Face Tattoos

Face tattoos in the present time are increasing rapidly. Face tattoo is a type of art designed usually on the face area such as on the forehead, eyebrows corner, and cheeks, etc. Making a face tattoo is a very sensitive process because the face area is very sensitive as compared to the other areas of the body. It is usually performed by using needles and is an art that should be performed by professionals. After getting a face tattoo, you have to take proper care of it to get a wonderful result. Face tattoos look attractive which depends on the design of the tattoo. Many celebrities have face tattoos which boost the popularity of this trend.

:arrow_right: What is Tattoo?

A tattoo is an art of a body that is permanent. Tattoo mainly consists of different types which are face tattoo, belly tattoo, hand tattoo, etc. a tattoo is designed by puncturing the skin. It is done by using a needle. Ink, dyes, and pigments are injected into the layer of the skin. It used to be done manually. The artist first punctures the skin and then injects ink, dyes, and pigments into the skin. This process is still followed in different parts of the world. Professional artists use a tattoo machine that powers the needle up and down and through this process ink is deposited into the skin.

:arrow_right: History of Tattoo:

Forming a tattoo on the body is a very old tradition. In today’s world, it is socially more acceptable than ever. It was discovered in France, Portugal almost 12000 years ago. Making tattoos on the body is followed in different parts of the world. The ancient people of Egypt and India used to make tattoos for healing and different worships. The tattoo was a sign of status as well as a sign of punishment in society. In the Philippines, those who had tattoos were considered high ranked and people used to believe that they have magical properties. After the rise and mass adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire, it was considered inhuman and its popularity declines throughout the empire. In Rome, those slaves who commit some crime or escapes from their masters would be sentenced to a tattoo on their forehead as punishment. It was also used as a religious symbol and was a sign of strength. Facial and head tattoos were not socially unacceptable in their circles. In Romans, there was an association between face tattoos and former slavery. An edict in 315 outlawed facial brandings for slaves. The pilgrims used to make tattoos while visiting their holy places such as face tattoo. There are also rumors that the crusaders used to make tattoos on their faces which they consider as permanent proof of their participation in crusades but these rumors are unknown. Face tattoos were considered a sign of punishment in ancient Vietnam. Criminal law was issued in which the criminals have punished 30-50 characters on their faces. An ancient mummy from the alps called otzi is considered as the oldest physical proof of tattoo and it is dated to around 5th to 4th minimum B.C.

Face Tattoos:

A face tattoo is made on the face or forehead. It is considered unacceptable and socially not suitable in many cultures. However, many cultures adopt it and in recent years, its popularity has increased. In many cultures, it is considered a sign of strength. Many artists in today’s life have adopted the fashion of face tattoo. It is very famous around the whole world.

:arrow_right: Important facts About-face tattoo:

There are many facts about a face tattoo which include what to do for making a tattoo? What is the necessary prevention which we have to take care of? What are the advantages and disadvantages of making a tattoo? We will discuss it one by one in the following discussion below;

:dizzy: What to do if I want a Face Tattoo:

If you want to make a face tattoo, you have to keep in mind that it is permanent and it is removed very difficultly, and is more expensive. It may not be erased. You have to take care of your immunization before getting a tattoo. If you are facing any medical problem such as heart disease or any other medical issue, you have to discuss it with your doctor before getting a tattoo. If you are facing an overgrowth of scar tissue, you should avoid making tattoos. However, in many cultures, it is not acceptable socially and religiously. So you have to keep in mind before getting a tattoo that you may face career issues and job issues.

:dizzy: Necessary preventions:

Before getting a tattoo, you have to take care of yourself from certain infections. You have to make sure that the tattoo place is clean and the equipment that is to be used in making a tattoo is well disposable and well sterilized. You have to take care of your state’s laws on whether making a tattoo is acceptable or not. You have to confirm yourself about the tattoo license and also look for any complaints about the tattoo studio. Knowing about your state’s law is very important because some states prohibit minors from making a tattoo on their face. Some states allow it in the presence of parents. Some states allow minors for making a tattoo but the permission of parents is necessary. You have to ask about certain things before getting a tattoo:

  • First, you have to check that the place where you are making a tattoo is clean. You should check that whether they are using sterilized equipment or not.
  • You should look whether there is any complaint against this studio where you will make a face tattoo. If there is some complaint against them, then you should avoid getting a tattoo in that studio.
  • You should check whether the tattoo artist is professional or not.
  • You should check that the studio is following precautions are not. Do they follow certain procedures to clean blood and body fluid that can spread HIV and Hepatitis B?
  • If you find the studio unclean and not suitable then you should look for another place for getting a face tattoo.

:dizzy: Procedure:

Here we will talk about normal tattooing procedures.

