Perfect hedge

Perfect hedge,

Definition of Perfect hedge:

  1. The completely eliminates the risk of the associated investment.

  2. A perfect hedge is a position undertaken by an investor that would eliminate the risk of an existing position, or a position that eliminates all market risk from a portfolio. In order to be a perfect hedge, a position would need to have a 100% inverse correlation to the initial position. As such, the perfect hedge is rarely found.

  3. A common example of a near-perfect hedge would be an investor using a combination of held stock and opposing options positions to self-insure against any loss in the stock position. The downside of this strategy is that it also limits the upside potential of the stock position. Moreover, there is a cost to maintaining a hedge that grows over time. So even when a perfect hedge can be constructed using options, futures and other derivatives, investors use them for defined periods of time rather than as ongoing protection.

Meaning of Perfect hedge & Perfect hedge Definition

Perfect Hedge,

How Do You Define Perfect Hedge?

  1. Perfect Hedge definition is: An investment vehicle designed to reduce the financial risk of investment departments and / or general business activities. Financial risk hedges are usually derived to cover the price risk associated with business activities such as raw material purchases. However, derived hedges are generally not related to the risk they seek to protect, so there is some risk. However, perfect coverage is absolutely risky. When the insurance contract is used to cover these risks, perfect coverage is possible because the insurance is a zero transaction, i.e. the contract pays or does not pay based on the activation of the claim.

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