Definition of Typical:

  1. Representative, exhibiting the essential properties of a group.

  2. Having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.

Synonyms of Typical

Representative, Classic, Quintessential, Archetypal, Model, Prototypical, Stereotypical, Absolute, Archetypal, Categorical, Characteristic, Classic, Classical, Classificational, Classificatory, Common, Commonplace, Connotative, Consummate, Conventional, Customary, Defining, Demonstrative, Denominative, Denotative, Designative, Diagnostic, Differential, Distinctive, Distinguishing, Divisional, Divisionary, Emblematic, Evidential, Exemplary, Exhibitive, Expressive, Figural, Figurative, General, Ideal, Identifying, Ideographic, Idiosyncratic, Implicative, In character, In keeping, Indicating, Indicative, Indicatory, Individual, Meaningful, Metaphorical, Model, Naming, Natural, Naturalistic, Naturistic, Normal, Orderly, Ordinal, Ordinary, Orthodox, Paradigmatic, Particular, Pathognomonic, Peculiar, Perfect, Precedential, Prototypal, Quintessential, Realistic, Regular, Representative, Run-of-the-mill, Sample, Semantic, Semiotic, Signalizing, Significant, Significative, Signifying, Special, Specific, Standard, Subdivisional, Suggestive, Symbolic, Symbolistic, Symbological, Symptomatic, Symptomatologic, Taxonomic, To be expected, True to form, True to type, Typal, Typic, Unexceptional, Usual

How to use Typical in a sentence?

  1. A typical day.

Meaning of Typical & Typical Definition

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