  • The tattoo artist has to make sure that he or she washes his hands with soup and wears clean and fresh gloves and also used a surgical mask.
  • The area which is to be tattooed should be washed and shaved if necessary. Then the artist will draw a design on the area selected for tattooing.
  • Then the area is cleaned again with alcohol or antiseptics and then petroleum jelly is applied to that area.
  • The tattoo artist will begin designing and outline of the tattoo using a tattoo machine. The needles may be changed accordingly depending on the design of the tattoo. The needles which are to be used must be sterilized.
  • The fluid or blood is cleaned with a sterile, disposable gauze or cloth.
  • When all the procedure is finished, the area sporting the tattoo is then cleaned again and applied a bandage.

:dizzy: Complications:

During the making of a tattoo on your face, you may be hurt but the pain can vary after some time. You may feel like scratching, tingling, and burning. The pain will depend on the threshold and some other factors. It depends on that where you are making a tattoo. Some feel sharp pain while some feel dull. The amount of pain also depends upon the number of needles used and also varies on the artist’s work. Some work slowly while some quickly.

:dizzy: How to take care of a Tattoo?

The studio will provide precautions for taking care of the tattoo. Following are the necessary points which you have to follow:

  • First, you have to make sure that for 24 hours, bandage the part that you have tattooed.
  • Keep the tattoo open to air after removing the bandage.
  • Don’t touch the area which you have tattooed.
  • Avoid using alcoholic soap. Wash it with soap and warm water and then use a soft towel and avoid rubbing the area.
  • Apply different products such as antibiotics, skin cream, and vitamin E oil to the tattoo 2-3 times a day for a week.
  • Avoid using petroleum jelly.
  • Avoid swimming and bath. Wait until the area is fully healed. Taking shower is fine.
  • Avoid exposing the tattoo to the sun.
  • Use a sunscreen that contains minimum sun protection factor to protect the skin.

:dizzy: How to Remove Face Tattoo or another tattoo?

As we all know human mind changes continuously from time to time. One thing which you will like today but will be bored of tomorrow. So what should be done when someone wants to remove a tattoo from their face or any other body part. The best option available for removing a tattoo is laser treatment. Through the top layers of skin, the laser sends shorts zaps of light. It is aimed at specific pigments which are then removed by scavenger cells of the body’s immune system. There are also some other methods for the removal of tattoos which include dermabrasion, chemical peels, and surgery. It is difficult to completely remove the tattoo. It depends on the design of the tattoo that how big it is and what type of ink is used in making a tattoo. Tattoo removal may take many treatments and months. Its result is also not guaranteed. Treatment for the removal of the tattoo may cause skin darkening or skin lightening. It may be expensive and you have to consult with a dermatologist who is well specialized in the removal of a tattoo.


Face tattoos in the present time are trending and this trend is adopted by many celebrities which boosts the popularity of face tattoos. It enhances the personality of an individual. It is socially unacceptable in many cultures and does not permit it. In making face tattoo, you have to take care of it and adopt necessary preventions. You have to use sterilized needles and consult a specialist in case if you want to remove the tattoo. You have to take proper care of it until it heals properly.

:arrow_right: Types of Face tattoos:

In the present time, face tattoos are becoming more popular because many actors and stars are making tattoos on their faces and other body parts. There was also a time when it was considered as a sign of a gang. There are many types of face tattoos which we will discuss in the following discussion as mentioned below;

1: World faces tattoo:

It is a famous type of face tattoo which is on-trend nowadays. This tattoo describes who you are. Many guys demand to make it simple by simply writing such as ‘lover’, ‘alone’ etc.

2: Heart Face Tattoo:

Heart face tattoo is also one of the kinds of face tattoos. It is usually made for giving tribute to loved ones. The heart is the sign of romance. They are on the smaller side because the artist has less space to design.

3: Cross Face Tattoo:

It is a famous type of face tattoos which is for religious men. It is a sign of Christianity and by making this, everyone will consider that you have a strong faith in your religion. It will remind you the God whenever you look into the mirror. One of the suitable places for getting a cross-face tattoo is the corner of the eye. By making it at the corner, it represents God by opening your eye. It is a sign that God is guiding your thoughts and decisions.

4: Anchor Face Tattoo:

Anchor tattoo is another type of face tattoo. It represents safety, salvation, and hope. These tattoos are a popular choice for men of strong faith and it also represents Christianity. It also represents the crossing ocean.

5: Skull Face Tattoo:

It is a famous type of face tattoo. It looks incredible and is usually for very bold people. It is not for the faint-hearted people. It looks incredible on those who are obsessed with tattoos.

6: Number face Tattoo:

It is the type of facial tattoo that may represent a particular year in your life. It may also represent a lucky number. The suitable place for number tattoos is the cheek and its size depends on your wish.

