Put down

Put down,

Definition of Put down:

  1. Suppress a rebellion, riot, or other disturbance by force.

  2. Consider someone or something to be of a particular type or to have a particular cause.

  3. Record something in writing.

  4. Kill an animal because it is sick, injured, or old.

  5. When a company decides to reduce their prices to compete with another companys pricing strategy.

  6. Enter someones name on a list as wishing to do, join, or subscribe to something.

  7. Land an aircraft.

  8. Pay a specified sum as a deposit.

  9. Lay a baby down to sleep.

  10. Preserve or store food or wine for future use.

  11. Criticize someone.

  12. Stop holding something and place it on a surface or the ground.

Synonyms of Put down

Write down, Put in writing, Note down, Make a note of, Jot down, Take down, Set down, Put in black and white, List, Record, Register, Log, Enter, Destroy, Put to sleep, Put out of its misery, Put to death, Kill, Parthian shot, Abase, Abasement, Abash, Account for, Accredit with, Accrete to, Acknowledge, Affront, Annihilate, Ante, Ante up, Apply to, Ascribe to, Aspersion, Asphyxiate, Assign to, Atrocity, Attach to, Attribute to, Back answer, Barrack, Be above, Be contemptuous of, Belittle, Bend, Bereave of life, Blame, Blame for, Blame on, Book, Bottle up, Break, Brickbat, Bring down, Bring home to, Bring into discredit, Bring low, Burden with, Calendar, Call names, Care nothing for, Carry away, Carry off, Carve, Catalog, Caustic remark, Censor, Chaff, Chalk, Chalk up, Charge, Charge on, Charge to, Check in, Chloroform, Choke, Choke off, Chronicle, Clamp down on, Comeback, Comedown, Confess, Connect with, Conquer, Contemn, Contempt, Contumely, Cork, Cork up, Crack, Crack down on, Credit with, Crush, Cry down, Cut, Cut at, Cut down, Cut off, Cutting remark, Damp down, Debase, Debasement, Decry, Deflation, Degrade, Demand, Demean, Denigrate, Deposit, Deprecate, Depreciate, Deprive of life, Deride, Derogate from, Descent, Despise, Despite, Destroy, Detract from, Dig, Dig at, Diminish, Disapprove of, Discommend, Discredit, Disdain, Disgrace, Dishonor, Disoblige, Disparage, Dispatch, Dispose of, Dispraise, Disprize, Disvalue, Do away with, Do for, Do to death, Docket, Drown, Dump, Dump on, Eclipse, Embarrassment, End, Engrave, Enjoin, Enormity, Enroll, Enscroll, Enter, Exact, Execute, Exterminate, Extinguish, Fake out, Fasten upon, Father upon, Feel contempt for, Feel superior to, Fell, File, Fill out, Finish, Finish off, Fix on, Fix upon, Flatten, Fleer, Fleer at, Flout, Flouting, Foolery, Freight with, Gag, Gibe, Gibe at, Gibing retort, Give offense to, Grave, Hand over, Hang on, Hangdog look, Hold beneath one, Hold cheap, Hold down, Hold in contempt, Humble, Humbled pride, Humiliate, Humiliation, Hurl a brickbat, Immolate, Impanel, Impose, Impose on, Impose upon, Impute to, Incise, Index, Indignity, Inflict on, Inflict upon, Injury, Inscribe, Insert, Insult, Jab, Jab at, Jape, Jeer, Jeer at, Jeering, Jest, Jibe at, Jot down, Jump on, Keep down, Keep under, Kill, Knock, Launch into eternity, Lay, Lay down, Lay on, Lay to, Leg-pull, Letdown, Levy, Liquidate, List, Lodge, Log, Look down upon, Lower, Lynch, Make a memorandum, Make a note, Make an entry, Make away with, Make little of, Make out, Mark down, Martyr, Martyrize, Master, Matriculate, Minimize, Minute, Misprize, Mock, Mockery, Mortification, Muzzle, Note, Note down, Offend, Offense, Outrage, Override, Overshadow, Parting shot, Pay over, Pin on, Pinpoint, Place, Place upon, Place upon record, Point to, Poison, Poll, Pooh, Pooh-pooh, Post, Post up, Pour water on, Prostrate, Purge, Put, Put away, Put in writing, Put on, Put on paper, Put on tape, Put out, Put to death, Put to shame, Put to sleep, Put up, Put upon, Put-on, Quash, Quell, Quench, Quip, Rail at, Rally, Rank low, Rank out, Record, Reduce, Reduce to writing, Refer to, Reflect discredit upon, Register, Remove from life, Repose, Reposit, Repress, Rest, Revile, Ride down, Ridicule, Rude reproach, Run down, Sacrifice, Saddle on, Saddle with, Scoff, Scoff at, Scorn, Scout, Scurrility, Self-abasement, Self-abnegation, Self-diminishment, Set, Set at naught, Set down, Set down to, Setdown, Settle upon, Shame, Shamefacedness, Shamefastness, Short answer, Show up, Shut down on, Silence, Sit down on, Sit on, Slam, Slap, Slap at, Slay, Slight, Smash, Smother, Sneer, Sneer at, Sneeze at, Sniff at, Snort at, Snuff out, Speak ill of, Squash, Squelch, Stamp out, Stanch, Starve, Stifle, Strangle, Stultify, Subdue, Subject to, Subjugate, Submit to indignity, Suffocate, Suppress, Swipe, Tabulate, Take down, Take life, Take off, Tape, Tape-record, Task, Taunt, Tax, Think nothing of, Throttle, Trample down, Trample out, Trample underfoot, Tread underfoot, Treat with indignity, Trip up, Twit, Uncomplimentary remark, Vanquish, Verbal thrust, Videotape, Weight down with, Write, Write down, Write in, Write out, Write up, Yoke with, Put down, Put, Set, Set down, Lay down, Deposit, Position, Plant, Rest, Stand, Sit, Settle, Station, Situate, Leave, Stow, Prop, Lean, Suppress, Put an end to, Crush, Quash, Quell, Overthrow, Stamp out, Squash, Repress, Check, Subdue, Criticize, Belittle, Disparage, Deprecate, Denigrate, Take down a peg or two, Slight, Humiliate, Show up, Mortify, Shame, Crush, Squash, Deflate, Keep, Keep in reserve, Stow, Stockpile, Lay aside, Lay in, Set aside, Put away, Put down, Put to one side, Deposit, Save, Hoard, Cache, Consider, Look on, View, See, Hold, Think, Think of, Contemplate, Count, Judge, Deem, Estimate, Evaluate, Interpret, Appraise, Assess, Make of, Find, Put down as, Take for, Account, Reckon, Treat, Adjudge, Size up, Value, Rate, Gauge, Sum up, Weigh up

How to use Put down in a sentence?

  1. He put a thousand down and paid the rest over six months.
  2. He put his name down to stand for the Green party.
  3. She went off very quickly when I put her down.
  4. The security forces put down a coup attempt in the capital.
  5. Hes putting a few thoughts down on paper.
  6. The pilot had to put down in a field.
  7. Harry put down his cup.
  8. I put down twelve quarts of pickles.
  9. His achievement was put down to luck.
  10. The horses condition deteriorated and he was put down.

Meaning of Put down & Put down Definition