Definition of Reaction:

  1. In technical analysis, a reaction is a short-term trend reversal in the movement of a security's price. Reactions are most often associated with a downward movement in the price of a security after a period of upward movement, often in response to news or data released. Reactions are likely to be mild and lead to a slight increase or decrease in price, rather than a large change in value.

  2. Chemical transformation or change, often accompanied by a release of energy, that occurs naturally over time, is purposefully induced or accelerated in a laboratory, or is designed as a part of an industrial process.

  3. An action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.

  4. A reaction is similar to a correction or a reversal but lacks the same intensity or longevity.

Synonyms of Reaction

Response, Bourbonism, Toryism, Acknowledgment, Action and reaction, Aeromotor, Affect, Affection, Answer, Answering, Antagonism, Antipathy, Antiphon, Assumption, Attitude, Back answer, Back talk, Backchat, Backlash, Backset, Backsliding, Backward motion, Backward step, Backwardness, Backwash, Brain disease, Challenge, Clashing, Climate of opinion, Clout, Collision, Combative reaction, Comeback, Common belief, Community sentiment, Compensation, Complaint, Conceit, Concept, Conception, Conclusion, Conflict, Confutation, Consensus gentium, Conservatism, Conservativeness, Consideration, Contradiction, Contraposition, Contrariety, Counteraction, Counterbalance, Counterposition, Counterworking, Crack-up, Crankiness, Crotchetiness, Defiance, Demur, Die-hardism, Dispute, Dissent, Dissentience, Echo, Effect, Emotion, Emotional charge, Emotional disorder, Emotional instability, Emotional shade, Estimate, Estimation, Ethos, Evasive reply, Experience, Extreme right, Extreme right wing, Extreme rightism, Eye, Feedback, Feeling, Feeling tone, Force, Foreboding, Fractiousness, Friction, Functional nervous disorder, General belief, Gut reaction, Heartthrob, Idea, Impact, Impress, Impression, Imprint, Insanity, Interference, Jet power, Jet propulsion, Judgment, Kick, Know-nothingism, Laissez-faireism, Lapse, Lights, Maladjustment, Manic-depressive psychosis, Mark, Melancholia, Mental disorder, Mental illness, Mind, Monarchism, Mystique, Negativism, Nervous breakdown, Nervous disorder, Neurosis, Nonconformity, Noncooperation, Notion, Objection, Observation, Obstinacy, Old school tie, Opinion, Opposition, Opposure, Oppugnance, Oppugnancy, Paranoia, Passion, Passive resistance, Personal judgment, Personality disorder, Perverseness, Point of view, Popular belief, Position, Posture, Power plant, Presentiment, Presumption, Prevailing belief, Print, Problems in living, Profound sense, Protest, Psychosis, Public belief, Public opinion, Radical rightism, Ram-jet propulsion, Reaction propulsion, Reactionariness, Reactionaryism, Ready reply, Rebuff, Recalcitrance, Recalcitrancy, Recalcitration, Receipt, Recession, Recidivation, Recidivism, Reciprocation, Recoil, Reentry, Reflex, Refluence, Reflux, Refractoriness, Regress, Regression, Rejoinder, Relapse, Reluctance, Remonstrance, Renitence, Renitency, Repartee, Repellence, Repellency, Repercussion, Replication, Reply, Repost, Reprisal, Repugnance, Repulse, Repulsion, Rescript, Rescription, Resistance, Resojet propulsion, Respondence, Response, Responsion, Responsory, Retaliation, Retort, Retroaction, Retrocession, Retroflexion, Retrogradation, Retrogression, Retrusion, Return, Revenge, Reverberation, Revolt, Rightism, Riposte, Rocket power, Rocket propulsion, Rollback, Royalism, Schizophrenia, Sensation, Sense, Sentiment, Setback, Short answer, Sight, Snappy comeback, Social Darwinism, Social maladjustment, Stance, Stand, Standpattism, Sternway, Swimming upstream, Theory, Thinking, Thought, Throwback, Turbojet propulsion, Ultraconservatism, Uncooperativeness, Undercurrent, Unprogressiveness, View, Way of thinking, Withstanding, Witty reply, Witty retort, Yes-and-no answer

How to use Reaction in a sentence?

  1. Reactions can provide an entry point for traders looking to enter a position when other technical indicators remain bullish.
  2. The duration of a reaction is usually only a few consecutive sessions, while a reversal or correction will be deeper and more prolonged.
  3. A reaction is a short pause or brief reversal in the price action of a stock or commodity, often to the release of news or data.
  4. Carries immediate reaction was one of relief.

Meaning of Reaction & Reaction Definition