7: Name Face Tattoo:

It is one of the most famous face tattoos which represents names of the loved ones. It is more meaningful when it is designed on the face. It is a sign of confidence and loyalty to loved ones. It can be made horizontally and vertically both depending on the size.

8: Diamond Face Tattoo:

A diamond face tattoo represents integrity and survival. As we know diamond is the strongest material on earth, so many individuals choose it for this reason. Diamond also represents wealth and power. So this tattoo represents that you value yourself and show yourself as a strong person.

9: Initials Face Tattoo:

Initial face tattoo usually requires a small place to be designed. It is a simple letter through which you can pay tribute to your loved ones. Many individuals prefer to use X to represent themselves. In the past, the X was used by men instead of a signature.

10: Tribal Face Tattoo:

Almost in the whole world, face tattoos are traditional in many cultures such as Native Americans and Samoan tribes. Most iconic tribal face tattoos are represented by Maori tradition. It represents the detail about the wearer, his family, and status.

11: Tear Face Tattoo:

A tear face tattoo represents that the person is a killer. Because of this reason, it looks dangerous and intimidating. It is a good suitable tattoo for those bold men to choose a tattoo as a bad reputation.

12: Sword Face Tattoo:

It is one of the types of a face tattoos. It represents bravery, strength, and power. It represents a strong mind and intelligence.

13: Moon Tattoo:

As the wax and wane over time, this tattoo represents change and transformation. It is suitable for those people who have gone through many complex situations throughout life to show that how they have evolved. Crescent moon represents self-reflection which adds a powerful message to this bold tattoo.

14: Star Tattoo:

It is a sign of hope and guidance in the dark times. As we know starts to shine only at night. A four-pointed star tattoo is most attractive in these types of tattoos.

15: Small Face Tattoo:

This type of face tattoo looks very attractive and cool. It is best suitable at the corner of the eye and it makes a beautiful statement.

:arrow_right: Advantages and Disadvantages of Tattoos:

:dizzy: Advantages of Tattoos:

1: Health benefits:

One of the advantages of getting a face tattoo or any other tattoo is that it strengthens the immune system by inducing the body’s immune response. Our human body has such qualities that it fights against many external factors by producing antibodies against them. So making a tattoo boosts our immune system to fight against any external impurities.

2: Self-Expression:

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Many people get a tattoo to enrich their personality and may represent love for their loved ones. Many people imagine tattoos to beautify themselves. So self-expression is another advantage of a face tattoo.

3: Face Tattoo as Emotional Component:

The emotional component is also one of the advantages of tattoos. It represents those who have seen hardships and emotional situations throughout their life. So tattoo is the best explanation for them. For example, those who were affected by depression make a tattoo such as a semicolon which represents hope and love.

4: Covering body scars and Marks:

Getting a tattoo on your different body areas for covering body scars and marks is also one of the advantages of a tattoo. Most people who have body marks such as birthmarks, stretchmarks covered their body by making tattoos.

5: Conversation initiator:

It helps in the initiation of conversation. People who have the same interest as you for tattoos after seeing your tattoo might share their interests with you. So conversation initiation is one of the advantages of tattoos. It helps individuals to share a common interest in tattoos by boosting conversation between them. Through conversation, you can get more information about tattoos and many other things from the other individuals having the same interest.

6: Self-Confidence and Esteem:

In the recent survey, it was shown that getting a tattoo increase self-confidence and self-esteem. The more tattoos you have the more self-esteem increases as compared to those who have few tattoos. Tattoo increases your ability of self-control. It will enhance your self-confidence confidence to the maximum level.

7: With you to the grave:

If you make tattoos from the correct specialist and for a genuine need, it will be having a significant part of your lifetime.

:dizzy: Disadvantages of Tattoos:

1: Chances of limiting career path:

In the present time, the popularity of tattoos is increasing rapidly. But there are certain cultures and religions where it is considered taboo. It may limit the chances of your career path because in the present time even skilled people are unable to get jobs, so having a tattoo might harm you of not getting a job. There are certain jobs throughout the world where the tattoo is prohibited, so having a tattoo might cause difficulties in getting a job. Similarly, white-collar office jobs do not permit to have a tattoo on hands or face.

2: People may arise questions:

As we know there are many cultures and religions where the tattoo is considered taboo. So having a tattoo in that type of culture may arise questions by the people of that culture. It is more irritating to be asked questions by the people.

3: Health Issues:

There is a danger of health issues in making a tattoo. The use of improper unsterilized needles might cause infections. The diseases which might occur are hepatitis and HIV. It may also cause bacterial contamination. Lack of care for new tattoos also increases the risks of diseases.

4: Its permanency:

The individual’s decisions vary from time to time. You may like one thing today but tomorrow you may be fed of such things. The same is the case of getting a tattoo. You may like a tattoo today but you may feel irritated tomorrow. So one of the disadvantages of tattoo is that it is permanent and very difficult to be removed.

