Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy,

Physical Therapy means,

  1. Physical Therapy means: Physiotherapy services usually include rehabilitation services offered by a licensed physiotherapist to help restore physical functions such as walking, talking, limb use, and so on.

Literal Meanings of Physical Therapy


Meanings of Physical:
  1. A health check-up is done to determine a person's physical fitness.

  2. In relation to the body as opposed to the mind.

  3. This refers to things that are perceived by the senses, as opposed to real or actual ideas.

  4. In relation to the functions of physics or natural forces in general.

Sentences of Physical
  1. Are you planning a full physical exam in the new year?

  2. Different physical and mental challenges

  3. Comfortable physical environment

  4. Laws of physics

Synonyms of Physical

concrete, corporal, palpable, visible, substantial, real, in the flesh, actual, fleshly, solid, tangible, material, bodily, corporeal


Meanings of Therapy:
  1. Treatment to cure or cure a disease.

Sentences of Therapy
  1. Antibiotic therapy

Synonyms of Therapy

method of healing, remedial treatment, treatment, cure, remedy