Tenancy at sufferance

Tenancy at sufferance,

Definition of Tenancy at sufferance:

  1. Tenancy at sufferance is an agreement in which a property renter is legally permitted to live on a property after a lease term has expired but before the landlord demands the tenant vacate the property. If a tenancy at sufferance occurs, the original lease conditions must be met including the payment of any rents. Otherwise, the tenant can be evicted at any time without notice.

  2. Occurs when a tenant (called tenant at sufferance) continues to retain the occupation or possession of the land without the landlords consent after the expiration of lease. It ends when the tenant is either evicted or is allowed to stay by the landlord.

  3. This can be contrasted with tenancy at will, where a tenant occupies the property with the consent of the owner but without necessarily a written contract or lease.

How to use Tenancy at sufferance in a sentence?

  1. Tenancy at sufferance refers to holdover tenants of an expired lease who no longer have the landlord's permission to remain in the property, but who have not yet been evicted.
  2. The term sufferance means the absence of objection without genuine approval.
  3. A holdover tenant at sufferance may be subject to eviction, and depending on state law may be accused of trespassing.

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