5: May cause pain:

One of the disadvantages of getting a tattoo is that it causes pain. If you are sure that you cannot tolerate the pain, then it will be better not to go for inking. Imagine if you go to the tattoo shop and while getting a tattoo, you feel pain and the tattoo gets screwed up.

6: Allergies:

Those who have skin allergies should avoid making a tattoo on their body parts. It is one of the disadvantages that it may cause skin allergy, rashes, and itching sensations.


Everything in this world has certain benefits and defects. Face tattoos have many advantages and disadvantages too. It can enhance your personality but at the same time, it can also cause diseases if unsterilized needles are used. It can increase the ability of your immune system but at the same time, it can cause many allergies. It can increase your self-confidence and it can also decrease your career chances. Getting a face tattoo is good but at the same time, you have to tolerate its disadvantages too.

:arrow_right: Celebrities with Face Tattoos:

The popularity of tattoos is increasing very rapidly. Many celebrities boost up the popularity of tattoos especially face tattoos. Here are some of the starts that have face tattoos;

:dizzy: Justin Bieber:

The artist tattoo celebrity JonBoy inked a tattoo on the corner of the eyebrow of Justin Bieber. It was shown for the first time by Jon on his Instagram post. The singer also shares a glimpse of it with his fans.

:dizzy: Halsey:

Halsey, a manic singer added a queen of diamond cards sign in front of her left ear. It was designed by a tattoo artist NAL. She posted a picture on her Instagram account calling it her first face tattoo. She later removed her ink.

:dizzy: Lil Pump:

Lil pump also has a green alien and UFO on his forehead. A frowning face with ‘X letter is inked between his eyebrows.

:dizzy: Presley Gerber:

Presley Gerber has a tattoo under his right which is read as ‘misunderstood’. The young model shared a video on Instagram when tattoo artists were designing his tattoo.

:dizzy: Post Malone:

Post Malone shared a picture of his new tattoo featuring a buzzsaw design and blood droplets. He showed a look of his left cheek on his Instagram post.

:dizzy: Lil Wayne:

Lil Wayne has many tattoos on his face which include peace signs and the words such as ‘I am Music’.

:dizzy: Mike Tyson:

Talking about face tattoos is incomplete with Tyson. In 2008, the boxer revealed that he designed a tribal tattoo on his face because he considered it cool. He said that he considers it hot and attractive.

:arrow_right: Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Are Face Tattoos a good idea?

Getting a face tattoo requires a lot of dedication and commitment. It may be career-limiting because many jobs do not permit it. It may also arise questions against the person because many cultures do not permit it. Besides all the other factors, face tattoos are prone to premature aging, sun damage, and integrity loss.

2: Why do people get face tattoos?

It is according to the wish of people. Many people make face tattoos for enhancing their personality. In some cultures, such as Maori, it is a sign of identity.

3: What jobs allow face tattoos?

Many jobs do not mind tattoos. It includes electricians, builders, mechanics, and truckers who don’t care about your reappearance.

4: Do Face Tattoos hurt?

Yes, it hurts up to some extent but the pain does not remain permanent. Usually the puncturing of skin through needle cause pain.

5: How much would a face tattoo cost?

A small tattoo caused normally 50-250$ on average. You may also have to pay the shop fee and they may charge hourly.

6: Are face tattoos a sign of mental illness?

No, face tattoos are not a sign of mental illness. It is a trend nowadays.

7: Are Face Tattoos illegal in the UK?

Currently, the laws in the UK allow individuals of more than 18 years of age to have tattoos on any part of their body. New laws now allow persons for getting tattoos.

8: Why you shouldn’t get a face tattoo?

It is because the skin of the face is very sensitive as compared to the other parts of the body. It may cause bleeding.

9: Are face Tattoos attractive?

There are many types of face tattoos out of which looks attractive and some look daring. It depends on the design of the tattoo.

10: Why are face tattoos becoming popular?

Face tattoos are becoming popular rapidly because many celebrities have adopted this trend which gave rise to the popularity of face tattoos.

11: What singers have a face tattoo on their faces?

Post Malone is one of the singers that has a tattoo on his face. Similarly, Justin Bieber also has a Face Tattoo.


Tattoos are the art designed on the body and these are permanent. They are formed by puncturing the skin. A face tattoo is a tattoo on the face area such as on the forehead, eyebrows corner, and cheeks, etc. Face tattoos are socially unacceptable in many cultures. You must use sterilized needles and consult a specialist in case if you want to remove a tattoo. There are many types and many designs of face tattoos. There are also many disadvantages of face tattoos. If the needles that are used to make tattoos are not sterilized, then these needles can cause many diseases and can cause severe allergies. Moreover, face tattoos can decrease your career chances.

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