Definition of Incorporate:

  1. Constitute (a company, city, or other organization) as a legal corporation.

  2. To form a corporation under state regulations.

  3. Take in or contain (something) as part of a whole; include.

  4. Having a bodily form; embodied.

  5. Another term for incorporated.

Synonyms of Incorporate

Absorb, Include, Subsume, Assimilate, Integrate, Take in, Swallow up, Engulf, Consolidate, Add, Admit, Amalgamate, Assemble, Assimilate, Blend, Body, Build, Build up, Coalesce, Combine, Come together, Complete, Compose, Compound, Comprehend, Comprise, Connect, Consist of, Consolidate, Constitute, Construct, Contain, Corporealize, Corporify, Count in, Cover, Embody, Embrace, Encircle, Enclose, Encompass, Enter into, Envisage, Fabricate, Fill, Fill in, Fill out, Flux, Form, Fuse, Go into, Hold, Imbibe, Incarnate, Include, Integrate, Interblend, Interfuse, Join, Lump together, Make, Make one, Make up, Materialize, Meld, Melt into one, Merge, Merge in, Mix, Number among, Occupy, Organize, Personify, Piece together, Put together, Receive, Reckon among, Reckon in, Reckon with, Reembody, Reincarnate, Roll into one, Shade into, Solidify, Structure, Substantialize, Substantiate, Substantify, Syncretize, Syndicate, Synthesize, Take in, Take into account, Take into consideration, Take up, Transmigrate, Unify, Unite, Unite in

How to use Incorporate in a sentence?

  1. He has incorporated in his proposals a large number of measures.
  2. Limited liability companies could only be incorporated under the 1930 Act.
  3. The NATO and EU Department is incorporate in the Foreign Department.
  4. Through an incorporate resilience, slighted confidence restores itself.

Meaning of Incorporate & Incorporate Definition