office, or business unit located at a location other than headquarters or headquarters. This is not a separate legal form.

Sentences of Branch

  1. The Sufi is sitting on a branch of a tree eating an apple.

  2. Follow the road south until it splits into two.

Synonyms of Branch

diverge from, radiate from, go off at a tangent from, split off from, shoot off from, turn aside from, ray out from, fan out from, deviate from


How Do You Define Branch?

  • Another department, office, or business unit is located at a different location from the headquarters or headquarters. This is not a separate legal form.

Sentences of Branch

  1. Sophie is sitting on a tree branch eating an apple.

  2. Follow this road south until it splits into two.

  3. These roses are on branches and spread upwards.