Definition of Holiday:

  1. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

  2. Business days are declared non-commercial.

  3. A day of celebration or rest when you are not working.

Synonyms of Holiday

Disappearance, Remembrance Day, Ceremony, Salute, Jubilee, Comfortable, Dressing ship, Feast, Leave of absence, Hesitation, Fanfare, Absenteeism, Toast, State Day, Solemnization, Festival day, Departure, Army Day, Time off, Feast day, Observance, Election Day, Memorial Day, Religious rites, Festivity, Resting point, Holy day, Recess, Sabbatical leave, Tribute, Relief, Point of repose, Go on a trip through, Coffee break, Day of festivities, Fanfaronade, Liberty, Off-time, Holi, Abscondence, Take leave, National Aviation Day, Sabbatical, Maryland Day, Carnival day, Halifax Day, Fete, Christmas, Time out, Pascua Florida Day, Absence, Admission Day, Rejoicing, Pioneer Day, Lull, Fair, AWOL, Sightsee in, Lenin Memorial Day, Cut, Wander through, Interruption, Double Ten, Navy Day, Interval, Roosevelt Day, Journey through, Victory Day, Excused absence, Roam in, Absence without leave, Travel through, Bank holiday, Testimonial banquet, Arbor Day, Sick leave, Pan American Day, Voyage around, Gala day, Remembrance, Bastille Day, Commemoration, Quiet spell, Sabbatical year, Break, Armed Forces Day, Ritual observance, Colorado Day, French leave, Texas Independence Day, Legal holiday, Church feast, Public holiday, Constitution Day, Explore, Absenting, Cruise, Festivity, Holiday in, Festival, Range over, High Holy Day, Festal, Salvo, Furlough, Weekend, Celebration, Leaving, Anniversary, Nonattendance, Easter Monday, Fixed feast, Restful, Loyalty Day, Midsummer Day, Groundhog Day, Paid holiday, Default, V-E Day, Vacational, Caesura, Flag Day, Half time, Wyoming Day, Gala, Ides of March, Foundation Day, Vacation, Testimonial dinner, Rove through, United Nations Day, Stay, Interregnum, Interim, Empire Day, West Virginia Day, Paid vacation, Festival day, Triumph, Memorialization, Discovery Day, Make holiday, Hooky, Solemn observance, Fete, Downtime, Decoration Day, Flourish of trumpets, Escape, Memory, Intermittence, Truantism, Go on furlough, Testimonial, Fiesta, Red-letter day, Rite, Go on an excursion in, Bank holiday, Pause, Globetrot, Take a holiday, Unexcused absence, Abeyance, Truancy, Leave, Respite, High day, Evacuation Day, May Day, Event, Truce, Suspension, Quiet, Lapse, Anniversaries, Mecklenburg Day, Absentation, Half-time intermission, Intermezzo, Cease-fire, Kuhio Day, Layoff, Sunday, Celebrating, Dewali, Feast day, Shore leave, Festival, Armistice Day, Marking the occasion, Running away, Nonappearance, Interlude, Labor Day, Remission, Gala day, Go on leave, Revel, Fourth of July, Stand-down, Drop, Plateau, Fete day, Trek around, Fleeing, Jubilee, Celebration, Intermission, High Holiday, Nevada Day, Letup, Day off, Travel round, Halloween, Ovation, Rest

How to use Holiday in a sentence?

  1. He is on vacation in Italy.
  2. December 25 is a public holiday.

Meaning of Holiday & Holiday Definition

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